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10 Best Transverse Plane Exercises At Home

10 Best Transverse Plane Exercises At Home

Having a strong core is an asset. Having a strong core gives you better body balance and strength.

 It reduces back pain in some people. A strong core is essential because it determines how well you’ll do other exercises. 

Your core has many muscles, including the abs and obliques. Therefore, there are many muscles in your back and stomach area. 

 So, when you work out, you should target all these muscles at once. An excellent type of workout that targets these muscles is sit-ups. 

The most efficient types of workouts are those that target many muscles, like transverse plane exercises. They keep your muscles balanced and toned. 


10 Best Transverse Plane Exercises At Home

You don’t have to do exercises that are hard on your body all the time. A simple motion as sitting down or picking something up engages your transverse abdominal muscles. 

Simply put, transverse plane exercises involve simple motions that engage your abs and back area. 

If you want to work on your transverse abdominal muscles, below are moves that will prove helpful. Here are the top 10 workouts you can do at home to help strengthen your core and abs. 


Sit-ups are a common workout. Since sit-ups require you to put your legs up, you won’t use your hip flexors or leg muscles.

 Thus, you will be targeting the right group of muscles. A master instructor Le Sweat emphasizes the importance of doing butterfly sit-ups.

To do butterfly sit-ups, lie flat with your face up with your feet together. Bend your knees towards the sides, and reach for your arms overhead. 

Roll your body up till you sit upright and touch your toes. Lower yourself back into the starting position. Do 15 reps. 


Side bends activate your deep core muscles and the obliques. The advantage of these transverse plane exercises is that you also get to work on your arms and back muscles.

 You can do side bends at your home, in a hotel room, or anywhere else. 

To do a side bend, position yourself as if you’re doing a side plank. Your right hand should be beneath your right shoulder.

 Separate your feet so that the left one is in front of the right foot. Engage your core by letting your left arm relax by the left side. 

Dip the hips down and lift them back up. Now turn to the opposite side and repeat the same. Do at least 15 reps for each side. 


Doing planks takes a lot of strength in your abs, back, and core muscles.

 It is one of the best transverse plane exercises for core strengthening and conditioning. Generally, planks improve your balance and posture. 

It is a super simple workout that has so many benefits. To do a plank, rest both forearms on the floor. Ensure that your elbows are directly below your shoulders facing forward.

 At this point, your arms should be parallel. 

Extend both legs out and let your toes rest on the floor. 

Your body has to form a straight line from the shoulders to the heels. By squeezing your core, make your lower back straight and place your head and neck in a neutral position. Hold that position. 


These are basic Abs exercises that you should know and incorporate into your workout program. Russian twists will strengthen your core and give you more stability.

 According to an article in the Women’s Health Magazine, Russian twists will prove beneficial compared to other exercises. 

To do these twists, balance your glutes, bend your knees, and raise your feet off the ground. Lower your upper body a little and maintain the posture. 

Put your hands together. Rotate both your upper body and arms from one side to the other. Lift your feet off the floor and rotate as quickly as you can. 


Any lateral crawling exercise is a good way of improving reflex strength, coordination, and core strength.

 Resisted lateral crawling is part of transverse plane exercises that challenge your core and glutes. This type of crawling also improves and corrects your asymmetries. 

Watch this video to see how to do resisted lateral crawling. 


Rolling like a ball is a great move to get your core activated. It’s also a fun way of doing cardio workouts. This type of exercise is as simple as it sounds. You have to roll your body forward and backward. 

To make a move, sit up on the floor, bending your knees, and flatten your feet. Wrap your hands around the legs and hold the outer part of your ankles. 

Curl both your head and chest in towards the knees. Deeply scoop your core, and roll your body back until the shoulders reach the floor. 

Ensure your head and neck don’t touch the floor. Roll back again to a seated position. 


Leg raises are perfect for activating the lower abdominal area. They also fall into the transverse plane exercises category. 

Lower abs are difficult to work on, but leg lifts will sort you out. 

To do the exercise, lie down with your face up. Extend your legs and hands at your sides. You can also place your hands beneath your hips for support.

 Raise your legs off the floor slowly while keeping them together. Raise them until your soles face the ceiling. Now lower your legs back down but keep them a few inches off the floor. 


Plank tap is a good core exercise because it has more variety, and it’s more challenging than the standard plank. 

A famous Self columnist says that plank taps are a modified plank that comes with many benefits. This is a challenging exercise to perform, but it has a high impact on the core if done right. 

To start a plank tap, place your palms flat on the floor with your shoulders wide apart. Extend your legs behind you and engage your core.

 Tap your left hand to your right shoulder and ensure your hips are still. 

Repeat the same move with the right hand, tapping the left shoulder. Keep alternating sides. 


Body saw transverse plane exercises build both core stability and strength. They are performed against a wall.

To do a body saw, put your toes on towels and get into the plank position. Place your forearms on the floor, and position your elbows beneath the shoulders. 

Hands should be parallel while your legs are extended behind you. 

Tuck the tailbone and fully engage your core and quadriceps. Now slowly using your forearms and elbows, slide the towels back towards the wall. 

Try and move as far as you can. You can then slowly pull back with your arms and elbows to the starting position. 


The name might sound complicated, but the workout itself is easy. It’s a fun, challenging, and dynamic exercise. It fires up your midsection immediately. 

You start the exercise on all fours. Engage your core and position yourself in the plank position. Lift your knees about 3 inches off the floor. Tap your left hand to your right shoulder and vice versa. 

Use your core strength to keep your hips still. Do several repeats while alternating sides. 


Your core area is like the central area of your body. It includes more than your six-packs. 

All the muscles in your stomach area, your back, and obliques form the core. 

This is the area that transverse plane exercises target. By doing the exercises mentioned above in this article, you will be strengthening your core area.

They will also help you feel healthier and robust. A strong core will make you achieve your fitness goals within no time. 

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