The Best Military Diet Substitutes 

The Best Military Diet Substitutes 

The military diet is a low-calorie, 3-day on and 4-day off diet. Such restrictive diets help initiate quick weight loss. Here is everything you need to know about the military diet.

They can also help in treating cases like potomania, which is excessive drinking of beer.

 In this study, a woman with potomania went on a low-calorie diet for five days and rectified her body’s vitals through the intervention.

In case you are obese, this diet helps lower your glucose levels and other vitals that cause health problems, as shown here


The Best Military Diet Substitutes 

You are not allowed to snack on this diet. However, during the 4-day off military diet menu, you are allowed to pick a snack. 

Whatever choice you make, you mustn’t go above 1500 calories in total. 

Some of the options recommended on your off day include: apple and pistachios (22), snap peas (1 cup), and hummus or 3 cups air-popped popcorns. 


The military diet promises to shave off 10 pounds in 3 days. This is by restricting your calories to 1100 on diet days.

According to this research, weight loss through low-calorie diets occurs really fast, but it is hard to sustain.


  1. Tuna / cottage cheese/ almond/ tofu/ hummus/ avocado
  2. Grapefruit/ baking soda
  3. Toast / sunflower seeds/ whole grain cereal/ tortilla/ rice cakes/ flax seeds.
  4. Coffee- green tea/sugar-free hot chocolate/sugar-free red bull
  5. Peanut Butter/ bean dip/ soy butter/ hummus/ pumpkin butter/ cashew butter/ almond butter/ sunflower seed butter
  6. Meat/ tofu/ beans/ 
  7. Eggs/ milk/ chicken wing/ baked beans/ bacon/ buts or seeds
  8. Saltine crackers / rice crackers/ couscous/ quinoa/ gluten free crackers 
  9. Ice cream/ apple juice/ flavored yogurt/ dairy-free ice cream/ banana, strawberry, or vanilla-flavored almond milk
  10. Hot dogs/ soy dogs/ luncheon meat/ baloney/ lentils/ turkey dogs/ other meats
  11. Broccoli/ cauliflower/ spinach/ asparagus/ Brussels sprouts
  12. Banana/ plums/ kiwis/ apricots/ applesauce
  13. Cheddar cheese/ cottage cheese/ soy milk/ cabbage/ ham/ egg/
  14. Apple/ plums/ zucchini/ dry apricots/ grapes/ peaches

This shopping list consists of substitutes for most of the key ingredients. 

However, when replacing ingredients on the military list, always maintain the same number of calories in each primary ingredient.


Tuna is an essential part of the military diet. You are supposed to take about a serving of canned tuna.

If you are looking for things to replace tuna within the military diet, consider other types of fish. 

However, if fish is the problem, then buy other lean meats. Particularly, chicken is an appropriate choice.

On the other hand, vegetarians have the option of choosing plant proteins like tofu or almonds. Even cottage cheese may be a workable alternative.

Taking two tablespoons of hummus with ½ an avocado can be suitable for tuna in the military diet.


Grapefruits are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and low in calories. They also have a unique effect on the pH of the body.

For this reason, no other fruit is recommended as a substitute for grapefruit on the military diet. 

If you are allergic to grapefruit or can’t access it, you have to recreate the same alkaline effect.

Mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and take it. This level of pH is supposed to increase your body’s ability to burn fat.


You are supposed to eat a slice of toast on a diet. However, if you are allergic to gluten or have toast, consider the following alternatives.

You may take ½ a protein bar instead of the starch.

If you don’t want to take protein, you may consider two types of seeds; sunflower and flax; 1/8 cup of the former and ½ teaspoon of the latter will do.

Starches may also be other military diet substitutes. 2 rice cakes or tortillas can take the place of toast.

You may even have a drink if you are so inclined, and this could be ¼ cup of yogurt. 


The military diet has a cup of coffee or tea. Since caffeine is the primary ingredient in coffee, its substitutes all have caffeine in them.

You could take green tea or hot chocolate, but you must not add artificial sweeteners.

If you need an energy drink, you ought to go for no-sugar alternatives and beverages with caffeine. The only energy drink permitted is the 76mgs sugar-free Red Bull as it has few calories and just the right amount of caffeine. 


All the recommended peanut butter substitutes are from nuts or seeds. 

Consider almond butter for a creamy and buttery alternative.

Take Brazil nut butter for a similar taste and toxin cleansing capabilities.

Hazelnut, walnut, and cashew nut butter are other alternatives. 

Walnut is thick and has a robust nutty flavor; cashew nut butter is recommended for diabetes patients, and hazelnut butter is full of vitamin E.

Sunflower seed butter and pumpkin butter are other military diet substitutes if you want your protein source to come from seeds.

Hummus and bean dip has a similar effect as peanut butter and may also be used.


Since the diet itself does not specify the type of meat you can eat, all military diet substitutes for meat consist of vegetarian alternatives. 

Beans or tofu are ways of adding proteins to the diet and still sticking to a vegan lifestyle.

Lentils are also another option, and so is Portobello mushrooms. 


If you do not eat eggs, you may need to consider a protein source with the same calorific value as 1 egg.

One cup of milk is one of the military diet substitutes that work well. 

In case you are in the mood for meat, you may replace an egg with a chicken wing or 2 slices of bacon.

It is also possible to have ¼ cup nuts or seeds as well as ½ cup baked beans for vegans and vegetarians. 


In the military diet, you are only allowed ½ cup of vanilla ice cream.

Therefore, all other subtitles should attempt to replicate this ingredient. 

Yogurt with fruit flavor or other dairy alternatives like almond/ vanilla-flavored milk is another military diet substitutes for this food type. 

For vegans and vegetarians, go for dairy-free ice cream. 


In this diet, you are required to eat 5 saltine crackers.

Should you be unable to take it, you ought to consider substitutes that amount to 65 calories in total.

These may include couscous, gluten-free crackers, rice cakes, or quinoa.


As you substitute hot dogs, make sure that you keep your replacement within the 300 calories range.

Consider other meat-dog substitutes like turkey or take deli meat, bratwurst and baloney.

If you are a vegan, you could take Portobello mushrooms, lentils, or beans. 


All military diet substitutes are meant to provide the same number of calories as the indicated food. Always keep this in mind when making an ingredient swap.

Additionally, the substitutes are intended to give you certain food groups such as proteins or calcium, so keep this in mind when making those modifications. 

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