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leaky gut supplements to boost weight loss

12 Leaky Gut Supplements to Boost Weight Loss

The leaky gut syndrome is a condition that affects the lining of the intestines. It makes the intestinal walls weak, allowing toxins and bacteria to pass into the bloodstream.

The overall effect of this condition is a higher risk of diseases and weight gain. Unless you fix this condition, you will be on a vicious weight gaining loop. This is why leaky gut supplements are vital.

All humans have spaces between their intestines. However, when you become allergic to certain foods or get stressed or use certain antibiotics, the space gets wider. With time, undigested food, bacteria, and other particles leave your gut and enter the bloodstream. This leads to inflammation.

In this study, it was shown that inflammation causes insulin resistance (a condition where the body does not convert glucose into energy thus causing the body to store it as fat). Imbalanced gut flora may also worsen insulin resistance.

After you add weight because of insulin resistance, appetite-controlling hormones like leptin become ineffective so you feel hungry all the time. This causes you to eat more and gain more weight. To reverse break this vicious cycle you must take these leaky gut supplements.

Leaky Gut Supplements for Weight Loss

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1. Berberine

This is a plant extract used in ancient Chinese medicine. The alkaloid comes from the Barberry plant but could also be sourced from Oregon grape or Goldenseal plants.

In these traditional communities, it was used for a variety of illnesses like digestive disorders. In modern times, it is used for diabetes and inflammation.

Berberine acts as a fertilizer for the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. This means that colonies in your guts can grow efficiently and quickly. You would thus improve your liver function, regulate your blood sugar and lose weight through this intervention. Get the supplement here.

2. Probiotics

As mentioned above, most leaky gut effects come from imbalanced gut flora. Therefore, if you want to fight the condition; you need a supplement that addresses this problem.

When you take probiotics, ensure that they have a minimum of 50 billion CFUs (colony forming units). That way, they can work effectively.

As a person with leaky gut, your gut has a deficiency of good bacteria. Therefore, introducing them through probiotics helps to restore this balance. You can reverse insulin resistance caused by imbalanced gut flora through this type of leaky gut supplements.

Here are the 5 best probiotic supplements.

3. Marshmallow root

This supplement is a natural antihistamine. When administered in the body, it helps to soothe the irritation that comes from a leaky gut. It also helps to minimize inflammation, according to research.

Since this is a natural extract, you are also less likely to experience unwanted side effects.

4. Collagen Powder

Collagen is the ingredient found in cartilage, tendons or bones. When taken as a supplement, it helps to repair the intestines. It contains amino acids, which are essential in building intestinal walls.

The supplement comes in powder form and should be reconstituted before consumption. Mix a glass of water with a tablespoon of the collagen powder. Alternatively, you could put the powder in your morning beverage before you start your day.

5. Curcumin

This is one of the most popular leaky gut supplements. Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric and research shows it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.

In this study, it was proven that when animals consumed curcumin extract, they had better intestinal microbiota as well as less gut inflammation. This means that when you take curcumin supplements, the weight problems that stem from these conditions can be alleviated.

6. Zinc

In this study, it was shown that zinc supplementation fixes the leaky gut. The patients in the study took the oral pills for 8 weeks. In the end, supplementation reversed most of the leakage.

This research proves that people with leaky gut can fight the syndrome at the root and thus restore their intestines to normalcy.

7. Shilajit

The above is a gooey substance that looks like tar. Many ancient cultures used it to treat a series of illnesses.

Fulvic acid, which is its major active ingredient, is helping in fighting inflammation. It has been shown to reverse inflammation in rats as proven in this study.

8. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has always been a helpful nutrient in restoring immunity and helping in the growth of teeth and bones. It is also useful in balancing out your gut bacteria.

Consider taking vitamin D supplements.

9. Fiber

Fiber may not have a direct effect on the syndrome as other leaky gut supplements. However, it helps to create a conducive environment for good bacteria to thrive.

If you have plenty of fiber in your body, your gut flora will be healthy and you will not have all the problems associated with a leaky gut. Strive to complement the fiber supplements with actual sources of fiber. This will give you numerous health benefits.

10. Quercetin

This is a plant-based compound derived from vegetables like onions and kales. It works by stabilizing mast cells within your small intestines. When this happens, you are less likely to release chemicals and histamine from your body.

In this study, it was shown that rats with no mast cells did not release histamine. Therefore, they had a lesser chance of developing intestinal permeability. You could say that these leaky gut supplements create a protective barrier or sealing effect in your intestines’ junctions.

11. L-Glutamine

This is a critical amino acid. It plays a significant role in your gut by helping to repair the walls of your intestine. It thus deals with some of the negative effects of leaky gut.

Additionally, it helps to curb inflammation which as explained earlier is not conducive for the management of weight.

12. Caprylic acid

Coconut oil is the main source of this compound. When you consume it, it works on the genes that reduce inflammatory conditions.

In this study, it was shown that the animals that took caprylic acid as a leaky gut treatment had better mucus barriers and stronger epithelial cells.

This approach will thus be helpful in dealing with the preconditions that lead to insulin resistance. The supplement would change the conditions which promote fat retention in your body and would make you less susceptible to leaky gut effects.

The Bottom Line

Most of the leaky gut supplements listed above work by attacking inflammation. If you have low chronic inflammation in your body, you would reverse insulin resistance, fat retention and eventually weight gain.

On the other hand, other supplements work by repairing intestinal tissue like mucus barriers or intestinal walls. That way, you would not develop any of the subsequent problems that cause weight retention.

Finally, other supplements focus on balancing gut flora which also has an effect on inflammation. Even though leaky gut syndrome is not officially treated by medics, these supplements can be helpful in restoring health and facilitating weight loss.

Other than taking supplements, you should exercise regularly to improve your gut health. Do these stunningly simple home workouts every morning.

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