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Everything You Need to Know About Hema Plex

If you are anemic and lack iron in your body, Hema Plex could help you improve your situation.

You may have heard about the product. However, if you do not know about this product, then worry no more.

This article will give you the information you need to know about the product.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of Hema Plex

Hema Plex, a product made by NaturesPlus, is a monthly dietary supplement that contains 30 tablets.

Each tablet of this supplement contains 85 mg of chelated iron, making it an effective supplement for boosting iron.

Therefore, it promotes the formation of red blood cells, consequently influencing blood production.

Also, it contains several critical ingredients that promote immunity and protects the body from free radicals.

Hema Plex Ingredients

Vitamin B6 & B12

B vitamins are an essential part of Hema Plex. The supplement contains vitamins B6 and B12.

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble nutrient that occurs naturally in foods but can also be added to foods artificially.

It has an active coenzyme known as pyridoxal 5 phosphate (PLP), which helps determine the body’s B6 levels.

This enzyme assists other enzymes in performing their functions.

Similarly, vitamin B12 assists the body in many ways. It is a chemical that assists in the production of DNA.

Besides, it helps maintain the health of the nerve cells and the body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another essential vitamin that makes up the Hema Plex. It is also known as ascorbic acid.

It is a water-soluble nutrient that also acts as an antioxidant. Therefore, it protects cells from damage by free radicals.

Note that free radicals are compounds formed when the body converts foods into energy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E dissolves easily in fats.

Despite existing in various forms, tocopherol is the most used version of the nutrient.

Like Vitamin C, it acts as an antioxidant and helps eliminate free radicals.


Folate, or vitamin B9, is an essential component of this supplement.

A version known as folic acid can be added to your food or offered as a supplement. Folate participates in protein metabolism and aids in the formation of DNA and RNA.

It is essential to break down homocysteine, an amino acid that, in excessive concentrations, can negatively affect the body.

Folate is essential in rapid growth, such as pregnancy or fetal development, and to produce healthy red blood cells.


Copper is a mineral that exists naturally in the body but can also be added artificially.

It plays an essential role in aiding human survival. This chemical helps in the production of red blood cells.

Besides, it maintains the nerve cells and the immune system.

Studies show that copper is critical in providing energy to your cells. Furthermore, copper makes iron absorption easier in your intestines.


Like Copper, Iron is a chemical that aids the body in many ways. Iron is a crucial mineral that supports the maintenance of healthy blood.

It is also crucial for preventing iron-deficiency anemia, which is a lack of iron.


Zinc does not occur naturally in the body. Therefore, it must be added artificially.

It helps the body in several ways. It helps with gene expression, immune function, DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis.

Furthermore, zinc helps make iron absorption in the gut easier. It also has a significant role in enzyme formation.


In most cases, this mineral is associated with bone and teeth development.


Manganese is present in the body in small quantities and is often produced in the liver, pancreas, and kidney.

The significance of manganese is that it promotes blood clotting, forming connective tissues, and producing sex hormones.


L-Cysteine is an amino acid that acts as a preservative. It helps to prolong the product’s shelf life.

How often should you take Hema Plex?

Physicians recommend you take one tablet of Hema Plex supplement daily after a meal.

However, some people prefer taking iron supplements on an empty stomach in the morning. If you have stomach sensitivity, it’s always better to take it after a meal.

If you are taking the supplement due to anemia, you can know if it’s working by getting a red blood cell count after two weeks of taking the supplement consistently.

What are the benefits of Taking Hema Plex?

There are several benefits to taking Hema Plex. Below are some of those benefits:

  • It enhances the formation of red blood cells, thanks to its plentiful supply of iron.
  • In addition, it enhances absorption because it contains large amounts of vitamin C.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • Finally, it contributes to blood production.

Hema Plex Side Effects

It possesses potential side effects, like any other drug. Frequent users of this supplement had the following complaints:

  • Stomach pain.
  • Suppressed hunger.

Hema Plex Reviews

Hema Plex received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 1900 global reviews.  84% of those reviewers liked the product, while 3% hated it.

Those who liked the product gave the following reasons:

  • It supplements iron intake.
  • It also increases blood count.
  • In addition, it works quickly.
  • It favors anemia patients.

On the other hand, those who don’t like the supplement gave the following reasons:

  • It causes intestinal issues after prolonged usage.
  • It also contains allergens like soy.
  • Finally, it tastes bland.

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Alternatives to Hema Plex

1. Bari Melts Iron with Vitamin C


Hema Plex alternative: BariMelts Iron with Vitamin C

This fast-melting tablet is rich in iron and has a unique formula designed to aid Bariatric patients.

Additionally, it is suitable for patients recovering from lap band surgery, post gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve.

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2. Vegan Iron Supplement from PlantFusion

Hema Plex alternative: Vegan Plant-Based Iron - PlantFusion

Vegan Iron Supplement from PlantFusion is another viable alternative.

It is a natural source of iron, folate, and Vitamin B12.

It supports the production of hemoglobin.

Besides, it promotes hair and nail growth.

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3. Natural Nutra Chelated Iron Supplements for Men and Women

Natural Nutra Chelated Iron Supplement for Men and Women

Natural Nutra Chelated Iron Supplements for Men and Women is another appropriate substitute.

It has a healthy dose of iron and is designed to promote maximum iron absorption.

Besides, it maintains a healthy level of the mineral in the body.

Its other functions include promoting nail and hair growth and increasing the production of red blood cells.

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In conclusion, Hema Plex is suitable for people with iron deficiency.

It increases the level of iron in the body, promotes hair and nail growth, and facilitates bone development.

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