10 Frightening Sermorelin Long-Term Side Effects

We may not talk about them as often as we should, but everyone should be aware of the sermorelin long-term side effects.

Before we begin the side effects conversation, let’s talk a bit about the drug for the benefit of whoever may not be familiar with it.

Sermorelin is a synthetic form of the Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH), mainly prescribed to stimulate growth in children.

How does Sermorelin work?

Your body naturally produces the human growth hormone (HGH) in a tiny part of your brain known as the pituitary gland.

The HGH is responsible for growth during childhood and adolescence, but it also helps maintain your organs and tissues throughout your adult life.

However, HGH does not work in isolation. It works together with GHRH, which controls its release into the bloodstream.

Therefore, low levels of GHRH in your bloodstream could indicate inadequate availability of HGH in your body. This puts you at risk of developing health problems and, in children, stunted growth.

In such a case, your doctor may recommend sermorelin injections to help boost the amount of HGH in your bloodstream.

We will discuss the sermorelin long-term effects later in this article, but let us look at its benefits first.

What are the benefits of taking sermorelin?

Before we talk about the sermorelin long-term side effects, it would be nice to first talk about what it is good for.

It can increase muscle size and strength

The pituitary gland secretes HGH and promotes collagen formation in skeletal muscles and tendons.

Collagen is a vital protein type that forms part of the muscle tissue.

It comprises essential amino acids known as arginine, glycine, and proline.

These amino acids work together to help you exercise better and can also help increase your muscle strength.

It may improve the bone mineral density

HGH promotes the mineralization of bones and the retention of calcium.

This increases the density of bones as they repair themselves.

Higher availability of HGH in the bloodstream also means a lower likelihood of developing osteoporosis.

It can help you lose weight

The HGH causes the liver to secrete a hormone called the IGF-1, whose metabolic effects are well-known.

It stimulates the breakdown of fats stored as triglycerides into energy.

This helps you develop lean muscle mass, which can work well for you if you want to lose weight.

It improves cognitive health

Improvement of cognitive health is a commonly reported effect among the users of sermorelin.

Most of them claim that it improves their mental capacity and enables them to solve math problems and puzzles more easily.

It raises energy levels

Low HGH levels can contribute to stress, low energy, and difficulty sleeping.

As sermorelin replaces the diminishing hormones in your body, it can break down fat faster.

The fat is then turned into energy, which could improve your mood and general mental well-being.

How long does sermorelin take to work?

Sermorelin may be a fairly effective drug, but unfortunately, it does not work overnight.

While you may notice a few significant changes in your body within the first month, the full benefits come after about 6 months of use.

Now that you know a bit about this drug, how it works, and its benefits, let’s get into the flip side of it – sermorelin long-term side effects.

Sermorelin long-term side effects

#1. It causes insulin resistance

The increased HGH in your bloodstream may stimulate the breakdown of lipids (lipolysis) by activating the enzyme lipase.

This primarily happens in the visceral adipose tissue.

The process of lipolysis results in an increase of free fatty acids (FFA) from the adipose tissue into circulation.

According to previous studies, increased FFA in the bloodstream can cause insulin resistance by inhibiting the insulin receptor substrate -1 (IRS-1).

#2. It may diminish your exercise capacity

Most athletes hold the misguided belief that hGH can improve athletic performance since it increases muscle mass.

This explains why many of them use it for doping, which has led to its banning by most professional sports associations and leagues.

However, research reveals that it may actually worsen the exercise capacity of an individual.

It is likely to cause more fatigue, tissue edema, and reduced exercise stamina.

#3. It can cause acromegaly

Acromegaly is one of the most serious sermorelin long-term side effects.

It is a rare condition where the pituitary gland produces too much hCG, usually due to a non-cancerous tumor on it.

It is most common in middle-aged adults.

Acromegaly is characterized by the overgrowth of specific tissues, which results in the enlargement of limbs and the coarsening of certain facial features.

#4. It may cause scoliosis

This condition is where a person’s spine is curved to the side.

It mainly occurs during a child’s growth spurt, just before they enter the puberty period.

Typical signs of this condition include a curved spine, one shoulder visibly higher than the other, and a prominent difference in leg lengths.

There is limited research pointing to the possibility that the use of hCG to speed up linear growth in children increases the risk of developing scoliosis.

#5. It can cause goiter

An enlarged thyroid gland characterizes goiter.

It usually develops as a result of inflammation of the thyroid gland or deficiency of iodine.

The overproduction of HGH increases the likelihood of developing goiter.

#6. It is linked to carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition occurs when swelling in the wrist causes a lot of pressure on the median nerve.

It can happen due to repetitive motion, trauma, or in some cases, excess CG in the blood.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may cause you to feel numbness, weakness, or a tingling sensation in the affected wrist.

#7. It can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes

Also known as adult-onset diabetes, this condition results from insulin resistance or the underproduction of insulin in the body.

The HGH may cause insulin resistance, exposing you to type 2 diabetes.

#8. It may cause tumors to form on the pituitary gland

The overabundance of HGH in your blood may trigger the development of tumors elsewhere in your body aside from the pituitary gland.

Such parts may include your lungs and pancreas.

Sometimes, these tumors may secrete HGH or the GHRH, which further signals your pituitary gland to secrete more HGH.

#9. It can cause sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common condition that makes you stop repeatedly breathing throughout your sleep.

It is one of the common sermorelin long-term effects that you should be aware of before you start using it.

#10. It puts you at risk of developing heart problems

Sermorelin puts you at significant risk of heart problems such as the enlargement of the heart.

This potentially fatal condition occurs when your heart muscle works so hard that it thickens and becomes larger than normal.


While this drug certainly does have plenty of benefits associated with it, you should also have in mind some of the most serious sermorelin long-term side effects.

People who are allergic to sermorelin should avoid it. Furthermore, women looking to become pregnant or who are pregnant should also avoid it.

If you have hyperthyroidism, you should also stay away from it.

This article discusses them in detail. All you have to do is keep them in mind when considering whether or not you should use or administer the drug.

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