How To Do The Cable Glute Kickbacks Properly

Cable glute kickbacks involves exercising your gluteal muscles. These are fleshy muscles of your buttocks extending downwards from the hipbone to the thighbone.

The glute muscles consist of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

These muscles work in unison to keep your body erect and also during forward motion to keep balance while stabilizing the hip.

Kickback on the other hand is an exercise that targets the gluteal muscles and they can be done in different variations

The cable glute kickbacks tone the gluteal muscles. With consistency, cable glute kickbacks provide a stable foundation to tone and lift the butt area


  • What you need is to clip ankle straps or cuffs to a cable machine after placing the pulley system to the least possible positioning.
  • Ensure that your back is parallel to floor, center your waist then slightly lean over.
  • Grip your cable machine for added stability then engage your glutes.
  • With one leg on the floor, lift your other leg gradually as far as possible to squeeze your glutes.
  • After then lower that leg down and repeat as many times. Repeat the same process on your alternate leg.
  • Replicate this exercise as desired.


The gluteus maximus, as the largest gluteal muscle, is found at the exterior of your buttocks that help stretch the thigh as well as rotate it outwards.

This muscle starts at the hipbone to the bones at the bottom of the spine aiding in exercises like running.

The gluteus medius is found precisely beneath the gluteus maximus helps with hip motions.

It begins at the posterior of the ilium close to the pelvis The gluteus medius is sandwiched between the back and middle gluteal muscles hence its name.

Gluteus minimus is seen underneath the gluteus medius and it plays the role of hip abduction stabilization. During hip abduction, the leg moves further away from the median plane,

This exercise also engages other muscle groups including your hamstrings, lower back and core.

The hamstrings, found from your hip immediately under your knee, help you bend your knee as well as stretch your leg backward

Your core provides stability during the kickbacks making it as important to better the exercise. In general, all the aforementioned muscles work in unison.

Although the main focus of the cable glute kickbacks may be the glutes, other muscles are secondarily involved.

Together your gluteal muscles will improve how you walk, stand and run.

Your glutes will be healthier and also if you are looking for a rounder behind then you are at the right place.



Gluteal muscles need to be worked constantly to ensure that they are strong and are performing activities efficiently.

You use your glutes for a number of reasons including jumping.

Therefore, with this exercise you are sure that your glutes will improve in power, stability, balance and overall performance.

You’ll feel the stretching and contracting throughout the movements when performing this exercise.


Your glutes play such a huge role in your life by participating in movements that happen in your daily life like running.

This exercise isolates your glutes building them in strength with the additional benefit of improving your back and core


Working your glutes helps better your posture as well as minimise pain that may arise from your back and your knee.

This exercise aims to relieve pressure on these parts as well as align your hips in the right form



As a substitute, this exercise properly works your glutes. All you need to do is lie on your back and keep both your arms on your sides

Raise your hips with your knees bent to press tension. Do this as higher as you can then slowly bring them down.

This exercise helps your hip muscles and glutes so squeeze them while lifting them. Then repeat.


Leg back toe down pulses work your gluteal muscles and are a great alternative. Begin this on all fours with the hands directly underneath the shoulders.

Extend your leg straight facing backwards and your toes facing downwards. To target your glute muscles, squeeze them till you feel a throb that will instigate upward and downward movement.

Substitute your legs and resume the pulse from squeezing then repeat.


Donkey kicks train your glutes by mainly working your gluteus maximus which forms the outer surface of your bum. To do them, begin on all fours and with your hands beneath your shoulders.

Lift one of your legs the furthest you can till you feel tension on your glutes. Steadily, lower your leg to where you began. Alternate your legs and do over.

Your core should always be engaged as your whole body stays stable. Repeat this exercise



Every time you use the wrong weights you lower the productivity levels that come with doing this workout consistently.

Most of the time beginners and professionals all around may struggle with the wrong weights.

Heavy weights not only leave you imbalanced but they also create momentum an aspect not necessarily needed.

Your goal should be to limit your leg motion and to stay in control by squeezing your glutes instead of straining your leg muscles.

Your glute muscles are the primary focus of this exercise. Instead of swinging your legs maintain proper form and avoid heavy weights


To benefit fully from this exercise, it is important to complete a full rep so there is a build up of tension.

It is okay to pause for a few seconds when lowering your leg but failing to carry out the entire rep will only lower its benefits.

The exercise will lose its meaning. For this, engage your glutes by introducing a range of motion and only adding limited breaks in between


Good posture was one of the benefits of working your glutes. The trick is to ensure that you are standing upright while at it.

Standing straight limits the usefulness of the exercise as the varied motion is hindered. You need to slightly arch to get your gluteal muscles moving.


Your primary and secondary muscles including your glutes, your hamstrings and core respectively are worked making them perform their activities efficiently.

With the help of the cable machine, anyone can now include glute kickbacks as part of the daily exercise routines.