Killer strength training and cardio workout

Killer Strength Training and Cardio Workout for Beginners

Did you know that combining strength training with cardio is the most effective way to lose weight? Well, the workout below has the perfect combination of strength training and cardio.

Before I get into the workout, I’d like to say that exercise is more important for weight loss than many realize. You see, the psychological benefits of exercise actually help you maintain healthy diet choices.

Studies have proven that exercise eases depression, boosts mood, and eases anxiety. When you experience these psychological benefits, you’re more likely to make healthy diet choices.

Now, here’s today’s workout. If you’d like to get workouts in your inbox, enroll in this program.

Strength Training and Cardio Workout

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Here’s how the workout works:

2 Rounds of

March in place – 40 seconds

Kneeling elbow plank – 40 seconds

Ankle hops – 40 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Plank knee tuck with twist – 40 seconds

Half jacks – 40 seconds

Half squat jab cross – 30 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Squats – 40 seconds

Glute bridges – 40 seconds

Rear knee leg kicks

Rest 20 seconds

March in place

This warm-up exercise that can make you sweat in no time. Use as much arm and leg movement as possible when doing it.

Keep your arms bent and then swing them back and forth. Also, lift your feet as high as possible.

Kneeling elbow plank

Most beginners don’t have the core strength needed to perform the elbow plank. Luckily, kneeling makes the exercise doable for most beginners.

Keep your knees, hips, and shoulders aligned in a straight line. And keep your abdominal muscles tight.

Ankle Hops

This exercise helps build calf muscles. And it’s actually harder than it seems. Keep your knees slightly bent and ankles relaxed while doing the hops. Keeping your joints tight increases the risk of injury.

Plank knee tuck with a twist

This exercise activates your arms, abs, and oblique muscles. Start in the straight-arm plank position and then pull one knee in toward the chest, twist the knee to the opposite side before returning it to starting position.

Twisting the knee to the opposite side helps activate the oblique muscles.

Half jacks

Half jacks burn many calories and help build shoulder muscles. Make sure you perform this exercise while on your toes.

It’s also important to do half jacks with lots of intensity. Do the reps as fast as possible without compromising your form.

Half-squat jab cross

This is a combination of an isometric exercise and cardio. Get in the half-squat position and then throw punches while in that position.

This exercise targets your quadriceps, arms, shoulder, and core muscles.


Many of us are familiar with squats, therefore, I won’t say much about them. Just make your you don’t move your knees forward as you squat.

Glute bridges

Glute bridges don’t just build butt muscles, they also ease lower back pain. When doing this exercise remember to pose at the top for 2 seconds.

Rear knee leg kicks

This is a great exercise for building your glutes and improving your balance. Keep both feet straight and tighten butt muscles while performing it.

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