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Pre Workout on Empty Stomach

10 Hidden Dangers of Taking Pre Workout on Empty Stomach

Pre-workouts are supplements that enhance energy levels and physical performance. They also increase endurance during workouts.

Most pre-workouts sold on platforms such as Amazon are healthy for adults.

However, customer reviews show that they might have side effects, especially if the user takes pre-workout on empty stomach. 

Moreover, a study shows that even though per-workouts are safe, users should not take them daily. Besides, daily intake can cause insomnia and tingling effects.

The supplement can also lead to long-term heart issues. This fact emphasizes that taking pre-workout on an empty stomach is dangerous. 

This article highlights the 10 dangers of taking pre-workouts on an empty stomach. It also presents the benefits and common ingredients in most pre-workouts.

10 Hidden Dangers of Taking Pre Workout on Empty Stomach

Pre-workouts Benefits

Pre-workouts present several benefits to the body. Some of them include:

1. Extra motivation.

Pre-workouts can motivate the user to achieve more, especially during high-intensity training. Besides, it provided the energy needed for more muscle pumps. 

2. Increased energy levels.

These supplements increase the energy levels in the body. This improves physical performance.

In addition, the supplement energizes the user to achieve more during exercise. 

3. Endurance.

Endurance is an essential aspect of exercise. Therefore, pre-workout makes it easy for the user to achieve better results by enhancing physical performance.

However, endurance also depends on how well-trained you are.

Pre-workout Ingredients

Different pre-workout supplements contain varied ingredients. However, the most common components include: 

1. Creatine.

Creatine is an amino acid extract that keeps your muscles working.

This ingredient helps improve strength. In addition, it increases lean muscle mass. The components also help the muscle in recovery during exercise. 

2. Caffeine.

This stimulant helps enhance alertness. It also improves the user’s athletic performance. In addition, it increases metabolism and elevates the user’s mood. 

3. Beta-Alanine.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps enhance performance. In addition, it increases exercise capacity. The component also helps decrease muscle fatigue. 

Furthermore, the ingredient helps boosts the immune system and has anti-aging properties. It also has antioxidant properties. 

It’s what causes the tingling sensation when you take a pre-workout.

4. Citrulline.

This amino acid does not build proteins. Instead, Citrulline helps in excretion by removing harmful substances such as ammonia. 

The component also helps in the vasodilation of blood vessels. This aspect has a positive effect on muscle building.

5. Sodium Bicarbonate.

This ingredient helps relieve acid indigestion and heartburn.

6. Nitrate

The body typically converts nitrates into nitric acid.

This causes the blood vessels to vasodilate and relax. This fact means that it lowers blood pressure. 


Now that we understand what pre-workouts can do and contain, we can observe the problems with taking pre workout on empty stomach.

10 Hidden Dangers of Taking Pre Workout on Empty Stomach 

#1. Low blood sugar.

Pre workout on empty stomach can cause low blood sugar.

This situation can cause severe consequences to the body. For instance, it can cause problems with the central nervous system. 

#2. Jitters.

It can also cause jitters. This symptom typically makes the user uncomfortable. 

If this side effect persists, the user should seek medical help. 

#3. Nausea.

Pre-workouts can also cause nausea, especially if taken on an empty stomach. This is because of the sodium bicarbonate. However, this is very rare.

You could also be nauseuos if the dosage of the ingredients is too high. Pre-workouts with over 300mg of caffeine are more likely to cause nausea.

#4. Dizziness.

Taking pre workout on empty stomach can cause dizziness. This symptom is related to low blood sugar.

Taking the supplement on an empty stomach means that the ingredients are absorbed faster in the bloodstream.

This scenario has the effect of lowering blood sugar and, eventually, causing dizziness. Therefore, it is vital to take some food before using pre-workouts. 

#5. Digestive irritation.

Some pre-workouts contain nitrates, which convert to nitric acid in the stomach. Nitric acid can irritate the digestive tract if the user takes a pre-workout before eating.

Digestive irritation can also escalate to severe problems that threaten digestive health. 

The caffeine in the pre-workout can also boost the release of stomach acid which can lead to acid reflux.

#6. Hypertension.

Taking pre workout on empty stomach can cause hypertension. This condition may result from increased blood pressure. Besides, nutrients are absorbed faster in an empty stomach. 

Therefore, when insufficient food is in the stomach, the pre-workout components will be absorbed faster into the bloodstream. This situation can increase blood pressure. 

#7. Stomach upset.

Taking pre-workout on empty stomach can also cause stomach upsets.

This situation mainly occurs when the pre-workout ingredients irritate the digestive system. 

#8. Headache.

Users can also experience headaches if they take pre workout on an empty stomach. In addition, this situation can cause increased blood pressure as the bloodstream absorbs more ingredients.

Headache is also a symptom of low blood sugar, which can eventually result from dizziness. 

In addition, it can be caused by the resulting dehydration from the stimulatnts in the pre-workout.

#9. Rashes in the skin. 

Pre-workouts can also cause rashes in the skin, especially if taken on an empty stomach. Besides, the supplements contain Beta-Alanine, which can cause an itching effect on the skin. 

Therefore, it is advisable to eat before taking pre-workouts. 

#10. Diarrhea.

Users can also experience diarrhea if they take pre-workouts on an empty stomach. This condition usually results from irritation of the digestive tract.

It is also a side effect of the caffeine in the pre-workout.


Studies show that pre-workouts are safe to consume. However, under certain circumstances you may experience side effects.

This could be because you took pre workout on an empty stomach, aren’t properly hydrated, mixed it with caffeine, are sensitive to certain ingredients or you have a pre-existing condition.

Pre-workouts help boost performance during physical exercises. They also help increase energy levels in the body.

However, there are dangers to taking supplements without eating.

Additionally, the many active ingredients in the supplements can cause side effects, especially if you take pre workout on empty stomach.

Food helps slow the absorption of the preworkout from the stomach to the bloodstream. 

Therefore, if a user experiences any side effects, they should seek medical advice immediately.

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