I best foods to shrink thyroid nodules

15 Best Foods to Shrink Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules refer to lumps on your thyroid that result from an abnormal growth. They are usually benign or non-cancerous, but in a few of the cases (5%), thyroid nodules may be cancerous. If you have noticed such lumps and have sought medical intervention, you still need to maintain a lifestyle that will keep them at bay. One of the most important changes you can make is to eat the best foods to shrink thyroid nodules.


Nutrition is an effective way of shrinking thyroid nodules. Before determining the best foods to shrink thyroid nodules, you need to know the cause of these nodules.

Very often, nodules may come from iodine deficiency, which is essential in producing thyroid hormones. According to this study, Denmark was able to reduce the number of people with thyroid nodules after an iodization program in their salt.

It would be best to remember that diet alone is not enough to shrink thyroid nodules; it needs to be combined with other medical procedures.

In case you are looking to shrink your thyroid naturally, you may consider certain plant extracts like Boswellia, curcumin and spirulina. In this intervention, subjects were given supplements with the latter content and their thyroid nodules reduced.

Several medical interventions are available for shrinking nodules. These include thyroid hormone therapy and surgery if the thyroid is so large that it limits other body functions.


15 Best Foods to Shrink Thyroid Nodules


This superfood is rich in selenium which is essential in helping to activate your hormones. A dysfunction often causes the nodules in your thyroid hormone.

You thus want to help them along by getting the right type of nutrition. Consider boiling the eggs instead of frying them to reap other health benefits.


Salmon is rich in selenium, which, as mentioned before, is very helpful in boosting your thyroid hormone production. You also want to take salmon to get some of the numerous antioxidant benefits it provides.


In line with the same approach of taking foods rich in selenium, this particular food helps most thyroid patients to reduce their thyroid nodules.

As you take your nuts, ensure they are the salted variety so that you get to derive additional nutrients from them.


This food is mostly eaten in oriental cultures and is used for packaging sushi. Some people take it with salads or separately as its own meal.

You ought to have plenty of seaweed because it is rich in iodine. As mentioned before, iodine is essential in thyroid hormone production, so you want to consume natural products that already have it.


On those occasions where you want to give yourself a treat, always go for dairy products in them because of their iodine-rich nature. Thyroid problems are easily rectified through the use of dairy.


Just like Brazil nuts, this food is packed with selenium. Macadamia nuts’ beauty is that they are much larger, so you need a small bag of these to derive significant levels of selenium.

What’s more, these nuts taste great.


Peas are part of the legume family and are commonly available in almost every culture around the world. They are one of the best foods to shrink thyroid noodles because of selenium in them.

Peas are also a diverse food that may be tossed into a salad, made into a stew or even combined with a carbohydrate. There is no limit to what you can do with this healthy plant protein.


Chicken is one of the foods that are rich in zinc. If you have limited amounts of zinc in your body, you may experience a malfunction in your thyroid gland, hence thyroid noodles’ growth.

To fix this, you need to eat foods that are abundant in zinc. Grilled chicken is lean meat, which can also be a healthy alternative if your thyroid noodles have caused your metabolic problems.

According to this study thyroid malfunctions often reduce your metabolic rate. This makes it hard for you to manage your weight; therefore, eating anything that will aid in this area is crucial.


This lean meat is a wonderful way of stacking up on iodine as it is one of the best foods to shrink thyroid nodules.

A simple way of preparing tuna is to cook it on a charcoal grill, a cast iron grill.

You should keep things simple by adding a dash of salt and pepper. Brush some olive oil when you cook it, ensure that the centre remains raw or else the entire piece of meat will be dry and tough.

10. BEEF

Zinc is a helpful nutrient in the management of most thyroid conditions, including thyroid nodules. One of the most ubiquitous foods that are rich in the nutrient is beef.

As you make it, ensure that you don’t overcook it and only use healthy oils to prepare it. Eliminate drippings and only take modest amounts in your meals.

11. MILK

Milk is a reliable source of iodine. You should consider it because of its diversity of use.

You could take it as a snack or as an additive in your morning cereal. Some people like to put it in soups and other cooked items.

While baked foods may contain milk, they may not have the same effects as the food in its unadulterated form. Consider taking it in a glass for your thyroid problems.


As a part of the legume family, this food contains selenium. To get the best from this nutrient-rich food, use a pressure cooker and boil it until tender. Thereafter, shallow fry it in as little oil as possible.


Sardines contain iodine which can give you many anti-oxidant properties. You simply want to make them in a way that preserves their nutrient. Consider baking or grilling them.


Lentils are rich in zinc.

To make them, boil the lentils first but be careful not to overdo it or become mushy. Thereafter, fry them.


This fish is rich in iodine, which is a staple in fixing thyroid problems. To prepare it, you don’t need a lot of cooking time.

You could fry it in a large skillet using little olive oil, salt, pepper and a little lemon zest. The skillet minimizes the need for excess oil.


All of the best foods to shrink thyroid noodles contain three nutrients; zinc, iodine and selenium. These nutrients help activate your thyroid so that it can produce its hormones.

Relying on nutrition for thyroid patients is a safe way of tackling thyroid nodules. External solutions such as supplements could be dangerous because sometimes they contain an excess quantity of the nutrient.

When preparing any of these foods, try as much as possible to make them healthily. Do not deep fry them or add too much sugar as that could be detrimental to your thyroid.

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