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7-Day Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan For Endomorph

If you are laboring on how to lose weight modestly, consider using a metabolic confusion meal plan.

Metabolism refers to the process through which the body turns the food you eat into energy.

From studies, metabolism speeds work differently in different people. For endomorphs, it reduces the fat mass in their bodies.

Endomorphs have more fat mass but less muscle.

The theory behind metabolic confusion meal plan is not intricate; it is akin to intermittent fasting but flexible.

With proper meal planning, you can make up a customized menu that is both nutritious and satisfying. Some people also consider using little helpers like a meal plan mobile app or calorie trackers to check the progress and incorporate new eating habits.

One of those is the Lasta meal planning app, which contains many healthy recipes and meal plans so you can adjust them to your body type and dietary needs.

In a metabolic confusion diet, you can eat at any time. Also, you alternate between foods with low and high calories in this diet.

Let’s say that on a normal day, you consume 2000 calories, and on a low day, you reduce to about 1,200 calories.

Don’t mistake this for weight gain because it is a proven way for weight loss that has worked magic for endomorphs.

Altering the number of calories that you consume expedites the fat burning process

What a metabolic confusion meal plan does is that it plunges your body into a weight loss plateau, which occurs when your metabolism is set afresh.

It cycles your calories and macronutrients. 


7-Day Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan For Endomorph

The debate on of or not metabolic confusion meal plan works is highly divisible.

Experts say that a metabolic confusion diet is based on a “myth.” However,sevral people say they lost weight after adopting this diet.

Nutritionists opine that in the short term, you could lose weight after adopting a metabolic confusion meal plan but is dependent on things like current weight, level of physical activity, and sleeping pattern.

In the long term, though, it becomes difficult controlling the number of calories you give your body.

Besides diet, metabolic confusion and HIIT has been found to help in weight loss in endomorph. The body reacts to the new changes and burns more calories whenever you engage in HIIT.

HIIT helps in more burning of calories and the burning of visceral fat.


Your metabolic confusion grocery list should start with foods rich in protein, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and nuts.

Legumes such as beans and peas should make it in your list because they speed up the metabolic rate and cushion the body against a drop in metabolism caused by weight loss.

Others are foods rich in iron, zinc, and selenium. Chilli peppers, coffee, and tea – low in calories – rev up your metabolism levels.

Lentils, beans, chickpeas, and peanuts are legumes with higher amounts of proteins than others. 

The body burns more calories to provide energy to digest them. They also contain a high amount of dietary fiber.

Metabolism spices such as ginger powder boost the burning of calories. A spoonful of ginger mixed with hot water is good for the body and creates a satiety feeling.

Cocoa inhibits the absorption of calories, which could be absorbed by the body and lead to weight gain.

Apple cider vinegar increases the rate of metabolism by increasing the amount of fat burned for energy. 

Drinking enough water forms part of the metabolic confusion meal plan as the additional calories in the body heat the water to body temperature.

7-Day Metabolic Confusion Meal Plan For Endomorph


Breakfast: Omelet with Cheese wheat bread and bacon, tea

A large omelet 

with ¼ cup of cheddar cheese served with bacon is good to start the day.

Lunch: Bread, Turkey cheese, and lettuce

Two slices of whole wheat bread with 2 huge turkey pieces with low-fat cheese and lettuce are okay for lunch. You can also have a banana or dark chocolate and a tomato on the side.

Dinner: Spaghetti, chicken, broccoli

One cup of spaghetti with chicken breasts and steamed broccoli is a perfect evening meal.


Breakfast: Low-fat Greek yogurt, raspberry almonds         

Greek yogurt is a healthier option as it is a low-fat dairy product. Raspberries make your morning.

Lunch: Muffin with Pizza Sauce, mozzarella

Today is the day to go hard on calories, and the muffin gives you this. Mozzarella gives you healthy fats.

Dinner: Salmon, brown rice, broccoli, teriyaki sauce

Salmon is rich in proteins and healthy oils. Brown rice is a good option as it is a low-carb food while broccoli gives the body vitamins.


Breakfast: Eggs, asparagus bread, strawberry jam

Two scrambled eggs with ½ cup of asparagus, bread buttered with strawberry jam are good choices for day 3 of the metabolic confusion meal plan.

Lunch: Chicken, spinach, cheese

Chopped chicken breast with a handful of steamed spinach with a coating of cheese is good lunch.

Dinner: Lean beef, potatoes, and wheat roll

Lean meat has a high protein content and low in calories, just like the wheat roll. Potatoes give calories generously.


Breakfast: organic waffles, blueberries, maple syrup

Waffles are high in calories and are complemented by blueberries and maple syrup.

Lunch: Tomato soup Whole wheat pita, cheese, pita

One cup of tomato soup with tomatoes small wheat pita with a slice of cheese, and one basil makes the meal complete.

Dinner: Shrimp, peas, red pepper 

Shrimp crowns the meal with protein just as the peas while red pepper hastens metabolism.


Breakfast: Orange juice, sautéed potatoes, English muffin

Orange juice and a muffin provide the body with calories for the day. The sautéed potatoes garnished with garlic and mushroom kick-off breakfast.

Lunch: chicken, lettuce, avocado, whole wheat wrap

Whole wheat wrap carries the calories in this meal while chicken provides proteins and lettuce provides vitamins.

Dinner: Brown rice, chickpeas, trout, kales

For a change, chickpeas with brown rice and steamed kales do it for the night.


Breakfast: Oatmeal, strawberries

Easy breakfast with low-carb oatmeal on the table

Lunch: Broccoli, walnut, cheese, spinach

Walnut halves with a mix of spinach and broccoli are a great choice for the body.

Dinner: Grilled chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower

Sweet potatoes are low in carbs. Chicken gives protein, and cauliflower provides the body with vitamins.


Breakfast: Eggs, cheese, turkey sausage, wheat toast

Great breakfast! Lots of proteins and a slice of melon completes it.

Lunch: Spaghetti, chicken, zucchini

Try the zucchini with the chicken – a great combo with low calories. Spaghetti comes in to add the calories.

Dinner: Black bean, whole-wheat bun, tomatoes slices

Black beans are high in proteins and not easily digestible. The bun is an accompaniment that you can do with instant hot chocolate.


If you hack the metabolic confusion diet, you learn how to stick with it.

 On the flip side, it is not easy to trick our metabolism, but this has been done and worked for many people.

They say that the proof of eating is in the pudding. It would be best to consider a metabolic confusion meal plan to kick-start your weight loss journey.

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  1. Tee

    January 31, 2021 at 5:05 am

    This program sounds like it would work, HOWEVER, what about someone who does not eat meat, fish, sausage, bacon, etc.
    I also am allergic to wheat. What would a program look like for one who is predominantly on a plant based diet.