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How to do Reverse Lunge

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This is a great exercise that can be used by people who have frontal knee instability as it majorly focuses on the position of the knee.

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Major Muscles Worked

Gluteal Muscles


Other Muscles Worked

Quad Muscles


Core Muscles

Reverse Lunge Guide

  1. Standing straight with the feet slightly apart ensure that the one leg either left or right is rooted to the ground.
  2. Then now extend the other foot to the back and do a lunge.
  3. Ensure the knee doesn’t move and a 90 degree angle is formed by the leg.
  4. Come back up to the starting position and do several reps before switching to the other leg.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do this exercise in front of a mirror to help you concentrate on the knee being stable.
  • Go at a moderate pace while beginning to avoid injury.
  • If you have knee problems it is advisable to visit your doctor and enquirer whether this exercise is right for your condition.
  • One can add other gym equipment if necessary such as the dumbbell or kettlebell.

How to do Reverse Lunge

Benefits of the Reverse Lunge

Helps in knee stability as one focuses on the knees position.

Strengthens and tones your legs.

Aids in hip movement.