12 Reasons You Should Lose Weight with Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a super food with origins in China. This powdered version of green tea is packed with most of the essential ingredients you need to lose weight.  

The nutritional profile of matcha tea is one of the main reasons why it can be a helpful part of your weight loss journey.

It is a fat burner, low in calories, and has a positive effect on your metabolism.

It just so happens that if you lose weight with matcha tea, you will reap all these rewards.

Why You Should Lose Weight with Matcha Tea

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1. It is a fat blocker

Matcha contains a plant compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is an antioxidant. EGCG belongs to a category of plant compounds known as catechins or pholyphenols.

In this study, it was found that people who took EGCG for about 12 weeks reported education in body weight and body fat. This compound is thus very helpful in fat reduction.

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2. You just need a little of it

The problem with some weight loss solutions is that you have to take a lot of the substance to see results.

However, when you want to lose weight with matcha tea, only a small amount is necessary as it is highly potent. This is because matcha is made from grinding the whole leaf rather than merely steeping leaves into the water.

One cup of matcha is as rich in nutrients as 15 cups of regular green tea.

Estimates show that just 2 tablespoons per day are sufficient. This is not just pocket-friendly but is also highly convenient.

3. It promotes the growth of good bacteria

Studies have shown that there is a link between gut bacteria and weight loss. If you have the right bacteria in your abdomen, you are likely to have a leaner body mass. This means that you will have a better chance of losing weight.

4. Matcha speeds up your metabolism

Thermogenesis is the process by which a person burns calories. If your rate of thermogenesis is high, chances are that you will burn more fat.

In fact, having a fast metabolism explains why some people eat more than normal, yet they report no increases in weight.

Conversely, those with a slow metabolic rate may be cautious about what they eat but may not experience much change.

If you belong to the latter category, you may want to lose weight with matcha tea. This would break the cycle.

In this matcha weight loss study, it was shown that the people who took matcha tea reported about 35-43% energy expenditure up from 10%.

5. It tastes great

In every weight loss journey, it is important for you to select something that you can stick to. Some users often complain that herbal foods are bitter and unpalatable.

Fortunately, this is not the case with matcha tea. If you purchase premium grades of this beverage, you will not experience a bitter aftertaste.

The problem with other products is that people have to add too much honey/ sugar or sweetener as well as dairy to make it tasty.  This is not necessary at all for matcha tea. That way, you will not jeopardize your weight loss efforts.

6. It has low-calorie content

The beauty of matcha tea is that it is made from an herb so it is low in calories. Just 237.3 grams of the substance has a quantity of 3 calories.

If you were to consume a cup of sweetened tea, you would probably take 45 calories. It is thus safe to say that you will lose weight with matcha tea because there will be fewer calories coming from it.

7. Fights inflammation

The catechins (compounds) in matcha tea are also helpful in fighting inflammation. If you are trying to manage your weight, you have to control inflammation.

The link between weight gain and inflammation is leptin. This is a hormone that controls the urge to eat; that is, when to stop and when to increase your metabolism.

However, when you are inflamed, leptin function is impaired and your appetite increases. Additionally, your metabolism may slow down. These all contribute to weight gain.

8. Balances blood glucose

Glucose levels in the blood should also be concerning to anyone trying to lose weight because they affect your appetite.

If you have a glucose imbalance in your body (more common among insulin-resistant individuals) chances are that you will experience a glucose spike when you eat. Thereafter, you may have a crush that will cause you to overeat.

However, if you drink matcha tea, you feel full for longer and your glucose levels won’t spike after eating. 

9. Fights bad cholesterol

One of the commonest traits in obese people is an abundance of bad cholesterol. If you eat lots of high-fat and sugary items, you are likely to have this.

One way of getting rid of bad cholesterol is to lose weight with matcha tea.

In this report, it was shown that catechins from green tea (matcha tea is a type of potent green tea), helped to minimize cholesterol absorption into the blood.

10. It has no additives to inhibit weight loss

Some weight loss aids often have too many additional ingredients that may work against you. These could include sugar or artificial sweeteners. This is not true for Matcha.

In every cup of matcha tea, expect to find only 1g carbohydrates, 1 g protein, and 5 calories. There are however some helpful ingredients like iron, vitamin C, and dietary fiber which are helpful in weight loss. These account for 2% DV, 2%DV, and 4%DV, respectively.

11. It is versatile

As mentioned above, matcha tea is already a palatable product. However, if you would like some variety in your life, there are lots of ways to work with matcha tea.

It can be made into a fruit smoothie where you combine the powder with blueberries, mint, chia seeds, and water.

Alternatively, you could put it in your breakfast cereal such as oatmeal. It may even be added to vegetable soup.

Try these matcha green tea weight loss recipes.

12. It has dietary fiber

Dietary fiber helps keep you full for a long time. Most people who take vegetables and grains or fruits with high fiber weigh less.

In one study, it was shown that fiber-rich diets increased a person’s likelihood of managing their weight. Therefore, don’t skimp on your fiber.


The case is strong for the use of matcha tea for weight loss. First, it provides optimal body conditions for weight loss such as appetite reduction, high metabolism, and cholesterol reduction.

Additionally, it is low in calories and contains healthy nutrients to boost weight loss.

What is more, you can use matcha tea in a variety of ways. Its palatability and potency make it an ideal weight loss solution.

Many users claim this is the best matcha powder for weight loss.

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