How to Get Thicker Thighs Fast Without Weights

How to Get Thicker Thighs Fast Without Weights

If you are interested in making your thighs thick at home, you need to do two key things; exercise and make dietary adjustments that bulk you up.

Both approaches are essential and should be combined with fast results.

In this analysis, it was shown that in order to build muscle mass, you need to train hard with elastic resistance bands or weights; you need to rest in between workouts. You should also strive to have a nutrition program that has enough proteins.


How to Get Thicker Thighs Fast Without Weights

You want to eat foods that are rich in proteins. In this study, it was shown that protein helps in promoting muscle growth so it should be incorporated into the diet.

Lean proteins are a sure way to bulk you up in a healthy way. Therefore, purchase lots of fish and chicken.

Aside from white meat, you should also stock up on red meat too as it is essential in your thickening goals. In line with the above are eggs, milk, and full-fat yoghurt.

If you were going for leaner thighs, you would need to purchase low-fat milk but since you want the opposite thing, you need full-fat dairy products.

Other healthy sources of thickening foods include natural fat sources like avocados, nuts and extra virgin olive oil. You should also eat whole grains for your dose of carbohydrates.


It is possible for you to get thicker thighs without exercise but you will have to do things a little differently.

The trick is for you to change your diet by increasing the amount of calories you consume. However, you want to do this healthily so that it feeds your muscles rather than fat.

Increasing the number of meals that you eat a day is paramount. Consider having three main meals and two snacks in between.

You should also increase your portion sizes in order to bulk up your thighs. The idea is to have a calorie increase by using less food than what you actually eat.

With regard to the precise amount of calories, consider taking anywhere between 250-500 calories.

Be careful about the types of food you consume because processed foods and foods high in sugar are likely to accumulate around your abdomen rather than your thighs.

In spite of all the above efforts, diet alone may not get you the results you seek fast. You should combine these dietary efforts with exercise.

If you use working out as a strategy, you increase the likelihood of getting thicker thighs that are composed of muscle rather than fat. This is what you should aim for as it is healthier.



Exercises that are too cardio-intensive tend to make you slimmer. In this review, it was shown that when individuals engaged in high intensity – training, they had a high degree of weight or fat loss.

If your focus is on how to get thicker thighs fast, you need to be doing workouts that are less intensive.

Jogging, swimming and biking are too rigorous and may wind up making your thighs slimmer rather than bigger.

While you may need to reduce the cardio exercises you engage in, it essential for you to still maintain a moderate level of cardio. You could maybe do it once or twice a week for no more than 20 minutes.

As you carry out those few cardio workouts, do not do them in high-intensity bursts. Maintain a steady pace as you engage in them.


While these tips are on how to get thicker thighs fast without weights, some of them rely on exercise equipment. If you have a leg press machine, then you should do this workout.

It is essential in bulking up the quads, glutes, hamstrings and even calves. The overall result is that you will have wider thighs.

Assume a seated position on the machine then put your feet in the designated spot. Lower the platform such that you form a 90-degree angle between your torso and lower legs.

By this point, your feet will be higher than your legs then start pushing. Count to 30, rest then repeat.

3.      TRY SQUATS

Squats are an essential part of lower body thickening interventions. To perform a proper squat, stand with your legs slightly apart, your hands akimbo and your torso erect.

Go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Return to the original position and count to 30, rest and repeat that set.


Lunges are some of the most fail-safe ways of how to get thicker thighs fast.

You will feel the strain on this part of your body as soon as you finish them. This shows that your thighs are working.

To perform the workout, stand straight then move one leg forward as though you are taking a step. Stop when you make a right angle between your thighs and lower legs.

Carry out 30 repetitions on one leg then alternate and repeat on the opposite leg. Keep your hands akimbo and remember to tighten your abdominal muscles as you do this exercise.


For this exercise, you need to get on your fours. In other words, your back, thighs and arms should look like a tabletop.

Lift and bend your right leg while keeping your thigh at the same level as your back. Start to kick backwards and upward for 30 counts then alternate your leg and repeat.


In this workout, you should stand with your feet together and arms stretched outwards. The arms should be parallel to the floor.

Lean forward until the outstretched hands are pointing to the floor. Lift your right leg while making sure that it stays straight and continue to raise it until it is on the same level as your back.

Repeat this exercise on the opposite leg.


Consistency and frequency of the workouts discussed above is the only way of how to get thicker thighs fast. When you are trying to develop a certain part of your body, you have to engage in those efforts a minimum of 3 days a week.

You ought to consider giving your muscles rest when you perform the exercises mentioned. This is because as you work out, your muscles will experience tears.

Those tears ought to be given sufficient time to repair so that your thighs can avoid injury.

As you exercise and rest, you also want to ensure that your body is well-hydrated and that you get sufficient sleep. Sometimes the formation of muscles is impeded by the lack of these basic and crucial body functions.


Lifting weights is one of the most effective and proven ways of how to get thicker thighs fast. However, if you’d much rather not use weights, then you still have to engage in a series of exercises that work the muscle groups in your thighs.

Strive to combine these exercises in one session.

Likewise, take the time to make other lifestyle changes like dietary improvements as well as hydration and adequate sleep.

Getting thick thighs fast is thus a mixture of various efforts.