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How To Do Tabletop Crunches Properly

Ever wanted to work your lower abs harder? Then tabletop crunches are the ideal workout for you.

Burning that extra layer of fat in your lower abs will require effective and consistent tabletop crunches. Tabletop crunches are normal but essential crunches.

The major difference between tabletop crunches and other regular crunches is that you will require your legs to be lifted from the flow during the workout.

Considering this technique, many people tend to argue that tabletop crunches are a little bit harder to perform. However, your view may be changed after performing this particular workout.

For an effective tabletop crunch workout, you will require to complete about three sets of 10 reps. However, you can reduce the sets if you feel they are too much. The important goal is to keep consistency.

Targeted Muscles: Lower abs, Upper abs, Quads, Hip flexors

Required Equipment: mat, floor


  • Lay flat on a mat on the floor. Ensure that the floor is flat enough, is not inclined at any angle, and has no obstruction.
  • Lift your legs from the floor. Your upper legs should be 90 degrees against your torso. Consequently, your lower legs should be suspended parallel to the ground.
  • Maintain the posture for a moment during the workout process, and then place your hands behind your ears.
  • Slowly move your shoulder off the floor while moving your head closer to your knees. Avoid supporting your head using your hands. Alternatively, use your lower abs.
  • Breath in a while, lifting your body. Breath out while lowering.


  • For effective tabletop crunches, ensure you:
  • Ensure you breathe correctly
  • Perform the workout slowly.
  • Always stop the process whenever you feel any form of discomfort. Feeling pain may mean you are not doing the workout correctly. However, feeling pain is usually common with regular workouts.
  • Constantly consult your therapist on the best methods of doing tabletop crunches if you have any existing medical conditions.


Tabletop crunches work five muscles. However, just like regular crunch tabletop, crunches target majorly your lower abs. The lower abs are affected by the position of the legs.

Additionally, the suspension of the legs also means that this exercise works on hip flexors and quads.

Other muscles which are worked by tabletop crunches include the upper abs and obliques.


Many people have an issue with their lower abs. At one point, you have thought of how to can strengthen your abs and have resolved to do sit-ups. Tabletop crunch can be closely related to sit-ups; however, in this case, tabletop crunch is a little bit complicated.


Most of the back pains are caused back weak core muscles. Weak muscles can also lead to injuries. It is, therefore, essential to increase the strength of the muscles with workouts such as tabletop crunch. Additionally, the exercise can also increase recovery time. Nevertheless, it is advisable to speak to your doctor if you experience neck and back pains or any other existing medical condition that might affect your general health.


One of the hardest questions is how many calories are burnt by the tabletop crunch. Most workouts, especially workouts related to mobility, share a major benefit- they burn calories. The technicalities involved in tabletop crunch are believed to be important for bringing calories. The number of calories burnt during the exercise depends on several factors. For example, the size of muscles, age, and general body fitness will determine the number of calories they burnt.


Just like normal workouts, tabletop crunch focus on strengthening your abdomen muscles. Lifting your legs and raising your shoulders and head hits hard on the abs, which eventually strengthens your muscles. Additionally, the workout ensures that your muscles operate together. The results make your body posture balanced.



The bicycle crunch is closely related to the tabletop crunch. Almost 80% of the techniques used in Bicycle crunch are used in tabletop crunch. The only difference between the two exercises is that the bicycle crunch has a lot of movements and coordination between the hands and the legs. The exercise borrows its name from the activity of riding a bicycle hence the name ‘Bicycle Crunch.’

Requirements: mat


  • Lie on the floor with your face up. Your back should be in direct contact with the mat. Raise your legs from the floor.
  • Place your hands behind the head. Turn your Turso and try moving your left to your right knee, straightening your knee.
  • Turn your torso to the other side while moving your left elbow backward and right elbow. Simultaneously keep changing the position of the legs. Straighten and pull back.



Certain muscles can only be hit when the leg is well-positioned in the air. When it reaches a point where you cannot hold your legs together correctly is time to stop the exercise. When the legs are not held properly, the exercise will not be effective. Additionally, doing the exercise in a bad position can cause a straining effect on the muscle.


Do not rush while doing a tabletop crunch if you do not need any record medal. Your aim should be to complete each required rep at the required pace. Don’t be persuaded to join completions in the gym. Think critically. It is an exercise for general body fitness, not a competition.


Controlled breathing is essential to any workout process. This is because breathing reduces tension. During workouts, the body requires a certain amount of energy, and just like a car engine, more oxygen is required. Balancing your air intake and important When doing the upwards movements during tabletop crunch, your lungs should deflate.


Tabletop crush is widely important in strengthening your abs and general body balance. However, the workout benefits can only be achieved if the correct procedure is applied. Nevertheless, the tabletop crunch will not reduce the fatty layers in your belly. More other workouts will be needed.

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