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Everything You Need to Know About Teami Greens Superfood

Do you need to supplement your veggie intake? Then, Teami Greens superfood may be the best product for you.

Teami Greens is called a superfood because it contains 16 (yes, sixteen!) nutrient-packed green foods in powder form.

It provides a simple way of taking greens, vegetables, fruits, and legumes rich in essential nutrients without the hassle of including them in your meal plan.

Some foods are spinach powder, broccoli powder, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorophyll, and kale powder.

Teami Gree Superfood

How do you take Teami Greens?

Taking this supplement is relatively easy. This is because it is highly versatile.

You can add it to smoothies, protein shakes, or even plain water if you prefer to do it that way. This is ideal if you are accustomed to the taste of greens.

You only need to mix one scoop of it with a drink of your choice, and that’s it.

But even if you do not prefer to have it with a liquid, you can add it to your salads, omelet, or whatever other meal you’d love to put it in.

Remember that this product, like every other multivitamin, requires you to take it daily.

Teami Greens benefits

1. Easier nutrient consumption

This superfood provides an easier way to supplement your vitamin and mineral consumption without stressing.

These nutrients include vitamins like vitamin A, which promotes eye health. Vitamin K helps your blood clot, and calcium boosts bone health.

2. Supplements your fiber

A study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine shows only about 5% of the American population meets its daily fiber intake target.

Green superfoods are one of the easiest ways to increase this intake. Aside from the vitamins and minerals, these supplements also contain fiber, which helps the digestive process.

3. Supports skin health

In addition to your digestive system benefiting from this superfood, your skin does too.

Nutrients like chlorophyll-dense spirulina play a significant role in maintaining and promoting skin health. Similarly, spinach contains vitamins A, C, and E, which help keep your skin healthy.

3. Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is vital in helping the body recover from injuries and invasions by external organisms.

However, if it is prolonged, it can cause problems in the body. Thankfully, fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can help calm it down.

This is another good reason to add this product to your daily supplement regimen.

4. Boosts metabolism

Green foods like spirulina and matcha have long been considered powerhouses for producing energy by promoting thermogenesis, which boosts metabolism.

A study in the Open Heart Journal revealed that spirulina helps improve body composition by promoting fat metabolism, which can help with weight loss.

5. It can help you age better

Leafy superfoods and vegetables like matcha contain antioxidants, anthocyanins, and carotenoids that fight free radicals in your body.

Free radicals are responsible for damaging cells and speeding up aging.

Taking nutrient-dense supplements like Teami Greens can make it significantly harder for free radicals to cause havoc in your body.

6. Keeps your blood pressure normal

Your blood pressure should neither be too high nor too low.

Therefore, keeping it in check is vital to staying healthy.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get too consumed with our daily lives to pay attention to vital parts of our health, such as our blood pressure. This is where superfoods like Teami Greens come in.

It supplements the nutrients you find in fruits and vegetables, which are responsible for promoting cardiovascular functions like blood pressure.

7. It’s free from allergens

Teami Greens does not have the most common allergens, including GMOs, dairy, soy, nut, and sugar. This makes it ideal if you are doing keto or are allergic to them.

Does Teami Greens have caffeine?

Yes, it does.

One of its ingredients, matcha, has plant-based caffeine, giving you clean energy without jitters or crashing afterward.

Customer reviews of Teami Greens

It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Here are a few reviews by customers on Amazon:


  • It’s not gritty or sandy.
  • It doesn’t contain non-digestible greens.
  • In addition, it gets rid of bloat.
  • It leaves you fuller for longer.
  • It mixes well.
  • The powder pairs well with protein shakes.
  • It gives you a boost of energy.
  • The powder is not too thick.
  • It also mixes with both hot and cold water.
  • It makes you sleep better.
  • Finally, it does not have an aftertaste.


  • The flavor isn’t nice.
  • It can cause constipation.
  • In addition, it gets too foamy when put in a shaker bottle.
  • It can also give you a stomach ache.
  • Furthermore, it can cause heart palpitations.
  • It is kinda chalky.
  • Finally, it does not smell nice.

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Teami Greens Alternatives

1. Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood

Teami Greens superfood alternative: Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood

This superfood contains whole greens with probiotics, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes, which help maintain your overall gut health and boost your immunity.

It comes in mango, citrus, coconut, and berry flavors.

This product also contains very little sugar – less than 1 g. Hence, it is ideal for people who are watching their sugar levels.

Order Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood on Amazon.

2. Super Greens Powder Premium Superfood

Teami Greens superfood alternative: Super Greens Powder Premium Superfood

This superfood has over 20 organic whole foods with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants. These nutrients hydrate and vitalize your body, giving you clean energy without jitters.

It also cleanses and detoxifies your body to help give you an immunity boost.

Additionally, its manufacturer claims that it has no added sugars, which makes it ideal if you don’t take artificial sugars.

Order NutraChamps Super Greens on Amazon.

3. Nested Naturals Super Greens

Nested Naturals Powder Super Greens

This is a non-GMO vegan superfood powder with over 20 whole foods. These whole foods have nutrients that boost your energy, strengthen your immunity and support your digestive health.

It is interesting to note that this company also has a cashback guarantee if you do not like its products. So if you buy it and realize it’s not working for you, you can ask for a refund.

Note, however, that these are not the only alternatives to Teami Greens. In fact, this link can redirect you to additional alternatives.

Order Nested Naturals Super Greens on Amazon.


According to its manufacturer’s claims, Teami Greens can help supplement your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

This could be very helpful, especially if you have trouble meeting your daily nutrient needs.

But like every other dietary supplement, the FDA does not evaluate this product.  So, you should consult a professional before starting to avoid unprecedented complications.

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