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9-Minute Punching Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat Fast

You don’t have to get into a boxing ring or use a punching bag to train like a boxer. Simply throwing punches in your living room can take your fitness to the next level.

Punching is a high-intensity exercise that tones muscles and burns fat. A punch activates your shoulder, abs, and oblique muscles. Some punch variations offer a full-body workout.

Perform this workout with intensity to burn the most calories. You may even hold light dumbbells in each hand to tone your arms more.

Stay active during the rest period to keep your heart rate elevated. You can even do this workout twice a day to get the most out of it.

Watch the demonstrations below the video to learn how to perform the punch variations properly.

9-Minute Punching Cardio Workout  

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Side-to-Side Punches

Throwing punches side to side will activate your shoulders, abs, and oblique muscles. Slightly bend one knee as you punch to avoid straining the knee joint.

Keep your ab muscles tight throughout and the torso upright. Also, keep your shoulders firm as you punch to avoid straining your shoulder joint.

How to do Side to Side Punches

Cross Body Punch to Knee Tuck

This unique exercise offers a full-body workout because it also engages your leg muscles. It’s also excellent for improving coordination.

Go through the movement as fast as possible and keep your abs tight throughout. Raise the knee high when doing the knee tuck.

How to do Cross body Punch to Knee Tuck 


Uppercut punches mainly target your oblique muscles and lats. Keep your elbow bent and the arms firm as you punch.

Maintain a full range of motion by keeping your arm beside your ribcage and then punch upward until the fist is over your face. Keep the abs tight throughout.

How to do Uppercuts

Overhead Side Punches

This is one of the few punch variations that activate the trapezius muscles. Simply punch upward to the opposite side and keep alternating.

Slightly bend your torso and tighten the oblique muscles as you punch. Holding dumbbells while doing this exercise can greatly activate your shoulder and oblique muscles.

How to do Overhead Side Punches

Squat Hold Punches

The squat hold is an amazing isometric exercise for toning your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Combined with punches, it can offer a full-body workout and allow you to burn lots of calories.

Keep your back straight and punch as fast as possible. Keeping your thighs parallel to the floor is the ideal squatting position. But if that’s too challenging hold a half-squat.

How to do Squat Hold Side Punches

Lunge Punches

If you thought lunges are rewarding, wait until you try this variation. Simply punch as you lunge forward and then punch with the opposite arm in the next rep.

Be keen to maintain proper form while lunging. First, keep your torso upright. Secondly, make a wide stride to allow the front knee to bend at 90 degrees when in the lunge position.

How to Do Lunge Punches

Speed Bag Punches

This exercise is extremely rewarding even though it doesn’t have much movement.

Simply circle your hands around each other, over your head as fast as possible. Keep your abs tight.

How to do Speed Bag Punches gif

Sitting Punches

This amazing exercise will build your abs and strengthen your core. To perform it, sit on the floor and keep your knees bent. Lean back and keep your back straight. Now, throw fast punches from that position.

The more you lean back, the more you’ll engage your ab muscles.

How to do Sitting Punches

Punching workouts burn lots of calories and add variety to workouts. That’s why they’re part of the fat blaster sequence, the home workout routine that allows you to burn fat and build muscle while exercising for less than 15 minutes.

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Here’s a message I recently got from a client who’s using this sequence.

I really like the daily workouts! I do them 6 days a week – I usually take off on Sunday. I have almost reached my goal of 10 lbs weight loss. I need 2 lbs to go.

My endurance is must better and I have lost inches around my waistline and thighs! I like the variety of workouts and I feel like I’m getting a whole-body workout.

At age 68 I am able to keep up with almost all of the workouts. The only one I have to modify is the burpee. I will break them up and finish all the reps by the end of the workout. And I have to modify the push-ups. My arms are getting stronger, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do more of them.

Overall, I’m so glad I started this system. It works! Thank you! 

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