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Benefits of Eating Peanut Butter Before Bed

12 Amazing Benefits of Eating Peanut Butter Before Bed

100 grams of peanut butter contains between 25-30g of protein, making it a protein strong house.

Besides proteins, it contains carbohydrates and dietary fiber, both of which constitute a well-balanced diet.

Its best attribute, however, is the mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, which have been likened to those found in olive oil. These fats help lower cholesterol levels and improve heart health.

But do all these attributes make peanut butter safe to eat before bed? Turns out they do, and here are 12 reasons why you should make eating peanut butter before bed a dietary ritual.

Benefits of Eating Peanut Butter Before Bed

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1. Gives You A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is very key to weight loss because that is when the muscles get repaired and the growth hormone is released. These key processes will not be efficient if you are sleep deprived or spend the night fighting insomnia.

Thankfully, peanut butter is packed with tryptophans, which induce serotonin (a feel-good hormone). This feel-good hormone ensures you not only fall asleep fast but also get quality sleep.

2. Reduces Night Cravings

If you wish to lose weight, late-night snacks are a no-go zone. Or you should at least know which snacks you can have in the right portions so as not to consume more calories than you need. The good news is, peanut butter is one of those foods you can safely eat before bed.

Being protein, it will keep you full and prevent you from craving other unhealthy snacks. Going to bed full ensures you do not wake up feeling hungry because most people make the worst food decisions when they are hungry.

3. Increases Metabolism During Sleep

Metabolism tends to dip as you to sleep. You need your metabolism rates to remain high as you go to sleep so your cells can get repaired and fat get burned even as you sleep.

A study conducted by Purdue University researchers found that the resting energy expenditure of its participants increased by 11% after 19 weeks of eating peanuts. Eating peanut butter will therefore stimulate your metabolism as you go to sleep.

4. Improves Digestion

Poor digestion can mess up your whole diet and your sleep – these are two things you want to remain efficient if you wish to lose weight.

Peanut butter has fiber which aids in digestion, keeps the gut healthy, and prevents constipation. Eating it before bed ensures a good night’s sleep with very little interruptions.

5. Gives You Energy

The work of cell reparation, digestion, and other functions do not stop just because you are asleep. Eating peanut butter before you sleep with give your body the energy boost it needs to complete its functions through the night.

6. Helps Build Muscle

There cannot be muscles without proteins, proteins are the building blocks of muscles. Given that muscles get built and repaired as we sleep, eating peanut butter before bed will provide the much-needed protein for the body to about its muscle-building.

In fact, this study states that eating protein before bed will help your body repair muscles more efficiently.

7. Keeps Blood Sugar Levels in Check

The last thing you want when losing weight is your blood sugar levels going off the radar. Too much blood sugar will be turned into fat, which will expand your waistline and increases your risk to conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

The potassium and magnesium in peanut butter will help keep your blood sugar levels in check. The fact that it has no added sugars and has very low sugar of its own makes it safe to eat before bed, even for diabetics.

8. Boosts Heart Health

The American Association of Diabetes included 46g of peanut butter into the diet of its participants in a study. At the end of the six-month study, they exhibited improved blood lipid profiles and weight management.

Eating peanut butter before bed can, therefore, boost heart health besides keeping your weight in check.

9. May Speed Up Weight Loss

Most people shy away from peanut butter, fearing it would make them gain weight. Turns out such fears are unfounded. Studies in both adult and children have shown eating peanuts contributes to lower body mass index and lowers the body weight.

Eating peanut butter before bed will replicate the benefits of eating peanuts on a regular basis and help you keep your weight in check. This study further showed that people who eat nuts twice a week are less likely to gain weight as compared to those who do not.

10. Lowers the Risk of Cancer

This study found that peanut butter can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. Eating two spoons of peanut butter twice a week can reduce the risk of colon cancer by up to 58% in women and 27% in men.

11. Keeps You Calm and Fights Stress

Eating peanut butter before you sleep will help you feel calmer and reduce your stress levels. It combats the hormone cortisol which is responsible for feelings of stress. S

Furthermore, sleeping when you are calmer improves the quality of your sleep.

12. May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

A 2002 research concluded that higher consumption of nuts and peanut butter was associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. This is because they contain protein and unsaturated fats that increase the body’s insulin sensitivity.

Bonus: May Slow Aging

Imagine spending all that money on anti-aging products when you could simply eat peanut butter before bed!

The seeds and skin of peanuts contain potent anti-aging properties, all thanks to the molecule resveratrol. This is the same molecule found in grapes and red wine that cause both to be touted for their anti-aging abilities.

Final Word

That said, do not be haphazard with the amount of peanut butter you eat before bed. A spoonful or two is just enough because you cannot ignore the fact that it is high in calories.

Also, eat your peanut butter some 2 hours before sleep, not just as you are about to go to bed. Eat peanut butter before bed at least 3-4 times every week, this is not an everyday practice.

If your goal is to lose unwanted fat, simply eating peanut butter won’t be enough. You also need to follow this system that allows you to lose 10 pounds every 7 days by showing you exactly what to eat and when.

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