Easy Tips on How to Crack Your Lower Back like a Chiropractor

10 Easy Tips on How to Crack Your Lower Back like a Chiropractor

Would you like to crack your lower back without having to see a chiropractor? This article will explore how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor.

Research has shown that chiropractic care goes a long way in relieving lower back pain.

A recent study showed that those who used chiropractic treatments with conventional medical care had better pain relief results than those who only pursued traditional medical care.

Often people have back tension or joint inflammation, which causes a lot of pain in their bodies—much of the time, excessive sitting results in lower back problems.

As a result, you’re going to be restless. You should go for popping your lower back to get the right relief. Factors like accessing the chiropractic and cost should not scare you off. Prior booking and your insurance cover should sort those concerns.

Below are easy tips on how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor.


 Easy Tips on How to Crack Your Lower Back like a Chiropractor

Start your day with a stretch. Doing this regularly enables you to know how far your back can stretch and design appropriate exercises for you.

Please refrain from doing sit-ups as they will aggravate your lower back pain. Instead, try doing side planks which result in a stronger core.

To prevent any misalignment or pressure build up on your back, try stretching your hamstring.

Working for long hours on your laptop or when using your phone or TV should be avoided. This is because it makes your back muscles stiff, thereby causing pain and stress.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as interferes with the natural curvature of the spine. Instead, lie on your side or back.

Do not slouch when sitting. Also, don’t cross your legs when sitting for extended periods of time.

Go for a massage if the pain is unbearable and nothing gives you relief.

Do not crack your back if you had any back injury in the past or recover from it.

Avoid cracking your back if you have severe osteoporosis, high stroke risk, tingling in legs and hands, spinal cancer and an abnormal bone on the upper neck area.

Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.


When you “crack” your back, you adjust, mobilize, or manipulate your spine. Overall, it should be all right for you to do this on your own back.

In fact, these moves do not need the telltale cracking and pop-up sounds to be successful, but we know that they offer that momentary feeling of relief. Only try not to overdo or push anything.

Here are moves and stretches to teach you how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor.


Lie flat on your back with your right leg straightened and your left leg twisted. Extend your left arm to the side and away from your body, and tilt your head to the left.

As you keep the extended position, shift your lower body to the right. Imagine that at the same time you’re trying to hit the ground with your left shoulder and your left leg.

You don’t really need to do this—your left shoulder would most likely be lifted off the floor, and your knee will not hit the floor independently. If you don’t reach all the way down, you can put a pillow under your left shoulder.

Breathe deeply as you press your left knee with your right hand. Drag your left knee up to your chest or straighten your leg to deepen your stretch.

Repeat the other hand. You’re going to feel this stretch in your lower back.


Place a foam roller horizontally under your shoulders when lying on your back with bent knees. Interlace your fingers at the back of your head or stretch them to the side of your neck.

Using your heels as momentum to roll your body up and down over the foam roller and press it against your spine. You can roll up your neck and lower back all the way, or you can concentrate on your middle back.

You can arch your spine slightly if it’s convenient. Roll out 10 times in either direction.

You’re going to feel this massage and stretch it all over your back, and maybe you’re going to get a few changes.


Lie down on the floor with your left leg spread out in front of you and your right leg bent so that your knee is up. Cross your right leg over your left by planting your right foot out of your left knee.

Hold your spine straight for longer. Place your right hand on the ground behind your hips and place your left elbow outside your right leg, turning to look over your right shoulder.

Push the arm and knee together to deepen the stretch. The twist is expected to start at your lower back.

You’re going to feel this stretch all over your spine.


Extend your arms out in front of you while you’re standing. Turn your upper body slowly to the right, keeping your hips and legs facing forward.

Return to the centre and turn to the left. Continue this movement a couple of times, or until you hear your back crack or your back feel looser.

You can use the momentum of your arms to help guide your movement. You’re going to feel this stretch in your lower spine.


Sit in a chair and extend your right arm around your body to support the left side of your chair. Your right hand should be on the chair seat or the outside of your left knee.

Lift your left arm to loop it over the back of your chair. Carefully rotate your upper body to the left as much as you can, keeping your hips, knees, and legs facing forward.

Repeat these movements to the opposite side to turn to the right. Your spine should start at the base of your spine.

You’re going to feel this stretch in your lower and middle back.

Other exercises and stretches to teach you how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor include; cat stretch, knee to chest, bridge and the pelvic flex.


The cost of chiropractor services may vary depending on whether you are going there for the first time or follow-up and care, but the average reported is about $75 per visit.

Chiropractor rates for the initial appointment will be between $55 and $200 depending on the chiropractor of choice, venue, etc. if you do not have insurance coverage or if your insurance does not cover alternative medicines.

This is typically the most costly of all appointments that you will have with a chiropractor. This is when medical evaluations are usually carried out to design a treatment plan.

So it may be expensive for some who may not be covered by insurance to access their services, hence the importance of learning how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor at home or by yourself.


Depending on the type of back pain you have, it may be good to crack or pop your back on your own.

For example, sometimes cracking your back will help ease the stress in your lower and middle backs if you learn how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor properly.

This may also provide some relief from moderate low back pain. As the Journal of the American Medical Association has pointed out, spinal manipulation has a short-term advantage of alleviating back pain.

However, if you have chronic back pain, you should still have a doctor examine the cause of your pain before using self-manipulation techniques on your spine.


It’s important to listen to your body and really learn how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor before you crack your back. Be gentle and refrain from pushing your body to shift or go into these positions.

These stretches aren’t expected to cause you discomfort, pain, or numbness. Experiment to find out which stretches work best for you since it is likely that not all of these stretches will suit your needs. Also, have a look at how to loosen tight lower back muscles.

If you have extreme discomfort or if the symptoms intensify, quit the practice and see a physical therapist, chiropractor, or an osteopath.

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