How to do 500 Pushups a Day Properly

It may seem difficult to do 500 pushups a day, but there is a safe, practical way to add them to your workout routine.

Doing this  exercise helps different muscle groups.

If you have never done this workout before, you need to work up to it to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Start with at least 100 pushups a day then incrementally grow to 500.
  • You should spread them out during the day. You can try doing 30 in the morning, 30 at lunch hour and then 40 in the evening.
  • If you do this weekly, while increasing the count with every session, you will be able to do 500 pushups a day soon enough.
  • By then you should be able to do 100 in the morning 200 before lunch and 200 before bed.
  • You can also do 150 in the morning, 150 at lunch hour and 200 at night.

What muscles to 500 pushups a day work?

Doing this exercise can help you gain muscle mass.

  • When you do a pushup, you get on the floor on all floors, extend your legs and raise your body by your hands.
  • Your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • To do an effective pushup, tighten your abs and contract your core. This can be done by pulling your navel towards your spine.
  • Lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Raise yourself through your arms while contracting your chest and return to the start position.

Doing this 500 times a day will work on the following muscle groups:

1.      Abs

The muscles that hold you up during a pushup are the rectus abdominis and external obliques.

2.      Chest and back

During a pushup, your deltoids (the muscles on your back under your shoulders), pectorals (muscles on the breastbone) are activated.

3.      Arms

The triceps and biceps of your upper arms are engaged by the up and down motion of pushups.

The other muscles that are engaged during a pushup are: the glutes and the erector spinae of the back.

Doing 500 pushups a day will tone these muscles.

Benefits of doing 500 pushups a day

There are multiple benefits to doing 500 pushups a day.

1.      Reduce the risk of injury

When you do pushups daily, you keep your joints and muscles fit.

In your daily life, you will often find yourself lifting objects, pushing carts etc. When you do pushups you ensure that you don’t strain your arms when lifting and pushing.

Working on the muscles in your shoulder also protects your rotator cuff.

2.      Reduce the risk of heart disease

Studies have shown that doing just 40 pushups a day reduces the risk of heart disease.

3.      Speed up weight loss goals

Doing 500 pushups a day will help you burn more calories.

You can burn 100-250 calories for every 500 pushups and 500 calories for every 1000 pushups.

Adding pushups to a high-intensity interval training routine can help produce an after-burn effect. This means that your body will continue burning calories even after you finish working out.

500 pushups a day will also help build lean muscle mass.

4.      Improve body posture

Doing 500 pushups will help you improve balance and posture.

Mistakes to avoid when doing 500 pushups a day

In, a fitness Youtuber tried doing 500 pushups a day for thirty days.

In it, he shares that doing pushups with the same grip leaves your upper body feeling tight.

Ensure that you alternate between regular and close-grip pushups on different days.

It can be easy to overdo the 500 pushups a day. When you feel tightness and soreness make sure to stop immediately.

When you do it for too long, you risk wear and tear in your arm muscles.

500 pushups can be monotonous. If you aren’t sufficiently motivated you can fall off.

500 pushups a day also leave no time for recovery. Furthermore, the muscles that are targeted by pushups are muscles you are recommended to work on two to three times a week. If you are training for a special event or need to achieve hypertrophy, then you can do 500 pushups a day.

Alternatives to 500 pushups a day

Many fitness experts may not recommend 500 pushups a day. Here are some alternatives you can use:

1.      High plank

High plank targets the same muscle areas as pushups. To do a high plank, get into pushup position, lengthen your arms and hold for up to a minute.

Repeat up to four times.

2.      Side plank

Side planks help improve endurance, stability and posture.

They also help with alignment when you alternate the sides.

  • To do a side plank, get into high plank position.
  • Move your hand towards the center and turn your body sideways.
  • Place your foot on top of the other and raise your free arm overhead.
  • Look straight ahead or towards the ceiling.
  • Hold position for a minute or longer depending on your endurance. Alternate sides then repeat.
  • When you do a side plank, you work on your triceps, back, abs, glutes and legs.

3.      Dumb bell chest press

This exercise helps build endurance, engages your core and helps out less stress on your wrist.

  • To do dumb bell chest presses, lie on a bench with your head, neck and shoulders supported.
  • Press your feet firmly against the ground.
  • Lift your shoulder slightly off the bench.
  • Hold a dumb bell in your hand, close to your chest.
  • Lift your arm directly above the middle of your chest.
  • Switch to the other arm.
  • Do 5 sets over 12 reps. Or more if you are not risking injury.

4.      Bench press

This exercise puts less strain on your wrists and is a good alternative to 500 pushups a day.

It helps your deltoids, trapezius, pectorals and triceps.

  • To do this exercise, lie on a bench.
  • Press your feet to the floor.
  • Press your hips and back to the bench firmly.
  • Hold the bar using an overhand grip and position your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Lift the bar off the stand and lower it until it’s over your breast.
  • Hold the position then lift the bar with your elbows slightly bent.


Doing 500 pushups a day can help change your body and build muscle mass.

However, you should mix in other exercises to get a full-body workout and maintain your fitness.