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Total body workout burns massive calories

Killer 13-Minute Total Body Workout Burns Massive Calories

Do you want to melt off the excess fat while exercising at home? Well, the workout below will make it amazingly easy for you to reach your goal.

For one, this high-intensity workout targets all muscle groups. Secondly, it burns many calories during and after the workout.

Beware taking longer rests than recommended will make the workout less effective. It’s also important to maintain a full range of motion on each rep. A full range of motion requires more energy, which consequently boosts the calorie burn.

Do this workout at least 3 times before advancing to a more challenging workout. Watch the demonstrations below the video to learn proper form for each exercise.

13-Minute Total Body Workout

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Below are the exercises in the total body workout and demonstrations on how to perform them properly.

Butt Kicks

Butt kicks are an excellent warm-up exercise that builds your leg muscles. They also improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Land on the balls on your feet and kick your foot back until your heels touch your butt. Perform the exercise as fast as possible.

How to do Standing Booty Kicks

Pike Leg Shuffles

This unique exercise will give you a full-body workout. It mainly targets your shoulder and leg muscles.

Keep your back straight and your neck in its neutral position – avoid lowering your head.

How to do Pike Leg Shuffles

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are popular because they’re a very effective cardiovascular exercise.

Keep your abs tight, arms firm and slightly bent, and land on the balls of your feet.

How to do Jumping Jacks

Squat to Toe Touch

You and I know that squats are extremely rewarding. They build your lower body muscles and burn lots of calories.

Adding toe touch to squats will help loosen your hamstrings and improve your balance. Maintain a full range of motion on each rep.

How to do Squat to Toe Touch

Reverse Lunge Double Pulse to Knee Drive 

Doing the reverse lunge will activate your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core. While the knee drive will engage your abs and improve your balance.

Keep your torso upright when in the lunge position. You can hold on to a wall for support if you lack balance.

How to do Reverse Lunge Double Pulse to Knee Drive

Power Jacks

This is one of the best jumping jacks variations for building muscle. It builds your quadriceps, calves, and even improves inner thigh flexibility.

Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor before jumping. Keep your back straight as you squat.

How to do Power Jacks

Side Step Jacks

You’ll probably be out of breath after doing power jacks for 30 seconds. This exercise will allow you to cool down while keeping your heart rate elevated.

Note that staying on your toes while doing this exercise can help build your calf muscles.

How to do step jacks

Side Step Squats

This unique squat variation burns lots of calories and improves your coordination. Avoid doing this exercise too fast as it may mess your form.

Keep your back straight and make sure your knees don’t extend past your toes when you squat.

How to do Side Step Squats

Crab Toe Touches

Crab toe touches will strengthen your arms and core. Keep your ab muscles tight and kick your foot as high as possible.

How to Do Crab Toe Touches gif

Crab Pose

Crab pose is an excellent exercise for strengthening your core and loosening your shoulder muscles and biceps.

Keep your glutes tight and raise your hips as high as possible.

How to do Crab Pose

Plank Toe Taps to Knee Drive

This exercise is quite challenging because you’re supporting your body with one foot most of the time.

Keep the supporting leg straight and bring your knee as close to your chest as possible while tightening your abs.

How to do Plank Toe Taps to Knee Drive

Alternating Side Plank

You probably know that the side plank builds the oblique muscles. Well, alternating from one side to the other will also build your triceps and shoulder muscles.

Keep your ab and butt muscles tight to prevent your hips from sinking. And avoid raising or lowering your head – keep your neck in its neutral position.

How to Do Alternating Side Plank

Elbow Plank Crunches

When done properly, this exercise can greatly activate your oblique muscles. Keep your back slightly curved and bend your knee as close to your triceps as possible. Tighten your oblique muscles as you pull your knee in.

How to do Forearm Spiderman Plank

Long Arm Crunches

Extending your hands over your head while doing crunches makes the exercise more effective.

Raise your upper back off the floor on each rep and slowly lower it to the floor.

How to Do Long Arm Crunches

Head to Knee Hamstring Stretch

This static stretch will give you a heavenly feeling. It loosens your hamstrings and lower back muscles.

Your head may not be able to rest on your knee if your hamstrings are too tight. Just bring your head as close to your knee as possible.

Head to Knee Hamstring Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch will improve your inner thigh flexibility. Tighten your arms and use your elbows to press your thighs down.

How to Do Butterfly Stretch

Doing this workout will make you leaner, stronger, and more flexible. Therefore, do it several times and combine it with the workouts in the fat blaster sequence.

This sequence has unique workouts that burn fat and build muscle in as little as 7 days. It’ll be perfect for you if you’re a busy person who prefers to workout at home.

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