Health and Fitness Apps You Must Try

4 Health & Fitness Apps You Must Try

We all love to keep track of our health, and with modern technology, it’s easier than ever.

However, it’s not always easy to track everything in one place or manage to track it at all times. Luckily, there are brilliant apps that can help you keep track of your current health and even future fitness levels.

So, let’s look at 4 of the best health and fitness apps you need to make a note of!

1. My Fitness Pal

Everybody who’s ever thought about using an app to track their fitness or health has probably seen My Fitness Pal at some point.

However, not everybody decides to use it, and it’s a shame because it’s a fantastic app.

The basic version of the app is free, and the premium version allows you to unlock more advanced features. However, plenty of people get by with just the free version alone.

This app allows you to track everything you eat in a diary and see how many calories it is, how much protein you’re getting, and even your fats and carbs are displayed as well.

You can choose your own goals and targets too.

So, if you decide to eat 1900 calories a day, your diary will deduct everything you eat from that total and show you how much you’ve left.

You can even create recipes and find brand-new ones from other users of the app, too, making it much more than a food diary.

Any exercise you do can be factored in, too, so you’ll know how much you have to eat, whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight.

The app is free to download, so why not give it a go and see how much of a difference it makes?

2. Seven

If you find it hard to be motivated to exercise, you need to download Seven!

This app has over 5 million downloads and aims to help those with even the busiest lifestyles get in some extra movement each day.

All you need to do is choose a figure to follow for your regime, set personal goals, and then the app will create a completely personalized routine for you to follow.

The exercises are fast-paced, but it’s all done within seven minutes, allowing you to make the most of every second.

You don’t have to worry that you’ll spend the whole time doing lots of awful exercises, as each is only done for about 30 seconds.

That means no burpees or plank jacks for any longer than that, which will probably be music to your ears!

At the end of each workout, you can also give feedback on what you just did. This then lets the app know if they need to up the difficulty or lower it for next time.

So, if you’re after an app that gives you short but intense workout plans, then Seven is precisely what you’re looking for.

3. Dumbbell Workout At Home

Not everyone wants to be doing aerobics or cardio-type exercises, so you may find a lot of fitness apps a bit worthless.

However, Dumbbell Workout At Home targets weightlifters and allows them to track their exercises.

When you download the app, you can choose a plan that’s right for your ability, ensuring that you’re never pushed too far or not enough.

Before the workout starts, you can see how long it should take you and choose how heavy you will lift.

When the workout starts, you’ll be able to follow along with the figure on screen and enjoy all the different types of weight exercises with ease.

This app is excellent for those who are maybe going to the gym but don’t know how to plan a routine.

This way, you’ll have a plan to just get going as soon as you arrive.

4. Fitlist

If you’re trying to get serious about going to the gym, then the Fitlist app is for you!

This brilliant app allows you to track your workout routines, add individual exercises, and even add friends to see how they’re doing with their workouts.

On the free version of the app, you can create up to 4 different workout routines, but the individual exercises can be added as often as you like.

This app works great for gym goers as it allows you to mark down how many reps you do and what weight you did them at.

So, you’ll be able to see your progress week after week, helping to keep you motivated.


There are so many fitness and health apps that picking out the best ones is quite challenging.

However, these 4 are some of the best ones available to download, and they can make a difference to your health.

So, if you want to keep track of your fitness and health, download some of these apps, and you’ll be on top of it in no time!

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