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Intermediate full body workout

The Best 8-Minute INTERMEDIATE Full Body Workout to Blast Stubborn Fat

Most of my workouts are ideal for beginners. However, doing beginner workouts all the time won’t get you in the best shape of your life.

This intermediate workout will take your fitness to the next level. It offers astounding fat-blasting benefits. You may even discover new exercises you’ve never done before.

Squeezing your muscles while doing different exercises is one of the best ways to supercharge your workouts.

For instance, if you’re doing glute bridges, squeeze your glutes in each rep. If you’re doing the plank tighten your ab muscles. This effortless technique easily boosts muscle growth.

Just because you’ve advanced to intermediate workouts doesn’t mean you should never do beginner workouts again. Combining beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts is the best way to keep your workouts fun while maintaining a lean and strong physique.

Note that you can do short workouts every day without burnout because they’re not very tasking on your body. In fact, those who follow the fat blaster sequence daily workouts feel energetic day after day as they melt stubborn fat off their bodies.

Enjoy the 8-minute intermediate full body workout and remember to watch the demonstrations below the video to learn proper form.

The Best 8-Minute Intermediate Full Body Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the 8-minute intermediate full body workout to blast stubborn fat:

Prisoner Squats – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Trunk Twisters – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Sprawl Frog Kick – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Hand Walkouts to Cobra Pose – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Full Plank Jacks – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Sliding Arms Crunches – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Up and Down Planks – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Front and Back Lunges – 40 Seconds (20 Secs Each Side)

Rest 20 Seconds

Slide Jump Shorts – 40 Seconds (20 Secs Each Side)

Prisoner Squats

Prisoner squats are quite simple. Just make sure you keep your back straight and face forward. Also, your knees shouldn’t extend past your toes as you squat.

This exercise builds your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It also activates your lower back muscles.

How to do Prisoner Squats

Trunk Twisters

Trunk twisters are shockingly easy. You just need to keep your hands out in front and parallel to the floor. Then move them from side to side.

This exercise will warm up your upper body muscles and strengthen your shoulders. Perform it slowly to get the most out of it.

How to do Trunk Twisters

Sprawl Frog Kick

This simple full body exercise puts most bodyweight exercises to shame. It will activate every muscle in your body while improving your coordination.

Remember to tighten your ab muscles when you tuck in your knees. And keep your neck in its neutral position – don’t lower your head.

How to do Sprawl Frog Kick

Hand Walkouts to Cobra Pose

Hand workouts build your shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. Adding the cobra pose to this exercise will stretch your chest and stomach muscles.

Gently rest your palms on the floor to avoid straining your wrist, elbow, or shoulder joint.

How to do Hand Walkouts to Cobra Pose

Full Plank Jacks

Full plank jacks activate your core, shoulder muscles, and triceps. Keep your butt muscles tight throughout to prevent your hips from sinking.

Wear shoes with good support while doing this exercise.

How to do Full Plank Jacks

Sliding Arm Crunches

Many of us know that crunches target ab muscles. This variation makes crunches feel effortless because you’re focusing on sliding your arms up your thighs.

Lift your upper back off the floor in each rep and slowly lower it to the floor instead of letting it fall.

How to do Sliding Arm Crunches

Up and Down Planks

You’ll be stunned by how effective this exercise is at improving upper body strength. It may even help you break your push-ups personal record because it strengthens your arms and core.

How to do Up and Down Planks

Front and Back Lunges

Front and back lunges are more fun than regular lunges and they’re more rewarding.

Keep your strides wide to avoid straining your knee joint. You should also lower the rear knee slowly to avoid hitting the floor.

How to do Front and Back Lunges

Slide Jump Shots

This epic exercise will make you feel like an athlete. And if you’ve ever played basketball it will feel very natural to you.

Slide jump shots work the entire body and improve your cardiovascular health.

How to do Slide Jump Shots

If you enjoyed this workout, you’ll love the short workouts in the fat blaster sequence. These workouts are designed to help you burn fat and build muscle in the shortest time humanly possible.

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