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20 Delicious Two-Ingredient Recipes For Weight Loss

If you want to eat healthy without using recipes with the long ingredient lists, this article will show you how to prepare healthy meals and snacks with just two ingredients.

These two-ingredient recipes are perfect for folks who are busy or those who want to eat healthy on a budget. Note that in some recipes you may need to add optional ingredients like pepper, oil, salt and so on.

Most of the ingredients in these recipes are rich in fiber, which means they’ll keep hunger at bay and help you lose weight.

If you want more recipes, check out the 3-ingredient healthy dinner ideas.

Two-Ingredient Recipes for Weight Loss

This article will show delicious 2-ingredient recipes that can help you lose weight #recipes #weightloss #flabfix

Chia pudding

You only need almond milk and chia seeds for this recipe. Simply add two tablespoons of chia seeds to a cup of almond milk. Let it sit for ten minutes then enjoy the mixture.

Chia pudding will give you omega 3s, protein, and keep you full for longer.

Banana pancakes

These pancakes are made from banana and eggs. They are perfect for most people since they’re dairy-free and gluten-free. Go here to learn how to make this weight loss-friendly diet.

Shredded chicken for tacos

This is probably one of the easiest chicken recipes. Put raw chicken breast in a slow cooker, top it with salsa then cover it and leave it to cook. After four hours your chicken will be ready and juicy.

2-Ingredient cookie

Most healthy cookies require you to use baking soda or boxed cookie mix, not this one. All you need is two old (overripe) bananas and one cup of oats. These cookies only take 15 minutes to prep. They’re excellent for breakfast or midday snack.

Go here to see recipe instructions.

Sweet potato pancakes

These pancakes are delicious and super-healthy. And the best part is you can make them on weekdays since they only take a few minutes to prep. They will give you fiber, proteins, omega 3s and much more.

Here is the recipe for 2-ingredient sweet potato pancakes.

2-Ingredient coconut and banana cookies

These banana and coconut flakes cookies are perfect for breakfast or a snack. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Note that using overripe bananas will make the cookies sweeter. I got this recipe from this blog.

Pumpkin muffins

To make pumpkin muffins mix a can of pumpkin puree (14 oz.) with a package of spice cake mix and ¾ cup of water. Put the mixture in tins and then bake. Get more details.

Walnut butter

If you’ve never liked walnuts because of their bitter taste, this recipe will make you love them. Use a high-speed blender to chop two cups of raw walnuts. Add three tablespoons of raw honey and continue blending until it’s smooth. Feel free to apply it on bread or just eat the butter.

Peanut butter banana ice cream

You can enjoy homemade ice cream without consuming excess calories. Slice four bananas into small pieces and then put them in a freezer for two hours. After two hours blend the bananas until the mixture is smooth. Add two tablespoons of peanut butter to the mixture, and then blend until they mix properly. Enjoy your ice cream!

Egg drop soup

This soup recipe is loaded with proteins. To make this recipe you only need chicken broth and three eggs. See the recipe here.

Coconut whipped cream

Regular whip cream is loaded with sugar, so here’s a better alternative. And the good this is you don’t need an electric mixer to make whip up coconut milk.

Put the can of coconut milk in a fridge overnight or at least 6 hours. Make sure you don’t shake the can when you remove it from the fridge. Open the can of coconut milk carefully, scoop the thick cream and put it in a mason jar. Add maple syrup to the cream and then shake it vigorously for 3-5 minutes until the cream is thick. Serve it immediately and enjoy.

Visit Megan’s page, for more details on how to make the coconut whipped cream.

No-Bake energy bars

Homemade energy bars are the way to go. Processed ones are filled with sugar and will trigger your cravings. To make this energy bar you need hot water, oats, and dates. See the recipe here.

Pizza dough

For this recipe, you will need plain greek yogurt and self-rising flour.  Go to Delish to see directions for making pizza dough.

Banana and melted dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has strong antioxidant properties and can help curb cravings. In fact, this snack can help satisfy your sugar cravings without consuming excess calories.  One banana and 5 grams of dark chocolate add up to 170 calories.

Slice 2 bananas into small pieces then dip them in melted dark chocolate and enjoy.

Broccoli and melted cheese  

This is a low-calorie meal that will keep you full for longer. Steam broccoli over simmering water for three minutes then put it in melted cheese.

Cucumber and hummus

This is a no-cook recipe. Simply deep cucumber sticks in hummus. Feel free to add a little raw honey in hummus to make it sweeter.

Homemade sauerkraut

You will never buy canned sauerkraut after trying this. Fermented veggies are rich in probiotics which are beneficial to the good gut bacteria.

This recipe is a time-saver since you can make sauerkraut that will last for a week. Here is the recipe.

Pumpkin pasta

The ingredients for this recipe are pumpkin puree and flour. Pumpkin pasta only takes 20 minutes to prep and it’s delicious. Go here to try the recipe.

Strawberries and greek yogurt

Eat this combination for breakfast or a snack. Strawberries contain vitamin C and antioxidants. Greek yogurt contains protein and it is filling.

Put greek yogurt in a bowl, slice strawberries and add them to the yogurt.

Slow cooker BBQ chicken

All you need for this high-protein meal is boneless chicken breast (skinless if you want to lose weight) and bbq sauce – bought or homemade. Cook the chicken in a slow cooker for 4 hours then take it out, pour bbq sauce on it and enjoy. See recipe here.

As you can see, it’s easy to eat healthy if you put a little effort. Now use these recipes to change your eating habits and drop excess weight.

Which of these recipes have you tried, and did you like them?

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