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30-Day Weight Loss Walking Challenge for Beginners

Take on this weight loss walking challenge for beginners if you want to lose weight without doing strenuous workouts.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when they decide to get in shape is doing too much. Doing intense workouts or long cardio leads to fatigue and injuries.

A better strategy would be to ease into fitness by taking a walking challenge.

Walking is more rewarding than most people realize. Not only does it enhance weight loss but it also strengthens your bones, improves heart health, reduces stress, and much more.

The weight loss walking challenge below can help you lose 10 to 20 pounds in a month depending on your diet.

Your goal should be to walk an extra 300 steps every day. By doing so, you’ll end up walking more than 13,000 steps in 30 days.

It’s better to track your steps with a pedometer instead of using an app. A pedometer tracks all the steps you walk all day long if you wear it from dawn till dusk. An app, on the other hand, may not all track your steps if you don’t carry your phone all the time. So, invest in a pedometer if you don’t already have one.

Other than increasing your steps, you should apply these tips to get extraordinary results from the challenge.

Get More out of the 30-Day Weight Loss Walking Challenge

This walking challenge will take you from flab to abs #walking #challenge #flabfix

1. Walk on Hills

Walking on hills offers remarkable benefits. It builds and strengthens your leg muscles, strengthens your core, and burns lots of calories, according to research.

Therefore, find hills in your neighborhood and climb them as fast as possible. You can even set days aside for hill-walks.

Don’t feel disappointed if there are no hills in your neighborhood. Climb the stairs or walk on the sand – you’ll end burning more calories than walking on flat ground.

2. Wear A Backpack  

Wearing a backpack is an excellent way to increase resistance, which consequently increases calorie burn.

Simply load a backpack with books and go for a walk. Start with light backpacks and then increase the weight as you get fitter.

Alternatively, you can wear a weighted vest. But avoid wearing ankle weights as they increase the risk of injury.

3. Use Interval Walks

You can integrate high-intensity interval training into your walks to burn more calories.

Walk at a very fast pace for 30 seconds then walk at a moderate pace for 30 seconds and keep alternating. As you get fitter, increase the duration of your fast pace and reduce the duration of the moderate pace.

4. Find A Challenge Partner

You may find it difficult to do the challenge alone, especially if you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle. In that case, find a walking partner who will support and motivate you.

Look for a partner who’s fitter than you because they’ll have more discipline and they’ll push you.

5. Combine the Challenge with Short Workouts

Unfortunately, walking doesn’t increase muscle mass. As you may know, building lean mass helps boost your basal metabolic rate.

Combine walking with these short home workouts to build muscle and burn more fat. Avoid doing crazy workouts that may lead to burnout.

Benefits of the 30-Day Weight Loss Walking Challenge

You’ll be amazed by the results if you stick to this challenge for the next 30 days. Here are some of the astounding benefits you’ll enjoy.

1. Rapid Weight Loss

Walking more steps every day will dramatically speed up your weight loss. You can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days if apply the walking tips above and make these diet changes.

2. A Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

Did you know that we lose bone mass as we age? Sometimes the bone loss leads to osteoporosis, a condition characterized by joint pain, back pain, and fractures.

Taking on this challenge can keep your bones strong and lower your risk of this condition.

3. Better Heart Health

Walking can lower your risk of heart disease as much as running does, according to research.

Walking reduces your blood pressure and lowers the risk of high cholesterol. It also forces your heart to work harder to pump blood, making it stronger.

4. May Improve Brain Function

If you’ve been struggling with constant brain fogs and forgetfulness, this challenge may help clear your mind.

Research shows that seniors can improve their memory and perform better in logic tests through walking.

5. May Ease Stress

Stress not only hinders weight loss but it is also detrimental to your overall health. Luckily, you can ease stress through walking.

It’s worth noting that long and extreme workouts may increase your stress but walking doesn’t have that effect.

Instead of skipping your workout because you feel stressed, go for a walk and you’ll feel rejuvenated. A walk around nature is especially rewarding.

6. You’ll become stronger

Walking strengthens your bones and muscles, which makes you ultimately stronger. You’ll gain more strength if you wear a weighted vest and walk on hills.

7. Better Quality Sleep

Lack of quality sleep may be the reason you’re not losing weight as fast as you’d like.

According to one study, walking for 45 minutes a day can help you sleep better or even treat insomnia.

Now that you know the enormous benefits of this challenge, don’t wait until next week or next month to get started. Start the challenge today!

30-Day Weight Loss Walking Challenge for Beginners

Take on this 30 day walking challenge for beginners to take your fitness to the next levels #walking #challenge #beginners #flabfix

You may or may not reach your goals in 30 days. But you can be sure that you’ll be pounds lighter after the challenge.

Completing this challenge shouldn’t be the end of the road for you. It’s only the beginning.

Regardless of whether you’ve gotten the results you wanted or not, keep exercising. You can continue increasing your steps, take on another challenge or stick to short home workouts.

Whatever you do, keep exercising and stay consistent!

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