5-Minute high intensity workout

The 5-Minute High-Intensity Home Workout

Short workouts are very effective if you perform them at high intensity. In this 5-minute workout, you’re allowed to rest for only 20 seconds after 3 sets.

This workout targets the upper body, the core, and the leg muscles. Do it first thing tomorrow morning.

Now, don’t skip the workout if you can’t do pike push-ups. Replace them with incline or wall push-ups.

Are you ready for the workout? Let’s burn fat with the 5-minute high-intensity home workout.

5-Minute High-Intensity Home Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the routine:

5 Rounds of

Tuck crunches – 20 seconds

Pike push-ups – 20 seconds

Squat pulses – 20 seconds

Tuck crunches

Tuck crunches are one of the few ab exercises that involve full body movement. In fact, they’re more effective than most ab exercises because they have a wider range of motion.

When doing this exercise, keep your ab muscles tight throughout. This will allow for greater ab activation.

Pike push ups

This exercise targets the shoulders, triceps, trapezius, and upper chest muscles. If you’re a beginner who can’t perform it, do an easier push-up variation such as incline push-ups or wall push-ups.

When doing pike push-ups, keep your feet straight and butt elevated then lower your head directly to the floor instead of sliding forward, as many people do.

Squat Pulses

Squat pulses are a great exercise for building your quadriceps. Simply squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then start bouncing your butt up and down in that position.

You can make this exercise easier by using a bench or a chair. Simply bounce your butt off the chair after each rep.

As you can see, today’s workout is simple yet very effective. If you’d like to receive simple and effective workouts in your inbox every day, join the fat blaster sequence.

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