How to Do 21s Bicep Curls Properly

If you are looking for a workout program to bulk up your arms, consider 21s bicep curls. Your biceps and forearms should be fully engaged. Your biceps will be put to the test with this complex exercise.

In other words, if you want bigger, stronger, and better-looking arms, bicep 21s are the way to go! It’s the total amount of reps you do in a set that is “21.”

This article explains in-depth about this workout that increases your arm strength formidably. Here is everything you need to know.


21s bicep curls are a weightlifting tactic in which you perform ten repetitions with 40% of the weight you can lift. This is the total amount of weight you require to shore up strength in your biceps.

You can effectively target a muscle with three separate ranges of motion (ROM) in a single set of 21s. A total of 21 reps are tenable by dividing the set into three halves.

You then nail the set by completing the first 7 reps, the second 7 reps, and finally, all 7 reps. This gives a total of 21 total completed rep. The idea is to shock the muscle by combining partial and full-range reps in the same session.

For instance, biceps curls pull the weights halfway up seven times, then raise them to the highest point of the action. You then repeat the upper portion of the curl six times. And for a total of 21 reps, you perform seven complete reps back-to-back with no break in between.

Ideally, 21s bicep workout puts a persistent and unique load on the targeted body area. This ensures maximum muscle fatigue and causes small but adequate tears in the fast-twitch muscle fibers.

They maintain growth, which slows down due to repetitive exercise. The result is more calories burned by extending the time under strain and the length of the set.


21s bicep curls are easy to master. Understand that “21” is broken down into three 7-rep phases that work the entire bicep.

First 7 reps

It would help if you worked your way up from the bottom of the exercise to the halfway point. Your arms should be at a 900 angle while the hands are level with your elbow.

Second 7 reps

Work your way up to the top of the bicep curl from the midway point. The hands should be up near the shoulder level.

Third 7 reps

Complete the full range of motion from the bottom to the top of the action.


Mastering the correct form when doing 21s bicep curls is easy. All you need is high concentration to get it right.

  • These are the steps to take for a complete workout.
  • Grab a barbell with an underhand grip while standing up.
  • Take a deep breath and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.
  • As you bend forward, keep your elbows tucked close to your body.
  • Make a 90-degree angle with your elbow by curling upward.
  • Repeat six more curls at the 90-degree angle at your elbow before relaxing your arms back to full extension.
  • Once your elbow is at a 90-degree angle, and the barbell is about one to two inches away from your shoulder, begin to curl the weight up.
  • Repeat the exercise six more times, lowering the weight to a 90-degree elbow position.
  • Extend your arms all the way out in front of your body one last time.
  • Curl your arms all the way from full extension to full extension this time. Keep curling until the bar is one to two inches away from your shoulder, and then release the bar and rest.
  • To finish the total of 21 curls, repeat six additional curls in this entire range of motion.


The thought of massive biceps is not a mirage with this workout. It is an eventuality that bodybuilders are keen on due to its fascinating results. Thus, it’s safe to state that 21s bicep curls are good for one’s fitness and a show of might.

Who hates those busting sleeves anyway? As a matter of fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding tricks are synonymous with this move. History has it that the revered American actor is the godfather of curls.

Reason? To grow his biceps, Arnold worked tirelessly. He discovered the idea of incorporating half and complete repetitions into his routine. Biceps were, therefore, given the number 21.

In addition, 21s workout benefits are as follows:


Compound bicep exercises like the 21st-century bicep curl are pretty effective. For the same amount of effort, bicep 21s use more muscle during the exercise. Biceps hypertrophy increases as a result of increasing time spent under tension.

If you want to increase your performance in other gym exercises like the barbell row and the lat pulldown, work on your biceps too.


This two-in-one workout targets the biceps and the forearm muscles with each rep. Your forearms work continuously to support your arms as you perform the 21st-second bicep curl. Using this method, you can work both your upper and lower arms simultaneously.


The desire to have better-looking arms is universal. You can use bicep 21s to build larger, toned, defined biceps and forearms based on your fitness objectives.


Interestingly, you rarely see the ’21s’ approach used for anything else other than biceps curls, which is a muscle-building exercise. The truth is that this technique has excellent results to chest muscles.

Cam Byrnes, the Men’s Health Australia training advisor, suggests that 21s with dumbbell chest press works miracles. He proposes three sets of this workout with a two-minute break between each set.

It works the chest muscle extensively and safely because the break allows the muscle to pick up resistance spiritedly.

Although this is a gruelling exercise, it’s easy to learn. You can tone and sculpt your upper body in no time when focusing on 21 bicep muscles worked. Many people have done it, so can you! Make it a reality today.