10 Little-Known Side Effects Of Applying Egg On Hair

Hair is important to your appearance because it shows how much you care for yourself. Eggs are an easy option, but there are side effects of applying egg on hair.

Having shiny and voluminous hair gives you confidence and helps you maintain a pleasant appearance, thus enhancing your beauty.

Vibrant, healthy hair is also critical for your physical and mental well-being as it promotes a more fulfilling life.

To achieve healthy hair most people include supplements in their diet, while others apply nutrients directly to their hair to achieve these results.

Some of these vitamins and nutrients people use include; essential oils, topical ointments, and keratin supplements.

Others prefer making homemade hair masks using products like yogurt, lemon, honey, coconut oil, onions, and eggs.

This brings us to our topic today about the side effects of applying egg on hair.

Let us dig deeper into egg hair masks, their benefits, and the potential side effects of applying egg on hair.

Why Apply Eggs On Your Hair

An egg, when cracked open, has two distinct parts. The yolk contains all the fat and the egg white which contains proteins.

Egg white contains a lot of amino acids in them.

The protein in the egg is very important in building, maintaining, and replacing tissues, which is why people use it for hair.

Egg yolks can infuse the scalp with vitamins. It contains biotin, folate, and vitamins A and D. Applying eggs to hair can help improve the volume and growth of the hair.

How To Apply Egg On Hair

Beat 2-3 eggs into a bowl and mix it until it is frothy, then use your hands to scoop the mixture and work it into your hair to avoid spillage. Lastly, cover your hair with a shower cap.

When mixing you can add your hair essential oils.

Add 2-3 drops of lemon juice to reduce the egg odor.

Mixing egg yolk with olive oil can also make a hair mask. It works as a deep, moisturizing treatment. Apply the mixture with your fingers from the roots to the ends. Let it sit for an hour und,er a cap then wash thoroughly.

Wash with cold water. If you use hot or warm water, it could cook the egg mixture in your hair.

How Applying Egg On Hair Works

The egg yolk infuses the roots of your hair with vitamins making the new hair grow stronger and less prone to falling off and breakage.

Your hair becomes fuller and grows faster.

Furthermore, eggs are an affordable way to improve the appearance of your hair.

Components That Make Eggs Essential For Your Hair

The egg yolk is made up of the following nutrients;

  1. Biotin

It stimulates keratin production in the hair and also grows brittle nails.

Research conducted on biotin and hair and nail growth shows there was a massive improvement in the hair and nails in all the cases.

  1. Folate

It is responsible for healthy cell growth of the hair.

  1. Vitamin A

It helps the skin produce an oil called sebum for moisturizing your scalp.

  1. Vitamin D

It stimulates hair follicles to grow. Studies conducted show deficiency of vitamin D causes hair loss.

  1. Vitamin E

It is a natural antioxidant.

  1. Iron

It boosts blood circulation and carries oxygen to the hair roots, hence growth.

A study on the relationship between iron and hair loss showed that its deficiency increases the chances of hair loss.

Benefits Of Applying Egg On Hair

Applying egg on your hair has the following benefits;

  1. It repairs damaged hair.
  2. It prevents hair loss.
  3. Further, it cleanses the scalp of excess oils.
  4. It strengthens your hair.
  5. It also promotes growth.
  6. Finally, it fights off dandruff.

Side Effects Of Applying Egg On Hair

Some side effects of applying egg on hair include the following;

  1. It is Greasy

The yolk is made of fats, so overdoing the egg mask might make your hair greasy over time.

If you leave your egg mask on for more than 30 seconds it will most likely start to gather undesirable particles like dust making your hair dirty hence a greasy appearance.

  1. Infections

Another one of the side effects of applying egg on hair is infections such as Salmonella could occur.

Salmonella is a bacteria from birds that can be transmitted through raw eggs.

Applying egg to your hair might get to the mouth and cause a bacterial infection.

In a study conducted in the US, 77% of 35 cases showed that the disease was transmitted through raw eggs.

  1. Allergic reactions

It could lead to skin irritations on the scalp if you are allergic to eggs.

These skin irritations can eventually lead to redness and bald patches.

People allergic to eggs should avoid this mask at all costs or consult a doctor before using it.

Research shows that the protein in the egg white might cause allergies in some individuals.

  1. Dry Scalp

Excessive use of the necessary nutrients for hair could lead to a dry scalp.

The egg white has drying effects too that could lead to dryness of your scalp eventually.

The yolk of the egg carries the most nutrient-dense part of the egg, and an overabundance of those nutrients could lead to dryness.

  1. Itchy Scalp

When the scalp does not contain enough moisture, it becomes itchy.

The egg white has drying effects that could lead to an itchy scalp.

  1. Hair breakage

This happens when you wash off your egg mask with high-temperature water.

The egg cooks up and sticks to the hair making it hard to come off.

This will break your hair while comping or stretching it.

  1. Nausea

The egg naturally has an unpleasant smell.

When applying it and letting it sit in your hair for some time, you could get nauseated from the odor.

  1. It hardens your hair

Another of the side effects of applying egg on hair is brittleness when you leave the egg mask on for too long. The egg sticks to your hair, making it harder and more painful to untangle.

  1. Stinky smell

The smell of raw eggs is very nauseating, and leaving it on your hair for longer is even worse.

If you do not wash it off well, your hair smells awful.

It is advisable to wash it several rounds with good-smelling shampoo.

  1. It is Messy

The final side effect of applying egg on hair as the egg yolk is very runny. The slippery nature of the egg white does not prevent it from running all over your face.

Having smelly eggs on your face or clothes is generally an unpleasant experience.


Some of the positive reviews include;

  1. It gives your hair beautiful curls.
  2. It gives your hair volume.
  3. Also, it strengthens your hair.
  4. It moisturizes your hair.

Some of its negative reviews include;

  1. It is messy to apply.
  2. It leaves you nauseated.
  3. Also, it gives you an itchy scalp.
  4. It may lead to hair breakage if left in your hair for a long.


Applying egg on your hair has been reviewed by many users to be advantageous because of its numerous nutrients and vitamins.

It strengthens your hair, gives it volume, and moisturizes your hair and scalp preventing breakage.

However, people allergic to eggs should avoid using them as other options, such as essential oils and topical ointments, should give your hair the same nutrients as the egg mask.

More research is needed to confirm how effective egg treatments make hair healthier. They may also be ineffective for treating breakage, hair loss, and dry scalp.

Now that you know about the side effects of applying egg on hair, you can decide if it’s a treatment you want to try.

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