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How to Do Jump Start Exercise Properly

How to do Jump Start

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This amazing exercise will boost your cardiovacular endurance and increase muscle mass.

Major Muscles Worked

  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps

Other Muscles Worked

  • Gluteal Muscles
  • Lower Back

Jump Start Guide

  • Stand in an upright position with your feet together and pointed forward.
  • Now, bend the left leg and 90 degrees and the right leg should be extended behind in a straight stretch.
  • Your right hand should be touching the left leg. You will be in a “starting race” position.
  • Rise as you drive your right leg up towards your chest.
  • Land back into start position with the right leg outstretched again behind.
  • Perform the same number of reps for each side.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Keep your back straight to avoid lower back pain.
  • Tighten your abs as you raise the knee towards your chest.
  • Keep the rear leg straight in order to stretch your hamstrings.

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Benefits of the Jump Start Exercise

This exercise will improve your stamina and cardiovascular endurance.

Other than building strength, this exercise stretches your hamstrings and glutes.

You can perform this exercise anywhere without weights or any equipment.

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