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7-Minute Oblique Workout to Shrink Love Handles

When was the last time you trained your oblique (side abs) muscles? If you’re like most people, you never train them.

This oblique workout will strengthen your core and shrink your love handles. Plus, it’s a fun workout with exercises many of us have never done.

The side jackknife, for instance, is very simple and effective. You will feel your oblique muscles get tighter as you do it. Other exercises such as oblique V ups and heel touches are also very effective.

The 7-minute oblique workout may not help you lose love handles on its own. You need to combine it with these healthy diet strategies for fat loss.

Below the video, are demonstrations and instructions on how to perform the exercises properly.

7-Minute Oblique Workout for Love Handles

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Here’s a breakdown of the 7-minute oblique workout for love handles.

Side Plank – 60 Seconds (30 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 15 Seconds

Side Plank Rotations – 40 Seconds (20 Seconds Each Side)

Side Plank Crunch – 40 Seconds (20 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 15 Seconds

Russian Twists – 20 Seconds

Oblique V Ups – 40 Seconds (20 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 15 Seconds

Windshield Wipers – 40 Seconds

Heel Touches – 40 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Side Jackknife 80 Seconds (40 Seconds Each Side)

Side Plank

The side plank will activate your oblique muscles and stabilize your shoulders. Make sure your elbow is directly below your shoulder joint when holding the side plank.

Slightly raise your hips to fully engage the oblique muscles. Lastly, keep your neck its neutral position, don’t let it hang.

How to do side plank

Side Plank Rotations

Adding the rotation movement to the side plank makes it more effective. Perform this exercise slowly to get the most out of it.

How to do side plank rotations

Side Plank Crunches

Raise your hips as high as possible and then lower them slowly. Don’t waste time by resting your hips on the floor for too long, raise them as soon as they touch the floor.

how to do Side Plank Crunches

Russian Twists

Russian twists activate both the oblique muscles and rectus abdominis. Make sure your feet are off the floor and you’re slightly leaning back.

Avoid the common mistake of moving your hands without twisting your torso. Twist your torso after each rep.

how to do russian twists

Oblique V Ups

Oblique V ups are quite challenging but very rewarding. Lower your feet slowly to fully activate the oblique muscles.

Note that keeping your knees bent makes this exercise easier.

how to do Oblique V Ups

Windshield Wipers

Moving your feet from side to side activates the oblique muscles. It’s important to control your motion while doing this exercise, don’t let your feet fall.

how to do Windshield Wipers

Heel Touches

Heel touches work your entire midsection. Remember to keep your upper back off the floor in order to activate the rectus abdominis.

Pause at the middle for one second when moving from one side to the other. Then squeeze your oblique muscles as you bend your torso to touch the heel.

how to do Heel Touches

Side Jackknife

You’ll notice that the side jackknife is somehow similar to oblique V ups. Remember to squeeze your oblique muscles as you bring your elbow to touch your leg.

how to do Side Jackknife

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