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How to Motivate Wife to Lose Weight without Hurting Her Feelings

12 Ways to Motivate Wife to Lose Weight without Hurting Her Feelings

Weight can be such an emotive for not just your wife, but ladies all over the world. You don’t know which comment or suggestion can set her off and make her feel bad about herself, even when said in good faith.

If you really want to motivate your wife to lose weight without hurting her feelings, you must be very understanding and non-judgmental in your approach.

Biological factors such as childbirth are some of the contributing factors to weight gain in women.

Here is a no-judgment guide to walking your wife through her weight-loss journey.

How to Motivate Wife to Lose Weight

In this article, you will discover simple tricks to motivate wife to lose weight without hurting her feelings #lose #weight #wife #flabfix

1. Communicate effectively

Do not for a minute forget that even if you mean well, the way something is said can make your wife resent both you and herself because weight is a sensitive issue.

Make it clear to her that that not only do you notice her struggling with her weight, but you want to help her lose it.

If you do not know how to broach the subject, make huge diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that will pique her curiosity.

If she enquires why tell her you want to lead a healthy life and invite her to join you.

2. Find out what the problem is

There might be some emotional issues behind her adding weight. In fact, this study suggests there is a direct link between sadness and comfort food. Sadness leads to the production of ghrelin, a hunger hormone, that may make you seek out processed foods to comfort yourself.

Finding the emotional causes of the weight gain and accompanying your wife to therapy will help both of you get to the bottom of the weight gain.

3. Exercise with her

Starting to exercise if you had never been interested in it can be daunting, it is worse if you are going at it alone. When she starts training, be right there with her. Not only will you be working on your own fitness, but having you there motivating her through her workout will give her more drive.

You do not even need to hit the gym, there are so many indoor exercises you can do right in your house. For instance, you can do the 28-day home workout routine together.

4. Go grocery shopping together

Losing weight will mean a total overhaul of the diet in your house. She will have to ditch some oils, products, and ingredients and swap them with healthier alternatives.

If both of you go shopping, you are more likely to make healthier grocery decisions. This way it will not feel like it is just her burden alone.

5. Establish a culture of eating healthy

Diet plays a big role in weight loss. She might not immediately take to eating cleaner but encourage her to do it. Encourage her to eat low-calorie filling foods. You can make the following changes:

Incorporate more proteins – Proteins are more filling than carbohydrates and fats

Eat whole grains – They are filled with fiber, which satisfies faster and aids in digestion

Drink more water

Cut out processed foods from your diet – They are high in calories and salt

6. Encourage her

You should be her biggest cheerleader. You have to be there every step of the way.

Lord knows sticking to a healthy diet and an exercise regime can be hard as nails. If she ever falters, do not reprimand her or be judgmental. Just encourage and help her do better.

Judging her only makes her feel bad about herself and she might resort to comfort food to make her feel better.

7. Celebrate small gains

Do not wait to voice your appreciation when she has cut 20 pounds. That might take some time (unless you follow these weight loss tips).

Make it a habit to celebrate all the small wins along the way – a little appreciation goes a long way!

Give her rewards such as manicure, spa treatment or a mini-vacation, make sure your gift doesn’t involve unhealthy eating!

8. Make a meal plan together

Sit down and make a healthy meal plan together. This way coming up with healthy meal ideas will be less challenging. Making meal plans will also save on money and keep you from making impromptu, often unhealthy food choices.

Consult a nutritionist/ dietician to help you come up with a proper meal plan.

9. Anticipate breakdowns

There will be days when she will be too tired, feel like she is making no progress at all and might be sad for it. Expect those days and when they come, talk her through it.

Also, encourage her to take a small break and resume the weight loss journey feeling stronger and more motivated.

10. Be a good role model

If you want her to eat healthily, do not eat the unhealthy foods around her. Seeing you eat and drink the food she has been avoiding, may trigger uncontrollable cravings.

If you really have to eat junk food, don’t eat it around her. Also, don’t take processed foods and too much alcohol around her.

11. Engage in physically challenging pastimes

What do your weekend activities look like? Do they involve a lot of eating (mostly unhealthy foods) and drinking?

How about you switch your weekend activities up with physical activities such as bowling, hiking, trekking?

You will be burning calories while having fun at the same time. Besides, you can use this as a good time to bond while taking part in adventurous activities.

12. Eat out less frequently

The more you eat out, the more likely you are to stray away from eating clean. Prepare most of your meals at home together because then you have a hand in picking the right ingredients and sticking to your meal plan.

Final Word

The trick to motivating your wife to lose weight without hurting her feelings is having a united front towards her weight loss.

Take part in every activity with her so it does not look like a burden she has to carry alone, but rather something you can conquer together.

I’d recommend you start your journey together today using these simple fat-burning workouts. You only need to spare less than 15 minutes every day.

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