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12 Best Exercises to Reduce Cellulite Without Weights

If your cellulite has been getting worse and you want to get rid of it, this article will show you the best exercises to reduce cellulite without weights.

Cellulite is what gives the skin around your thighs and bum the appearance of orange skin, and most women hate it.

Luckily, there are a series of exercises to reduce cellulite that you can do from the comfort of your home.

What causes cellulite?

It has for the longest time been held that cellulite is caused solely by fat. While this is true, new research has shown that muscles give fat its shape.

A weak muscle layer will make the appearance of cellulite more obvious. So, exercises to reduce cellulite should aim at building muscle and also melting excess fat.

Start these exercises off with warm-up to avoid injuries and get the most out of the workout.

Best Exercises to Reduce Cellulite Without Weights

In this article, you will discover the best exercises to reduce cellulite without weight #exercises #cellulite #flabfix

1. Glute Bridges

Whoever created glute bridges had women with cellulite in mind. This is hands down one of the most effective exercises to reduce cellulite. It targets the glute and thigh muscles.

How to:

Lie flat on the floor, bend your knees while your feet remain firmly on the floor

Place a hand on either side of your body

Squeeze your glutes then lift your hips off the floor, not too high that you exert pressure on your lower back

Plant your feet firmly in the floor so you can hold this position for 2-3 seconds

Lower your hips down and repeat

How to Do Glute Bridges

2. Air Squats

Squats are among the best exercises that target the thigh and butt muscles.

How to:

Start with your legs apart
Stretch your hands in front of you

Slowly lower your body, as if you intend to sit on your chair

Hold that position for two seconds and resume an upright position

Remember to not extend your knees further than your toes. Also, if your knees hurt, you are not doing it the right way.

How to do Air Squat gif

3. Jump Squats

This is a harder and more rewarding variation of the above exercise. The only difference is you jump after every squat.

How to:

Start in a squat position, of course not to low that you will have a problem jumping

Make sure your knees are ever so slightly bent

Now leap high into the air and land back in a squat. As you leap, put your feet together to make it more intense.

If you need it to be more intense, bring your hands behind your head o you have to use more effort and engage more muscles when jumping.

How to do Jump Squat

4. Donkey Kicks

These, just as the name suggests, involve kicking back just as a donkey would.

How to:

Get down on both knees

Kick one leg back and high while keeping the knee bent

Lower the leg and do the same with the other leg

Do 10 reps on each leg

Take care not to unnaturally arch your back as you do this.

How to Do Donkey Kick

5. Outer and Inner Thigh Kicks

You will need a chair or at least somewhere to hold as you do this exercise.

How to:

Stand 0.5 m from the back of the chair, or just make sure there is enough space to swing one leg in front of the other.

Tighten your abs and rise on your tiptoes on both legs

Starting with your right leg, swing it to the left then back to the right. The swing to the right should be high to target the glutes and quads.

Do 10 reps of this, and repeat the whole process with your left leg.

Your hips should face the front all this while.

6. Leg Circles

This one too will target the glutes and work on multiple leg muscles. It is a tad intense, given you will need to stand on one leg at a time while circling the other.

How to:

Tighten your abs and relax your shoulders, both feet firmly on the ground and apart to help with your balance.

Put your hands on your waist.

Lift your preferred leg to knee level, and keep it straight

In this position, make circles with the leg. The impact will be felt all the way to the glutes.

Do 10 reps and start on the other leg

How to Do Standing Leg Circles

7. Kneeling Side Leg Raises

For this, you will need a firm flat surface but not so hard that it will hurt your knees and arms. Spread a mat to prevent pain.

How to:

Get in all fours position. Lift one hand and off the floor and face sideways.

Straighten the top leg and then slowly raise it as high as possible.

Slowly lower it to starting position and repeat.

8. Scissor Kicks

Your thigh muscles will greatly benefit from this exercise, and your lower abs too! Just remember not to bend your knees.

How to:

Lie down with your hands behind your hips

Lift both legs so they are about 45 degrees from the ground

Lift the right leg higher, while you bring the left down

Keep alternating them and pick up speed, such that your legs sort of mimics the movement of a scissor

Rest after 15 reps and repeat

How to do Flutter kicks or scissor crunches

9. Lunges

Lunges are effective for building muscle mass not just in your legs, but in your mid-section too.

How to:

Place your hands on your hips and keep your body upright.

Make a long stride forward and then bend both knees. Lower the rear knee until it almost touches the floor and until the front knee is bent at 90 degrees.

Return back to starting position and lunge with the opposite leg. Keep alternating the legs.

How to do alternating lunges

10. Jump Lunges

By incorporating a jump into the lunge, you add more intensity even without using weights.

How to:

Do the lunge as described above and as you rise, jump and lift both feet off the floor.

Once you land, lunge again and jump.

Complete reps for one side before alternating.

How to do Power Lunge

11. Reverse Lunges

Reverse lunges work on pretty much the same muscle groups as conventional lunges. The main difference between the two is, instead of stepping or advancing forward, you step back.

How to do Reverse Lunge

Lateral Lunges

This type of lunge targets the sides of the bum, a cellulite hotspot. This makes it one of the must-try exercises to reduce cellulite.

How to:

Start with legs shoulder-width apart.

Step out to the right and drop to a squat while keeping the right knee at a right angle.

Shift your weight to the left leg, while stretching the right one.

Return to starting position and complete reps for one side before switching legs.

side lunges

The Bottom Line

On top of these exercises to reduce cellulite, lifestyle changes like proper diet, avoiding stress and quitting smoking will bring you closer to achieving that smooth skin that you desire.

Instead of doing these exercises on their own, you can do these 15-minute fat burning workouts that have 100s of cellulite reducing exercises.

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