10 Surprising TB 500 Side Effects You Should Know

If you’re prone to injuries, products like TB 500 can speed up healing. As such, you need to be aware of the TB 500 side effects.

Most are the times in our daily lives when we get injuries either by accident or intentionally.

Anything that can damage the body can cause injury. Our blood cells, specifically red blood cells, are responsible for helping build new tissue after injuries.

Sometimes these injuries or wounds might take time to heal, or the muscles could take time to recover. Where you will need supplements to boost your healing process.

Today we will talk about a synthetic peptide that can be used to injuries faster.

This supplement is called TB 500. Let us dig deep into what it is, what it does, and the TB 500 side effects.

What is TB 500?

It is a peptide used to heal injuries faster. It is a supplement version of the healing protein released by Thymosin Beta 4 in our bodies.

Thymosin Beta 4 produces T-cells that help heal wounds. TB 500 does that and more.

How to Take TB 500

The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules daily, equivalent to a dosage range from 5mg-20mg per week.

If you get the injection, they should be about 2-3 weekly.

How TB 500 Works

TB 500 is a molecular structure, specifically a sequence of amino acids.

This supplement is similar to the amino acid produced naturally by the thymus gland.

It upregulates actin and myosin, which open up blood vessel pathways to create stamina and greater potential muscle growth.

By opening the blood vessels, the red blood cells travel faster to the injury or wound and start healing.

Ingredients in TB 500

This supplement is made up of the following ingredients;

1. Thymosin-B4

It is a gene-encoded protein. In addition, it contains 43 amino acids.

It also has multiple roles, including promoting cell migration and mobilization of stem cells. These are the cells that form new blood vessels and tissues.

Furthermore, this compound improves liver function, repairs tissue, promotes tissue regeneration, reduces scar formation, and promotes wound healing.

2. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

This is a polymer formed from natural cellulose. In addition, it increases the viscosity of the small intestine contents and reduces the postprandial rise in blood glucose.

It also ensures the product is released in a controlled manner. Furthermore, it slows the release of the drug to prolong the treatment effects.

3. Microcrystalline cellulose

It has compressibility properties used in the production of tablets in the industry. It’s also a texturizer and emulsifier.

4. Silica dioxide

It enables the mineralization of bones, teeth, and collagen. It’s also an anti-sticking agent in medications.

5. Magnesium stearate

This compound is to keep the ingredients in the capsule from sticking together. It’s a flow agent that also maintains the quality of medications.

6. Dicalcium phosphate

This is essential for healthy bones, muscles, heart, and blood.

Benefits of TB 500

The following are the benefits of TB 500 to our bodies

  1. It is responsible for faster wound healing.
  2. It supports decreased injury recovery time.
  3. Moreover, it supports muscle and strength gain.
  4. It is responsible for protection against injuries.
  5. It is also responsible for tissue repair and tissue growth.
  6. Further, it increases your flexibility.
  7. It helps reduce inflammation.
  8. It helps heal damaged heart tissue.

However, just like any other synthetic supplement, it has benefits and side effects. So it is good to be careful with your dosage.

TB 500 Side Effects

Some of the TB 500 side effects of this supplement are as follows;

  1. Headaches

This is the first TB 500 side effects that might happen after taking the pills.

You get a headache that goes away after some time.

This happens because of the chemical activity in your brain.

A study shows that Thymosin B4 might cause headaches.

  1. Dizziness

Another of the TB 500 side effects is that you might experience an altered sense of balance and place.

It is a feeling of lightheadedness because the brain will send signals for the healing process to begin.

A study conducted links Thymosin B4 to dizziness.

  1. Lethargy

This is a feeling of lacking energy and enthusiasm.

This TB 500 side effect is possible as this medicine triggers the blood cells to the area of injury or the damaged tissue.

  1. Reddening

This means that your face has a reddish appearance than normal.

This is a TB 500 side effect as this supplement opens your blood vessels for the cells to work faster. This means the blood also is pumped faster, and it might have a flushing effect on your face.

  1. Pain

Another TB 500 side effect is a pain if you get an injection.

The area you will be injected with might stay painful for a few days, but it will disappear.

A study shows TB 500 causes pain.

  1. Nausea

TB 500 has a side effect of feeling nauseated. This is normal for all medications that affect the movement of your blood.

A study conducted reveals that Tb 500 causes nausea.

You might get nauseated the first time you take the medicine.

  1. Fatigue

This is another TB 500 side effect, just like most medicine.

This happens because the blood cells are very active, and other responsible body organs work to heal the damaged tissues.

A study shows that flu-like symptoms might be experienced.

  1. Sweating

TB 500 might have this side effect on you. It is a flu-like side effect, and this happens because your blood cells are very active, and your body organs generally are all working to regenerate new tissues.

  1. Vomiting

Additionally, this is another of the TB 500 side effects you might get at first, but as you continue with your dosage, you will not get this effect anymore.

The hydroxypropyl in it might mess with the stomach making you vomit.

  1. Fever

Last but not least is fever which is another of the TB 500 side effects. It is also a flu-like symptom that might happen because of all the activity in the brain to send signals and the blood cells.

TB 500 Reviews

Some of its positive reviews include;

  1. It is best for the repair and regeneration of new tissues.
  2. It is a good option for joints.
  3. Also, it works effectively.
  4. It is a good quality product.

Some of its negative effects include;

  1. It causes headaches.
  2. It gives you nausea.
  3. Also, it makes you feel sick.
  4. It makes you dizzy.


TB 500 is a good supplement if your wounds or injuries take a little more time to heal.

The users of TB 500 have highly recommended it for its ability to repair tissues faster, reduce inflammation, heal wounds faster, and even strengthen your muscles.

However, discussed above are the TB 500 side effects, including headaches, dizziness, and nausea. If these side effects persist, you should see a doctor immediately.

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