How to Do 50 Pull Ups a Day Properly

Did you know that you can increase your body strength with only 50 pull ups a day? They are outstanding back exercises that transform your body wholly as long as there is consistency.

Most people who embark on this exercise testify shoring up massive back power after a while. In short, their back strength is unmatched.

You too can join the bandwagon and testify on the many benefits of incorporating pull ups in your daily exercising routine.

And there is no better way to do it than with 50 pull ups a day. Here is more about this subject. Read on.


50 pullups is definitely a lot, but it’s not impossible. In fact, if you are dedicated to training and have the right mindset, it is definitely achievable.

The best way to train for 50 pull ups a day is by using a training regimen that helps you develop your strength and endurance.

This usually means doing exercises that target your back muscles specifically, as well as doing plenty of repetitions so that your muscles can adapt to the stress of pulling your bodyweight up multiple times.

Make sure you also focus on your diet; eating plenty of protein and carbohydrates will help fuel your workouts and give you the energy you need to complete 50 pullups.

Alternatively, you can break it down into sets and reps. For example, if you can do 5 pullups, that’s only 10% of your goal. So if you complete 5 sets of 10 reps each day; you hit your goal at the end of the day.

Breaking up your goal into smaller goals makes it more achievable – and that’s why 50 pullups a day isn’t a lot!


It’s not as hard as you may think to do 50 pull ups in a row. Even better, there are ways to make it a bit easier. First, you should be aware of why it is hard performing 50 pull ups a day.

Your muscles work in pairs – one muscle contracts (the agonist) and the other relaxes (the antagonist).

When you do a pull up, your biceps are the agonist and your triceps are the antagonist. So, if you want to do more pull ups, you need to make your triceps stronger. Lift weights – It helps increase the strength of all your muscles, including your triceps.

Therefore, when done correctly, it becomes easier doing 50 pull ups a day in a row. Here’s the whole truth on how to do it with a lot of ease.

First, make sure your form is correct. Many people make the mistake of bending their arms too much during a pull up.

This reduces the range of motion and makes the exercise much harder than it needs to be. So, keep your back straight and your abdominal muscles pulled in so that your full range of motion kicks in.

In addition, use proper weightlifting technique. This means keeping your body tense throughout the exercise and pulling yourself up with your arm muscles, rather than relying on.


You can do pull ups every day. In fact, you can add 50 pull ups a day to your fitness routine and perform them every two to three times per week.

Pull-ups are a great exercise because they work a large number of muscles in your upper body, including your back, biceps, and shoulders.

They are relatively easy to learn and don’t require any special equipment (just find a sturdy bar or beam to hang from).

So yes, adding pull-ups to your routine is definitely a good idea! And be sure to vary the angle of pull-ups. For example, close grip vs wide grip – they target different muscle groups.

And remember that quality is more important than quantity when doing 50 pull ups a day. So, focus on good form and controlled reps, even if that means doing fewer pull ups.

Your body will benefit from the added strength and muscle mass you gain from doing regular pull ups. But it’s important not to overdo it. Like any other type of exercise, too much can lead to injury.

So mix up your routine with a variety of exercises, and make sure you are giving your body time to rest. It allows for proper recovery in between workouts.

Failing to give your body time to rest and recover after 50 pull ups a day brings adverse effects among them muscle soreness. Recovery also becomes hard because the body has no time to rest.

Moreover, you increase the risk of inflammation and muscle tears. Thus, it is advisable that you find a fine balance in your workout programme to avoid these negative issues.


If you did 50 pull-ups every day, you would see a number of benefits as follows:


When you get down to it, you add more strength in your back than most of your friends combined. This is because with each day of pull-ups, your back muscles work hard.


Pull-ups target the latissimus dorsi, or the lats. The back seems wider and the waist appears smaller when the latissimus dorsi muscles work.


Doing 50 pull-ups a day builds your muscular stamina. You work out longer before you get tired.


Your grip strength remains your anchor even if you are using an assisted pull-up machine. For the first week or so, your grip could be a little sore, but you notice a significant difference after that.

Additionally, you hold more weight for longer periods of time in whatever weight-based workout you choose.


During pull-ups, the biceps serve as a stabilizing muscle. You see a noticeable improvement in your arm strength and definition if you have 50 pull ups a day.

The 50 pull ups a day challenge is a great way to build muscular strength in your back.

It’s important to have strong back muscles, not just for looking good, but also for improving overall health and preventing injuries.

So if you are looking for a way to improve your back strength and muscular endurance, be sure to give the 50 pull ups a day challenge a try!