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How to Regain Motivation to Lose Weight

14 Hacks for People Who Have Lost Motivation to Lose Weight

If you have lost motivation to lose weight, this article will show you how to get back on the weight loss wagon and start losing weight effortlessly.

Chances are you were enthusiastic about losing weight at some point. Then lack of results or busyness killed your motivation.

Do not beat yourself up for this. It happens to everyone.

What really matters is what you do after losing motivation to lose weight. Will you throw in the towel and start making excuses or will you pick yourself up and declare that you will reach your weight goal, come hell or high water.

Since you are reading this, I will assume that you have chosen the latter. Now, let us see how you can regain your motivation to lose weight, today!

First, if you have been yo-yo dieting for many years, use these tips to repair your metabolism.

How to Regain Motivation to Lose Weight

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1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Looking at pictures of people who have lost weight can be motivating. However, this can backfire and demotivate you into thinking you can’t ever be like them.

Stop the comparisons. It is self-defeating and only makes you lose faith in your abilities.

Look at before and after pictures for motivation purposes only. Do not compare yourself to the people in the pictures. Avoid thoughts like “I can never look like that” or “she is so lucky”.

Always say to yourself “If she did it, I can do it!” People who lose weight and keep it off follow these weight loss tips. If you follow them, you can reach your weight goal, too.

2. Write down your goals

You and I know that it is important to write down our goals. You probably also know that your goals should be specific, realistic, measurable, and time-bound.

The only problem is that most people write down their goals on a notebook and then put it somewhere safe and forget about it. If that is you, you are making a big mistake! You need to review your weight loss goals every day.

Read your weight loss goals after waking up and right before going to bed. If you do this, you will never lose motivation to lose weight. Your motivation will always be in overdrive and you will make healthier choices.

3. Do not quit Because of a Slip

Do not quit on your weight loss goals because of binge eating.

Whenever you suffer a setback on your weight loss journey, pick yourself up and move on. Understand that you are not perfect.

Snacking on a chocolate bar won’t make you regain weight. And skipping a few workouts won’t make you lose muscle.

4. Clean Up Your Countertops

Do you know that a clean countertop can help you eat healthily and may reduce your junk food habits?

Research shows that when you de-clutter your countertops, you have more space to prepare healthy meals. This can help you become a more conscious eater and promote weight loss.

5. Do not obsess with the scale

Do not lose motivation to lose weight because you have gained weight overnight.

The truth is that several factors affect the number on the scale including food, hydration, bowel activity, menstrual period, etc.

Use different methods to track your progress. Take pictures, track your body fat percentage using body fat calipers, and try tight clothes to see if they are becoming loose.

6. Be Careful Who You Dine With

Have you ever noticed that you tend to order what your friends order when you go out eating together?

Studies show that we make food choices depending on the behavior of the people we are dining with.

If your colleagues love deep fried snacks or splurge on the sauce at restaurants, you may want to turn down their invitation to eat out after work.

If you have to eat out with them, be the first person to place an order so that their poor food choices do not affect you.

In short, only dine with friends who have healthy eating habits.

7. Eat by a Window

Researchers at Cornell University found that eating your meal by the window in a restaurant tends to make people eat more healthily.

Therefore, whenever you want to eat out, eat near the window to improve your chances of eating for your weight loss goals.

8. Eat Before You Go Shopping

You should go shopping once you regain your motivation to lose weight. Well, make sure you are full before going to the supermarket or grocery store.

Shopping while you are hungry can increase chances of buying junk food. You may also want to avoid processed-food-aisles, especially if you are trying to quit sugar.

9. Don’t Deprive Yourself

It is almost impossible to stick to a restrictive diet long-term. Most people lose motivation to lose weight because of diets that make them miserable and hungry all the time.

Keep in mind that most diets work at the start but they become unbearable as time goes by.

Avoid extreme diets no matter how much weight loss they promise. Stick to healthy habits you can maintain long-term.

Simple habits like walking every day, drinking lots of water, and eating more plant-based foods can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Feel free to treat yourself to some yummy delights every now and then.

10. Practice Mindful Eating

Always stay in the present while eating. Don’t watch the TV or chat on the phone during mealtime. You are likely to overeat when you eat while distracted.

It is also important to eat slowly. Studies show that it takes the brain 20 minutes to register that you are full. Additionally, slow-eaters tend to eat less compared to fast-eaters.

11. Stop Eating at Your Desk

Poor eating habits can make you lose motivation to lose weight. Eating at your desk is one of those poor eating habits that can also lead to overeating.

If you have to eat at work, go to the kitchen. Instead of eating at the desk, use these tips to burn more calories while sitting at your desk.

12. Drink Water Before Meals

If you have lost motivation to lose weight, chances are you are looking for easy tricks to enhance your weight loss.

Well, drinking water is the best weight loss trick. Studies show that increasing water intake boosts metabolism and aids weight loss.

One study found that people lost up to 50 percent more weight when they drank 2 glasses of water, 30 minutes before every meal.

I willing to bet that this is something you can do, no matter how demotivated you are.

13. Do not Skip Meals

Skipping meals does more harm than good. It increases cravings and sometimes triggers binge eating.

Instead of skipping meals, reduce your calorie intake in every meal. If you are not motivated to cook every meal, here is how you can eat healthy without cooking.

With that said, it is important to learn how to cook healthy delicious meals. Use this cookbook to learn how to cook healthy mouth-watering meals in minutes.

14. Be Patient with Yourself

Weight loss does not happen overnight. Therefore, do not lose motivation because the scale is not budging. Adjust your diet and workout routine until you start losing weight.

Sometimes it is not easy to know why you are not losing weight. Here are 25 reasons most people fail to lose weight.

Lastly, do not forget reward yourself when you make progress. When you lose 10 pounds, buy a new pair of shoes or get a full body massage.


Read these weight loss and exercise motivation quotes every day to stay motivated.

What You Have Learned:

1. Motivate yourself by looking at before and after pictures but do not compare yourself to the people in the pictures.

2. Reading your weight loss goals every day after waking up and before going to bed can motivate you to lose weight.

3. Do not beat yourself up when you binge eat or skip workouts. Get back on your routine as soon as possible and continue taking consistent action.

4. Cleaning up your kitchen countertops can make you eat healthier.

5. Tracking your progress with pictures, body fat calipers, and clothes can keep you motivated to lose weight.

6. Eating slowly and avoiding distractions prevents overeating, which allows you to reach your weight goal faster.

7. Eating next to a window at a restaurant can help you eat healthier.

8. Drinking water before meals can help you lose 50 percent more weight.

9. It is important to avoid restrictive diets if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

10. Eating before you go shopping can reduce chances of buying unhealthy junk foods.

11. You are likely to make poor diet choices if you dine with friends who have unhealthy eating habits.

12. Being patient and rewarding yourself when you make progress (however small) can help you regain motivation to lose weight.

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