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The Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

20 Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight using the Mediterranean diet, this article will show you the best Mediterranean diet recipes for weight loss.

You have probably heard of the Mediterranean diet and dismissed it as one of those fad diets. I can’t blame you really, there is a new one every day.

The truth is, the Mediterranean diet is as ancient as they come.

A group of scientists took it upon themselves to find out why some people lived for long is some regions of the world, while the rest of the population were exposed to all sorts of lifestyle diseases.

It emerged that the diet in these regions is one of the factors that granted them longevity.

Two of these regions, Italy and Greece, inspired what has come to be referred to as the Mediterranean diet today.

The Mediterranean diet is centered on plant-based foods, with minimal red meat and void of processed foods. Try these Mediterranean diet recipes to help with your weight loss.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

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1. Garlic, Fennel Lentil Soup

Beans and lentils are very principle to the Mediterranean diet. Foods like beans and lentils have been linked to greater weight loss in these studies.

These plant-based proteins also pack fiber and are a great alternative to animal-based proteins. You will love how the aroma of the fennel combines with the tomatoes and kale.

2. Zesty Lemon Dill Salmon

The standout in this dish is the lemon flavor that will add just the right tang to the wholesome salmon dish.

The Mediterranean diet consisted of seafood and poultry on a limited basis, say once a week. Even better, it is easy to prepare!

If you are in it for weight loss, studies suggest salmon could is good for reducing belly fat and weight loss. It also boosts metabolism, being a lean protein.

3. Quinoa Salad

Mediterranean diet is known for its emphasis on plants, and this salad is testimony to the same.

Quinoa is so rich in protein and fiber. Combined with the olives, feta cheese and sofrito sauce which is inherently Italian, this is one of the Mediterranean diet recipes you will never get tired of.

4. Oven-Baked Salmon and Capers

You must have realized by now that salmon is very important in the Mediterranean diet recipes. In this simple but filling dish, it is paired with capers and butter sauce.

You have to bake as opposed to frying the salmon. Remember that it is not just about what you cook but how you cook.

Salmon will help you lose weight by regulating your appetite and resetting your hormones.

5. Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Peppers

Don’t you just love bell peppers and their vibrant colors! They are good on their own, or in curries, salads, and sauces. Filled with a healthful blend of pistachios, shallots and an array of many other spices, they are glorious!

This quinoa-stuffed bell peppers recipe will definitely be a hit.

6. Goat Cheese Pasta

Why goat cheese, you may ask? One, because it is preferred to cow’s milk in the Mediterranean diet.

Two, because it has much less lactose than cow cheese. Moreover, it aids in digestion, fights inflammation and comes with a better fat profile.

It suppresses hunger and participants were found to eat less after taking goat cheese in this study.  Pair it with the pasta that absorbs the cheese and tomatoes and basil, and you are in for one great ride towards weight loss.

7. Pepper and Arugula Vegetable Pizza

In Mediterranean diet recipes, unlike most fad diets, you can have your pizza and eat it!

The only thing is you have to use options that are healthier and more filling than a conventional pizza.

This arugula, pepper, onions and cheese combo does just that, here’s how to put it together.

8. Split Pea Soup

Once you try this split pea soup recipe, you will understand why it is a hit among Mediterranean diet recipes.

Besides the fact that it is insanely delicious, your body will thank you for the protein, zinc, phosphorus, and iron which split peas offers.

All these are effective in fighting pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases. No wonder those people outlived everyone!

9. Greek Nachos and Cilantro Sauce

Bring Greece right into your dining room with this cucumber, white beans, and tomatoes combo. And once you taste the cilantro sauce, all other sauces will make little sense.

The nachos are plant-based too, so you get all this goodness without compromising your health.

10. Pasta and Mussels Marinara

Who does not love marinara sauce? Wait till you dip mussels in them and garnish it with garlic and basil – it will be a little heaven down here.

Check out this recipe for a step by step guide of one of the best kept Mediterranean diet recipes secret.

11. Vegetarian Tortellini Soup

So many things stand out in this dish, from the tomato paste and paprika blend; to the herbs and spices that make it richer. The best part though? No meat in sight – yet as delicious as ever.

And if we told you spices were found to be effective in weight loss in these studies, would you still use them so sparingly?

12. Shrimp Marinara

After the mussels marinara comes the shrimp marinara, which is as beautiful to look at just as it is delicious. For such a great dish, it is so easy to make. A quick sauté of the shrimps and dousing it with marinara is all it takes. Serve with pasta and voila, you will have nailed one of the most delicious Mediterranean diet recipes.

13. Berry and Sesame Greek Yogurt

Mediterranean diet recipes are not limited to main meals. This Greek yogurt, berries, and sesame blend will make for a filling, low fat, high fiber snack.

This study found yogurt, whole grains and fruits to be foods that aid in weight loss. This snack checks all three!

14. Barley Salad with Shredded Chicken

Chicken in reasonable proportions makes part of the Mediterranean diet. This recipe is especially great because this is a meal you can prepare and freeze for later use. All the vegetables thrown in will certainly aid in digestion and keeping the calories down.

15. Mediterranean Vegetable Tacos

Mediterranean diet recipes are very receptive to carbs, it’s the filling you will have to twist a little bit. The olives, feta, and Greek dressing in these tacos are ideal for the Mediterranean.

16. Cumin Rice and Beef Fry

When it comes to Mediterranean diet recipes, the memo reads – minimize red meat, and not, do not take red meat. Restraint is the name of the game.

In this one-pan dish, you will indulge in a bowl of beef-fried rice perfectly seasoned with cumin.

And did you know cumin helps you lose more weight when added to foods? More reason you should try this recipe.

17. Mediterranean Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are not at all bad, it is us who make them bad when we take them in the form of chips, crisps, and fried wedges.

Why not try this lemony version, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with garlic powder then popped into the oven?

18. Spiced Chickpeas

Nothing says Mediterranean diet recipes like chickpeas. If you find them too bland on their own, turn up the heat and add cumin, pepper, cardamom and all other spices of choice. Just like that, you will have a healthy snack to keep hunger at bay!

Moreover, cardamom had been found to reduce belly fat in studies conducted in rats – so eat your way into a slimmer waist!

19. Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower, olives, onions, parsley, tomatoes, and cucumber – that is what you will need for this delectable dish. Dress it with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, and salt if you prefer it.

20. Avocado Caprese Penne Salad

This salad is so filling you will not be hungry for hours, so colorful you won’t be able to take your eyes off it, and so good it would solve all our world problems if we let it.

And, avocado is the cherry on top, battling for the same spot with the scrumptious cherry tomatoes.

Avocado also helps you lose more weight and lowers your BMI. You haven’t eaten a proper Mediterranean salad until you have tried this recipe!

The Bottom Line

The Mediterranean diet recipes, and the longevity it grants the communities that subscribed to it, really makes you question the authenticity of fad diets that require you to not eat certain food groups. It, however, advocates for the moderation of animal-based foods.

The biggest challenge for most of us is we don’t use moderation. If we did, we would solve so many of our health problems.

This diet, all the same, succeeds greatly in showing us that plant-based dishes can be great fun. If you choose to have them boring that will totally be your fault!

Other than adding these Mediterranean recipes to your diet, do these short home workouts to burn fat in the shortest time humanly possible.

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