Ab workout for entire core

No-Equipment Ab Workout for Entire Core

You don’t need any equipment to build ab muscles and strengthen your core. In fact, today’s workout will allow you to activate your ab muscles in just a few minutes.

This is the perfect ab workout for the entire core. Frankly, it targets the entire body, focusing on the rectus abdominis, oblique muscles, and the glutes.

There’s no excuse for not doing this workout since it only takes 13 minutes to complete.

Now, let’s build your ab muscles with this 13-minute home ab workout.

Ab Workout for Entire Core

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Here are the exercises in the routine:

Reverse Crunches – 60 seconds

Crunches with sliding arms – 60 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Bicycle crunches – 60 seconds

Frog crunches – 60 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Elbow plank – 35 seconds

Heel touches – 35 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Burpees without push ups – 30 seconds

Russian twists – 35 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Crabs with shoulder taps – 50 seconds

Scissor crunches – 40 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Glute bridges 30 seconds

Cross body crunches – 40 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Mountain climbers – 50 seconds

Squat & punch – 30 seconds

Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches target your abdominal muscles without straining your back. Perform them on a comfortable surface and remember to control your motion while lowering your butt to the floor.

Crunches with sliding arms

Simply place your hands on your thighs and then slide them forward until they cover your knees. Keep your ab muscles engaged throughout.

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches activate more core muscles than other ab exercises. Feel free to add this exercise to other workouts.

Frog crunches

This exercise is great for activating your lower abdominal muscles. Make sure your elbows touch your knees every time your crunch in.

Elbow plank

Keep your butt and ab muscles squeezed throughout while holding the plank. Keep your face parallel to the floor and body aligned in a straight.

This exercise is actually great for people who sit for long hours because it loosens the hip flexors.

Heel touches

Heel touches usually target the oblique muscles. Perform this exercise slowly in order to keep the muscles engaged throughout.

Burpees without push-ups

Burpees are one of the best full body exercises. The good news is many people can perform them without push-ups.

Russian twists

This exercise targets the front and side abs. It’s important to keep the feet off the floor in order to activate the front ab muscles. And make sure you lean back. Don’t keep the torso upright.

Scissor crunches

Scissor crunches are also great for targeting the lower ab muscles. Lower the feet until they almost touch the floor and lift them.

Glute bridges

Without glute bridges, this ab workout can’t target your entire core. They target the glutes and lower back muscles.

Cross body crunches

This exercise activates your oblique muscles. Lift your upper back off the floor and then twist your torso.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are a great full body exercise. They strengthen your arms and core muscles. Perform this exercise as fast as possible.

Squat and punch

You can make squats more interesting by adding punches to them. Simply squat and then throw a punch as you rise. In the next rep, punch with the opposite arm.

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