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Everything You Need to Know About Total Restore Supplement

Gut health is essential to your overall health. Total Restore is your best product if you need further support for your gut health.

It is a dietary supplement whose function is to boost gut health. It does this by strengthening the mucosal membrane that lines your intestines.

This mucosal membrane stops toxins from getting into your bloodstream. Furthermore, it also stops harmful substances from causing infections.

However, this membrane can sometimes get compromised by letting in unwanted organisms instead of only the nutrients from your food.

When this happens, you may be at risk of getting your immune system compromised, which could get you ill.

This is where the total restore supplement comes in. It stabilizes the mucosal membrane, only letting in the required nutrients and no other harmful organisms.

Everything You Need to Know About Total Restore Supplement

What is Total Restore Supplement used for?

This supplement is used to:

1. Treat leaky gut

‘Leaky gut’ is an informal term used to describe intestinal permeability.

Intestinal permeability occurs when your digestive tract has gaps that allow harmful substances to pass into your bloodstream.

Such entry can cause undesirable reactions in your body, such as infections, allergies, and gut issues.

When your mucosal membrane is more stable, there is a lower risk of you experiencing a leaky gut.

According to Dr. Gundry, the man behind this supplement, it helps stabilize your intestinal walls to prevent the tiny gaps from occurring along them.

2. Promote the growth of good gut bacteria

There are two different types of bacteria in your gut: good and harmful.

While harmful bacteria can cause infections and other unwanted reactions in your body, the good ones create a favorable environment for the optimal functioning of your gut.

The manufacturer of this supplement claims that it can boost the growth of these bacteria, which can instead promote your overall gut health.

Its ingredients include vitamins and minerals that could help maintain a balance of these bacteria, as studies suggest.

What are The Ingredients in Total Restore?

Total Restore has plenty of ingredients that work together to help solve your digestive tract issues. The main ones include:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • L-glutamine
  • N-acetyl-D-glucosamine
  • Magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate
  • Grape seed extract
  • Licorice root and rhizomes powder
  • Cinnamon bark powder
  • Wormwood
  • Maitake mushroom extract
  • Organic berries ( cherry, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, and cranberry)
  • Cloves
  • Black pepper fruit extract
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Zinc L-carnosine
  • Marshmallow root powder
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Berberine
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicone dioxide

Each ingredient plays a different role in the formula to help it boost digestive functioning.

How Long does it Take for Total Restore to Work?

Most people report changes in their digestive systems within the first 2 to 3 weeks of using this supplement.

However, the average time it takes could vary from person to person. 2 to 3 weeks is by no means a fixed duration within which you should expect it to work.

When Should you Take Total Restore?

Dr. Gundry advises that you take this supplement only once daily, alongside any meal. In addition, you should take three capsules with water every day.

But if this does not work well for you, there’s no harm in taking one capsule with three meals separately.

Total Restore Customer Reviews on Amazon

Positive reviews

  • It relieves bloating.
  • It gets rid of heartburn.
  • Furthermore, it can help with weight loss.
  • It restores regular bowel movement.
  • It relieves constipation.
  • Additionally, it helps with joint mobility.
  • It boosts mental focus.
  • It boosts overall energy.
  • The product can improve your mood.
  • Finally, it can help you sleep better.

Negative reviews

  • It may cause abdominal discomfort.
  • The product can make you feel sluggish.
  • It can also cause jitters.
  • Additionally, it may lead to nausea.
  • It can cause indigestion.
  • Finally, it can take too long before it starts working.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Alternatives to Total Restore

1. Designs for Health GI Microb-X 

Total Restore alternative: Designs for Health GI Microb-X

This is a vegetarian, non-GMO product whose manufacturer markets it as a gut support aid that cleanses and detoxifies your gut.

Additionally, it promotes a healthy balance of bacteria within your digestive tract, creating a conducive environment for the optimum functioning of your gut.

Its ingredients are formulated to help solve most digestive issues and restore healthy intestinal functioning. A few of them are sweet wormwood, berberine sulfate, black walnut extract, golden thread, and bearberry extract.

In addition to having no GMO ingredients, it also has no gluten, soy, or dairy.

Order Designs for Health GI Microb-X on Amazon.

2. Gundry MD Metabolic Advanced Nutrient Blend 

Total Restore alternative: Gundry MD Metabolic Advanced Nutrient Blend

This dietary supplement contains 120 capsules with a blend of nutrients that work together to provide digestive support and metabolism management and improve your energy levels.

Its main ingredients include zinc, selenium, cinnamon bark, chromium, turmeric extract, berberine, and black pepper extract.

However, you should note that this product has a low Amazon rating, with more negative than positive reviews.

Order Gundry MD Metabolic Advanced Nutrient Blend on Amazon.

3. Designs for Health Tri-Butyrin Supreme

Designs for Health Tri-Butyrin Supreme

The manufacturer of this product refers to it as a ‘groundbreaking’ postbiotic butyrate supplement that provides gut and colon support.

It comes as 60 unflavoured soft gels whose main ingredient is tributyrin. Other minor ingredients are glycerin, bovine gelatin, purified water, and black cumin seed oil.

Tributyrin is a fusion of three butyrate molecules attached to glycerol. The butyrate in this product is designed to withstand harsh conditions in the upper digestive tract and the colon.

You may also be interested in knowing that this product does not contain GMOs, soy, gluten, or dairy. This alternative could be ideal for you if you are allergic to any of these common allergens.

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As shown above, many ingredients make up the Total Restore formula. However, all these ingredients bring something different to the table regarding the product’s potency.

However, a few of them may cause allergic reactions or sensitivities.

An example is N-acetyl-D-glucosamine which manufacturers usually source from shellfish and could affect you if you have shellfish allergies.

Another ingredient that could be problematic is licorice root, which is known for spiking blood pressure levels. If you are at risk of developing high blood pressure, you should probably be wary of it.

Overall, this product has a lot of positive reviews, which means it could work for you.

However, we cannot deny that there’s also a significant number of negative reviews from people who are unhappy with it.

Does this product work? How about you try it out and be the judge of that?

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