The Ultimate Full Body Workout for Beginners

You probably know that full body training has many advantages. It’s the fastest way to build muscle and burn fat. For this reason, you have to add today’s workout to your morning routine.

I always recommend doing your workouts in the morning especially if you lack discipline. One trick you can use is to anchor your workouts to something you do every day. For instance, you can do your workouts immediately after brushing teeth.

Avoid taking long rests between sets. Follow the workout as it is. Short rests will allow you save time and keep your heart rate elevated.

Now, let’s do the workout together. Remember to share your workout experience in the comments section.

The Ultimate Full Body Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the workout:

Side lunge toe touches – 30 seconds

Plank to lunges – 30 seconds

Standing elbow to knee crunches – 30 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Knee plank with arm raises – 45 seconds

Rotating plank – 45 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Arm crawls – 45 seconds

Scissor chops – 45 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Front & back lunges – 40 seconds

Sitting twists – 60 seconds

Side lunge toe touches

I bet you’ve never done this exercise before. It’s great to building leg muscles and stretching the inner thigh muscles.

This exercise is more effective than regular side lunges because it has an upper body movement. Remember to raise your torso after each rep instead of moving from side to side.

 Plank to lunges

This exercise targets the entire body. It’s very effective at activating the lower back muscles.

Make sure you do this exercise with intensity and arch your back every time you rise.

Standing elbow to knee crunches

Do you want to activate your ab muscles while standing? This is the best exercise for you. Standing elbow to knee crunches build your front and side abs.

Plank with Arm Raises

This exercise is harder than it seems. By the time you finish it, your shoulder muscles will be burning.

Keep your knees, hips, and shoulders aligned in a straight line. Also, lift your arms until they’re beside your head.

Rotating plank

Rotating plank is great for building your abdominal, shoulder, and oblique muscles. If you find this exercise too challenging just do the regular side plank.

Arm crawls

Do this exercise on a soft surface such as a yoga mat. Simply get in the forearm plank position and then move back and forth using your arms and feet.

Scissor chops

You should be able to do this exercise no matter how unfit you’re. Scissor chops mainly target your shoulder muscles.

Front and back lunges

If you thought lunges were challenging try this variation. This exercise mainly targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Sitting twists

This is a great exercise for your ab muscles. Simply sit on the floor and then lean backward. Keep your knees bent. Bring the arms together and then move them from one side to the other.

This is an easier variation of the Russian twists. The only difference is you keep your feet on the floor while doing the sitting twists.

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