How to Shed Body Weight before the Holiday Season?

The Covid19 and the home-bound routine has taken a toll on our physical appearances among other things.

Many of us have been working from home and have been barely stepping out.

As a result, we have been lingering around the house in the loungers, dozing off on our couches enjoying Netflix, and lots of unhealthy eating.

As if not getting the professional salon-grade grooming was not enough, the bulky body are another mess to deal with just when the official party season is just around the corner.

The year’s hottest shopping and party season is just about to strike and not being able to fit in those pretty dresses or outgrowing your jacket would be your worst nightmare.

If you are wondering how to lose 10 pounds in a month, here are some tips that can help you get back in shape within a couple of weeks.

Go Low-Carb High Protein

Carbs are the greatest enemy of your body. Cut down on as many carbs as you can from your diet.

Potatoes, sugar, rice, white bread should be out of your life. Replace white flour, rice, and sugar with brown alternatives.

While you are at eliminating the carbs, add lots of lean protein to your food intake.

Eggs for breakfast and protein-rich lunch and dinner should be your way to go. Try to stick to organic meat. White meat such as chicken and fish are your best bet.

Eat Smart

We understand that you need a crash solution to lose the flab fast, but you do not have to starve to get yourself in shape. Instead of starving yourself, adopt the smart eating practice.

Do not skip your breakfast at all. The first meal of your day should be the most wholesome meal of the day. Have a nice filling breakfast with a balanced variety of proteins, good fats, and grains.

For the subsequent meals, eat two or three big meals instead of many small meals.

Green veggies such as cucumber are your best friend for untimely munching and snacking.

Your last meal should be the lightest and you should not have it later than two hours before bedtime.

Eliminate Sodas and Caffeine

One of the biggest culprits behind an unhealthy body is caffeine and sodas. Not only they add unhealthy sugar elements to your body, but they also slow down your body’s metabolism.

Say goodbye to all kinds of fizzy drinks, alcohol, and other high caffeine drinks. If you have a high caffeine dependency, stick to a cup or two of black coffee only.

Work Out

The importance of workout cannot be stressed enough. It is no brainer that a good workout regime plays a major role in toning and shaping your body.

However, that does not mean that you sweat for hours on a treadmill. If you are not used to heavy workouts, look out for short home workout programs.

You can do short workouts twice a day depending on your schedule.

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