Common Side Effects of Fat Burner Supplements

10 Common Side Effects of Fat Burner Supplements

If you want to use fat burner supplements or you’ve used them in the past, this article will show you the side effects of fat burner supplements.

Most people trying to lose weight use fat burners to enhance weight loss. Research shows that 15 percent of US adults have used dietary supplements at some point in their lives. Furthermore, 50 percent of people with eating disorders use diet pills or herbal supplements to speed up weight loss.

Before we look into the side effects of fat burner supplements, let’s see how fat burners are said to aid weight loss.

Manufacturers claim that fat burner supplements can help you lose weight by speeding up metabolism, controlling appetite, preventing the absorption of fat, or increasing fullness. Most fat burners are taken orally in the form of capsules, pills, powders, liquid, and teas.

The big question is ‘do fat burner supplements work?’ Well, studies show that some supplements can help regulate appetite and promote fat burning. However, they only work if you maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

Unfortunately, most fat burner supplements have negative side effects. And the fact that they’re not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t help either. Even worse, some manufacturers fail to disclose some of the ingredients they use.

This is not to say that only hidden ingredients are harmful. Commonly used ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract, and l-carnitine have negative side effects.

Below are commonly reported side effects of fat burner supplements.

Side effects of fat burner supplements

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1. Insomnia

Most fat burner supplements cause insomnia due to high caffeine levels. Caffeine can interrupt your sleeping pattern or make you completely lose sleep.

Insomnia makes it harder to lose weight since research has linked lack of sleep to weight gain. It also weakens the immune system and causes fatigue.

2. Liver damage

Some fat burners can damage your liver. In 2014, researchers concluded that one fat burner was the main cause of 87 cases of liver inflammation, in the US.

Researchers suspect that an ingredient called aegeline was the main cause of the severe effects.

Just because this fat burner was banned doesn’t mean we are safe. The risk of such effects is higher today since fat burner supplements are more available to customers. You can literally buy untested supplements in seconds, with the click of a button.

3. Anxiety

Most people experience increased anxiety when they take fat burner supplements. This is true for those who struggle with anxiety as well as those who have never suffered from it.

Yohimbine and caffeine are the two main ingredients known to cause anxiety. Note that fat burners that don’t contain these ingredients also cause anxiety.

4. Heart problems

Bitter orange and other fat burner supplements increase blood pressure, which consequently increases the risk of heart attacks.

Some supplements even cause blood clots. One report showed that a healthy 24-year-old man had blood clots in the main artery after taking a fat burner supplement that contained synephrine.

It’s also important to mention that the use of ephedrine fat burner raises blood pressure and increases the risk of heart attack, according to research.

5. Increased body temperatures

Some fat burners contain active ingredients that cause overheating. Taking these fat burners can make you sweat profusely and increase your heart rate.

Note that most companies argue that this effect is a sign of increased metabolism but there’s no way of knowing the real impact of fat burners on your metabolism.

Overeating can cause increased thirst, dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

6. Digestive problems

Fat burner supplements like garcinia cambogia and orlistat are said to cause digestive issues like loose stool, frequent bowel movement (which is hard to control), and flatulence.

These supplements can also cause a deficiency in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. Eating a high-fat diet can worsen these side effects.

7. Addiction

Some people have to take fat burners every day. Otherwise, they’ll feel lethargic and drained. In fact, it gets to a point where people start to rely on fat burners for good mood instead of weight loss.

This usually happens when you take fat burners for a prolonged period.

8. Poor mental health

Many people who use fat burner supplements, especially over a long period, report increased anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior, and mood swings.

Sometimes fat burner users take large amounts in order to lose weight fast but this only leads to fast deterioration of mental health.

9. Death

You’ll be surprised to find out that fat burner supplements have been linked to several deaths. Most deaths are caused by overdose or prolonged use of harmful fat burners.

Over the years, the FDA has banned different fat burner supplements due to their severe health effects.

In 2004 they banned ephedra, hydroxycut was banned and recalled in 2009 (it has been linked to 1 death), and meridia was withdrawn from the market in 2010 after it was found to increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Most times, we discover the negative effects of fat burner supplements after they cause harm. Therefore, the best thing is to stay away from them.

10. Chest pain

Bitter orange, a fat burner supplement which helps control appetite, has been linked to chest pain. Other reported side effects include anxiety, headaches, and increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Final word

Most researchers agree that the side effects of fat burner supplements outweigh the benefits. Therefore, you’re better off without them.

You can achieve your weight goal through healthy eating and regular exercise. However, if you feel like you need a boost, use natural fat burners. For instance, this green juice, which is made from natural superfoods, can enhance your weight loss and boost energy levels.

Natural fat burners are safe and they’ve been shown to boost metabolism, control appetite and reduce hunger.

Have you ever used fat burner supplements? Did you experience any side effects?

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  1. Julia

    August 8, 2018 at 5:58 am

    Yes it’s so truth!! I have been using them for a long period of time and they just give me insomnia and some more worse side effects that I now just take them to stay awake during day time for the energy and not to lose weight!😔

    • Brian Syuki

      August 8, 2018 at 6:09 am

      Hey Julia, I’m sorry to hear that fat burners have deprived you of your sleep. But it’s not too late, you can start using a natural approach to weight loss that doesn’t keep you up all night. Follow the advice in this article: