10 Shocking Olly Lovin’ Libido Side Effects You Should Know

Olly Lovin’ Libido is a botanical supplement that boosts desire, libido, and satisfaction for women. This article looks at the Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects you should know.

Moreover, the capsules contain all-natural ingredients that are gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and designed to help women reach their full sexual potential.

But what else should you know about the supplement?

How does Olly Lovin’ Libido Work?

It uses natural products to provide solutions to low libido in women.

Low libido in women is caused by the following:

  • Pain during sex
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Illness
  • Medication such as antidepressants
  • Poor habits such as smoking
  • Breast and genital surgery
  • Fatigue
  • Aging
  • Hormonal imbalance

Olly Lovin’ Libido’s manufacturers chose ingredients specially formulated to revive arousal lost due to stress or hormonal imbalance.

Benefits of Olly Lovin’ Libido

There is always an upside to all-natural supplements that transcend just the health benefits. Olly Lovin’ Libido takes an interesting approach to tackle low libido levels as it deals with physical and mental inhibitors.

It also allows for accountability regarding what is promised is delivered. Below are some of the benefits of taking the Olly Lovin’ Libidosupplement:

1. Facilitates stress reduction

Olly Lovin’ Libido contains significant amounts of ashwagandha. Ashwagandha contains anti-stress agents that insulate the body against being overpowered by cortisol levels which cause stress.

As a result, on top of increasing libido levels, it also reduces your stress levels.

2. Improves libido levels

Two significant ingredients in Olly Lovin’ Libido(maca & damiana) are aphrodisiacs.

Therefore, when incorporated into the supplement, they stimulate the areas of the brain that trigger arousal, consequently improving libido levels

3. Increases chances of sexual satisfaction

Olly Lovin’ Libido has gotten numerous reviews. Some reviews mention an increase in sexual pleasure after taking the supplement.

Whilst this may be a placebo effect, it has been credited with making intercourse more jovial, therefore, improving your chances of getting sexual satisfaction

4. Uses all-natural components

There are a host of reasons why natural ingredients are the best option for you when compared to their artificial counterparts.

However, the most important advantage has to be the insulation from side effects. Natural ingredients are less likely to hurt the body.

Furthermore, they can be taken for extended amounts of time and elevate your wellness levels exponentially.

Disadvantages of Olly Lovin’ Libido

1. It isn’t FDA-Approved

Considering Olly Lovin’ Libido is an all-natural supplement, it doesn’t have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) body to be on the market.

As a result, Olly Lovin’ doesn’t have any standardization. For this reason, there is a limit to the extent of knowledge available about how it affects humans.

This is because its testing is based on animals rather than people.

2. Has Some Side Effects

Despite being an all-natural supplement, there are some reported Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects.

3. Contains Allergens

Allergens refer to antigens that instigate an allergic reaction. One of the major allergens found in Olly Lovin’ Libido is milk.

Milk causes an allergic reaction in lactose-intolerant people, which often prompts diarrhea as an allergic reaction.

Olly Lovin’ Libido Ingredients

The ingredients in the supplement can be what leads to side effects.

They include:

1. Damiana

Damiana is primarily an aphrodisiac. It grows as a flower in North America and contains compounds known to increase sex drive both in men and women.

Furthermore, damiana has been accused of being responsible for Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects, such as convulsions if taken in excess. It is therefore recommended to keep the damiana dosage under 200 grams.

2. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been used as a mental health supplement.

It is a shrub that originates from Asia. In addition, it is found across regions in Africa.

Traditionally, it was used to combat stress as it has stress-reducing properties. Over time though, it is now also used to stimulate more production of androgen levels.

Androgen refers to a female sex hormone with a direct effect on sexual drive. Therefore, it affects libido levels.

3. Maca

Maca has potent aphrodisiac properties.

Much like damiana, maca contains compounds that stimulate the brain to produce hormones that increase the desire for sex.

Maca is predominantly found in South America and is edible. 

However, it is important to note it is a largely untested component. Most conclusions drawn from maca use are obtained from testing on animals, not humans.

Olly Lovin’ Libido also includes several ingredients that enable faster absorption and stabilize the capsules:

  • Hypromellose: This is a wood pulp extract used to make vegan-friendly capsules.
  • Microcrystalline cellulose: This is a binder.
  • Magnesium Stearate: It is a flow agent. It prevents capsules from sticking together.
  • Silicon Dioxide: It’s an anti-caking agent.

Olly Lovin’ Libido Side Effects

1. Nausea

Many people have reported nausea in and around the period when they take the supplement. Understandably, this is one of the most off-putting Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects. 

Usually, it happens when the body responds to overdosing on a substance. Studies show that it’s a coping mechanism meant to prevent over-toxicity in the body.

Therefore, such cases of nausea could point to a dosage issue. This is so especially considering there are no clear guidelines on how much of the supplement to take.

2. Coughing

 There have been cases of coughing reported alongside vomiting.

This could be because of the size of the capsules.

Ashwagandha can also lead to severe vomiting.

3. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects.

Ashwagandha is also linked to diarrhea.

4. Insomnia

Taking excessive amounts of damiana can lead to insomnia. It causes reactions similar to stimulants which can keep you up at night when taken in high doses.

5. Cramps

Many users of this supplement have complained of stomach cramps.

Furthermore, other possible stomach upsets such as pain and discomfort are frequent Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects.

6. Bloating

Another one of the frequent Olly Lovin’ Libido side effects is bloating. This is when there is too much gas in your gut.

Studies show that ashwagandha can lead to bloating.

In addition, the breakdown of capsules can slow down bowel motility.

7. Indigestion

As mentioned above, capsules can also lead to indigestion.

Furthermore, ashwagandha can also cause indigestion when taken in large doses.

8. Facilitates Mood Swings

Ashwagandha can reduce stress-related anxiety. In some instances, it can also reduce symptoms of depression.

However, it can also make your mood fluctuate.

9. Convulsions

There have been reports of damiana causing convulsions when taken in excess.

Furthermore, it can cause headaches.

10. Drowsiness

Some customers have reported feeling drowsy after taking this supplement.

However, there is no clinical evidence for what causes this.

Customer Reviews of Olly Lovin’ Libido

Below are some reviews by people who have used the supplement:

The positive reviews state:

  • It improves sexual desire after having a low sex drive for 8 years.
  • It lowers stress.
  • In addition, it shows results after two weeks of consistent use.

The negative reviews state:

  • It can cause vomiting and coughing.
  • It can also be ineffective even after one month of use.
  • Furthermore, it’s unfriendly to people with lactose intolerance.


The science behind the Olly Lovin’ Libido supplements is solid and lays a good foundation for effectiveness. However, in the pursuit to achieve lesser side effects, there are still questions on the matter of dosage.

It is also not recommended for anyone with thyroid problems.

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