10-Uncensored Nugenix Total Side Effects

If you are struggling with your sexual health, sexual therapies, like testosterone therapy, can help you. Supplements like Nugenix Total prove to be useful for testosterone therapy. This article tells you the side effects of Nugenix Total.  

For this reason, medics tend to recommend it.  

However, before consuming the pills, you should know how it affects the body.

What does Nugenix Total do for a man?

It’s a supplement that boosts testosterone for men naturally. In addition, it boosts energy, libido and confidence.

Low testosterone can lead to muscle loss, low energy, depression and low libido.

Nugenix Total uses natural ingredients like Vitamins B6 and B12. Low levels of these vitamins leads to hormonal imbalance.

It also contains zinc which is necessary for testosterone production. Studies show that zinc deficiency leads to hypogonadism.

L-citrulline malate is an amino acid that boosts blood flow. It also boosts testosterone production.

The supplement also contans elevATP, and fenugreek, boron and Eurycoma Longifolia Extracts. Fenugreek is a plant that can boost testosterone levels.

Studies show that fenugreek can improve libido, muscle strength and body fat percentage.

Eurycoma longifolia extract is used for erectile dysfunction, male infertility, sexual desire and boosts athletic performance.

Positive Nugenix Total side effects

1. It improves sexual health.

The first positive Nugenix Total side effect is its ability to improve sexual health. For this reason, it is also called Nugenix Vitality Sexual Booster.  

 It helps produce testosterone, one of the dominant male sex hormones.

This hormone is responsible for boosting your energy levels, consequently raising your sexual performance.  

Therefore, if you are struggling with sexual health, this pill will restore it and increase your endurance.  

2. It increases energy levels. 

Nugenix Total is associated with boosting energy levels. Studies show it is a very effective and quick way to boost energy. Those studies claim that hours after taking the pill, you should begin to experience energy bursts. 

So how does it achieve this? The answer to this question is simple. It works by pumping your Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) level, consequently boosting energy levels.

Also, continued pill usage should increase your exercise performance in a few weeks.  

3. It corrects erectile dysfunction. 

One of the benefits associated with Nugenix Total is its ability to resolve erectile dysfunction. It contains a chemical known as Tribulus.

This ingredient stimulates the production of testosterone, the predominant male hormone responsible for sexual activity. 

Moreover, it contains ingredients like L-Citrulline Malate and Testofen. These ingredients are critical in the production of testosterone.

Adequate production of the hormone promotes erection, thereby correcting erectile dysfunction.  

4. It reduces body fat 

Another one of the positive Nugenix Total side effects is its ability to burn fats. Its manufacturer advertises it as a weight loss supplement, making it one of the most recognized supplements in the market.  

Its manufacturer adds caffeine to help with weight loss, which studies back to improve weight loss. Specifically, caffeine stimulates energy production, consequently enhancing your ability to exercise.  

Besides, it increases metabolism, which eventually helps in burning fats. 

Therefore, if you aim to burn fat through exercising, this pill will increase your endurance, making it ideal for that purpose.  

5. It encourages lean muscles. 

Besides helping with fat burn, Nugenix Total promotes lean muscle gain. According to its manufacturer, the supplement stimulates testosterone secretion, which is critical in boosting strength and muscle mass.  

Besides, caffeine in the supplement can pump your energy levels, increasing your workmate during workouts. Consequently, it will stimulate the growth of lean muscles.  

Negative Nugenix Total side effects 

While Nugenix Total is effective for muscle development, sexual performance, and burning body fats, it has some negative side effects.  

Below are some of those side effects.  

1. It have an unpleasant smell. 

Most people would like their supplements to have a pleasant smell and taste. Alternatively, some prefer those supplements to be odorless.

However, if the supplement produces a strong unpleasant scent, it can discourage its user from consuming it.  

Unfortunately, this is the case with the Nugenix Total supplement. It has a strong smell that irritates its users. Some claim using it leaves a strong stench on the hands and throat.  

One of the negative Nugenix Total side effects is causing the house to smell unpleasant. For this reason, they discourage taking the supplement.  

2. Skin flushing 

As mentioned earlier, Nugenix Total could boost your testosterone level. This does not sound bad, right? Sure. However, overproduction of the hormone can be dire to your body, especially the skin.  

This article from MedScape claims that a specific type of testosterone, transdermal testosterone, can harm the body. Specifically, its overproduction will manifest in the skin through irritation, burning, or induration.  

Hence, take the supplement with caution. Stop taking the supplement if you experience a burning sensation in your skin.  

If this persists, seek medical advice.

3. Vomiting 

Also, one of the Nugenix Total side effects can cause vomiting. It contains zinc, an ingredient known to upset the gut. Also, it causes other stomach-related problems like diarrhea and stomach pains.  

If you are intolerant to zinc, avoid this supplement.  

4. Higher red blood cell count 

Another one of the negative Nugenix Total side effects is it can induce a higher red blood cell count.

It does not do this directly. Rather, it achieves this by inducing the production of hormones that can increase the levels of red blood cells.  

Most users of the supplement take it to boost their testosterone levels. For this reason, clinicians tend to recommend it for testosterone therapy.  

Conversely, studies show that testosterone therapy can induce secondary erythrocytosis. In turn, it increases the level of hemoglobin in the body, resulting in a higher red blood cell count.  

Consequently, it might thicken your blood, exposing you to the risk of blood clots.  

5. It can cause reflux 

One of the adverse side effects of Nugenix Total is its ability to trigger acid reflux. Acid reflux is a gut illness that allows bile to burn your food pipe.

It occurs when bile secreted in the bile duct leaks into the food pipe. Consequently, the acid irritates the food pipe.  

Since the supplement contains ingredients that can trigger the body to produce extra bile, it can trigger reflux. Some of its users report suffering from reflux on certain occasions.  

Therefore, if it is likely to cause acid reflux, it’s best to avoid it.  

6. It may not work as advertised

Nugenix Total manufacture advertises the supplement as one that will boost your testosterone levels. They claim the supplement contains ingredients like Testofen, which can trigger testosterone production.  

However, some users have reported low testosterone levels after using the pills. For instance, one user reported a reduction in his testosterone level by 41 points after using the supplement for a month.  

This claim defeats the purpose of the pill. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid the supplement if it loses your testosterone levels. 


In conclusion, Nugenix Total effectively induces strength, sexual health, and burning body fat. It is a good product if you take it for those purposes. However, its negative effects can be costly to your health.

Because Nugenix Total is a supplement, it’s not regulated as a drug. It’s up to users to figure out if it’s safe for them.

You should avoid it if you have prostate issues, have urinary symptoms, or are at high risk for heart problems.

Learn your body to determine if it works for you. 

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