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The Best 10-Minute Standing HIIT Abs Workout for Beginners

Do you hate floor exercises? If so, you need to take advantage of this standing HIIT abs workout. This workout combines abs and full-body exercises, allowing you to tone your body fast.

Unlike most standing workouts, this one doesn’t have the obvious exercises such as jumping jacks and butt kicks. It has unique exercises you’ve probably never done before.

Luckily, the exercises are not very complex. You can master them after a few reps.

I may also note that this workout will improve your balance. For instance, the first exercise in the routine will give you a full-body workout while improving your balance.

Watch the demonstrations below the video to learn proper form for each exercise.

Standing HIIT Abs for Beginners

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Below are the exercises in the 10-minute standing HIIT abs workout and how to perform them.

High Kick Torso Twists – 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Step Back Overhead Reach – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Switch Jump Twists – 40 Seconds

Wall Push-Ups to High Knees – 40 Seconds

Squat to Side Punch – 40 Seconds

Rest 30 Seconds

Torso Rotation to Knee Tuck – 40 Seconds (Each Side)

Side Leg Raise Crunch – 40 Seconds

Rest 30 Seconds

Power Knees – 40 Seconds (Each Side)

Alternating Standing Oblique Crunches – 40 Seconds

High Kick Torso Twists

High kick torso twists are excellent to activating your oblique muscles. Kicking your foot high also helps loosen your hamstrings.

Perform the exercise next to a wall if you keep losing balance. Tighten your abs muscles while doing this exercise.

How to Do High Kick Torso Twists

Step Back Overhead Reach

This simple exercise will give your oblique muscles a good stretch. It will also activate your leg muscles.

Bend your torso as much as possible when you raise your hand over your head.

How to Do Step Back Overhead Reach

Switch Jump Twists

Most jump exercises are quite challenging for beginners but this one is very doable because it doesn’t have a high impact on your knees.

Switch jump twists activate your leg, ab, and oblique muscles. Keep your abs tight and move as fast as possible.

How to Do Switch Jump Twists

Wall Push-Ups to High Knees

Many of us know that wall push-ups are the best beginner variation for push-ups. But did you know you can make them extremely rewarding by doing knee tucks after each rep?

Stand two steps away from the wall then bend your elbows until your face almost touches the wall and then extend your arms until they’re straight. Raise one knee as high as possible and quickly lower it and raise the opposite knee before doing another push-up.

How to Do Wall Push-Ups to High Knees

Squat to Side Punch

Squats are undoubtedly one of the best full-body exercises. Well, you can make them more rewarding by throwing a side-punch every time you rise.

Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor and rise as you throw a punch to the right side with your left arm. In the next rep, punch to the left side with the right arm.

How to Do Squat to Side Punch

Torso Rotation to Knee Tuck

This unique movement will work your arms, abs, oblique, and leg muscles. Keep your arms firm and slightly bent. Also, raise your knees as high as possible on each rep.

How to Do Torso Rotation to Knee Tuck

Side Leg Raise Crunch

Side leg raise crunch is an amazing exercise for activating your oblique muscles. It also targets your butt muscles.

To perform this exercise, place your hands behind your head and then tighten your oblique muscles. Lift the left leg sideways as you simultaneously bend your torso to the left.

In the next rep, lift the right leg and bend your torso to the right. Alternate the movement after each rep.

How to Do Side Leg Raise Crunch

Power Knees

You’ve probably seen me to this extraordinary exercise before. I love it because it activates all muscle groups and raises heart rate rapidly.

Perform this exercise as fast as possible. Avoid raising the knee too high if you keep losing balance.

How to do Power Knees

Alternating Standing Oblique Crunches

This excellent exercise will build your oblique muscles and strengthen your core. Make sure you lift your knee sideways instead of forward.

How to do Standing Side Crunches

As you can see, it’s totally possible to tone your abs in 10 minutes while standing. And if you want to transform your body with short workouts, follow the fat blaster sequence.

Men and women who use this effortless sequence start to notice a difference in the mirror in as little as two weeks.

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