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Fierce Full Body Workout Destroys Deep Belly Fat in 9 Minutes

Can you imagine running your hand along your stomach and feeling a flat and tight stomach?

Well, with the right workouts and diet plan, this can happen sooner than you think.

I won’t go much into diet today but the simple tips in this article can tremendously enhance your fat loss.

Combine a healthy diet with this workout and the other extraordinary ones in the fat blaster sequence.

This fierce workout destroys deep belly fat by activating every muscle in your body and massively boosting your metabolism.

By the time you complete this workout, sweat will be dripping down your body and you’ll feel energized as if you’ve taken a huge dose of caffeine.

However, you can’t enjoy these benefits if you don’t perform the exercises properly. Therefore, spare a few minutes to read the instructions below the video to learn how to perform these exercise properly.

Enjoy the workout and stay consistent.

Fierce 9-Minute Full Body Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the fierce full body workout that destroys deep belly fat in 9 minutes:

Beginner Boat Pose – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Boat Pose Knees Bent 30 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Power Jacks – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Scissor Jacks – 60 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Curtsy Lunges – 50 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Hand Walkouts with Knee Tucks – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Sumo Squats – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Power Knees – 60 Seconds (30 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 20 Seconds

Squat to Side Punch – 50 Seconds

Beginner Boat Pose

This awesome isometric exercise targets your upper and lower abs. The more you lean back, the more you engage your ab muscles.

Avoid arching your back, as that will engage your back muscles instead of your abs. Keep your back slightly curved.

In fact, arching your back when doing any ab exercise is a huge blunder that can hurt your spine. Always keep your back slightly curved when doing ab exercises such as the plank, sit-ups, or hanging leg raises.

How to do boat pose

Boat Pose Knees Bent

We’re taking things up a notch with this variation. Lifting your feet off the floor challenges your lower abs more and strengthens them.

Lean back and keep your back slightly curved. It’s also important to keep your neck in its neutral position.

How to do boat pose with knees bent

Power Jacks

As you may know, ab exercises alone don’t eliminate belly fat. You have to mix them up with terrific exercises such as power jacks.

This exercise combines jumping jacks with squats. Keep your back straight as you squat and make sure your knees don’t extend past the toes.

How to do Power Jacks

Scissor Jacks

Scissor jacks activate every muscle in your body. They will even improve your athleticism because of the jumping involved.

Look forward while doing this exercise and keep your abs tight throughout. Feel free to hold a pair of light dumbbells if you want to tone your arm muscles.

How to Do Scissor Jacks

Curtsy Lunges

Don’t confuse this exercise with reverse lunges. For this lunge variation, bring the rear foot to the side of the supporting foot, while for reverse lunges, you simply lunge back.

Curtsy lunges activate your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. They’ll also improve your balance, which is vital for preventing falls, as we age.

How to do Curtsy Lunges

Hand Walkouts with Knee Tucks

You probably know that hand walkouts are a favorite of mine. However, doing the same variation repeatedly gets boring.

Adding knee tucks to hand walkouts will engage your core muscles more and accelerate fat burning.

How to do Hand walkouts with knee tucks

Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are special because they activate all lower body muscles while improving inner thigh flexibility.

Squat until your thighs rest of your calf muscles if flexibility allows. Squatting deeper increases the range of motion, which consequently boosts calorie burn.

How to Do Sumo Squats

Power Knees

This exercise is fun. It’s not as tiring as hand walkouts or sumo squats yet it burns lots of calories and improves your balance.

Power knees engage your ab, leg, and arm muscles. Keep the supporting knee slightly bent and perform it as fast as possible.

How to do Power Knees

Squat to Side Punch

Squats are extremely rewarding and so are punches. Combining these two exercises will tone all the muscles in your body and boost your cardiovascular health.

Make sure you squat properly by lowering your butt as if you’re going to sit on a chair.

How to Do Squat to Side Punch

Completing this workout will give a feeling of satisfaction you may not get after running on the treadmill for one hour. And if you want to feel amazing after every workout, join the fat blaster sequence.

This sequence has terrific exercises that can build your dream body in just 10 minutes.

Join the fat blaster sequence.

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