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How Many Calories Do 100 Squats Burn?

For years on end, the debate has been on which muscles squats work and not how many calories do 100 squats burn.

Squats are effective calorie burners just as they are good for building muscles and strength.

Calories are units of unit energy which are defined as the amount of heat needed to raise a quantity of water by one-degree temperatures.

If you are thinking of weight loss, forget about the treadmill for a minute and get down to squats.

Studies cite that squats burn more calories per minute than when you are sweating out on the treadmill.

Nonetheless, there is a lot to learn and understand how many calories does 100 squats burn.

When starting off, 100 squats are regarded as safe and effective. There is no need to overdo it as it leads to injury.

You are advised to split the 100 squats to three sets in a day for about two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, you will have burned at least 3,500 calories which are equal to one pound.


How Many Calories Do 100 Squats Burn?

One study conducted by researchers indicated that when you perform squats for a minute, you burn an average of 35 calories.

The study derived the findings from different exercises where the number of calories burned every minute through the exercises was recorded.

The exercises included bench press, bicep curl, tricep extension, leg press and leg extension.

In all these, squats provided to be the superior exercise by burning more calories than all the other exercises.

This was explained to be a result of adding more weight to your squat. When this happens, the intensity of movement goes up thereby triggering an acceleration of the metabolism.

An increased rate of metabolism burns more calories to replenish energy levels and repair muscles involved during the squat.

In different studies conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the amount of calories burned by the body when performing squats has several variables.


How many calories do 100 squats burn is dependent on its metabolic equivalent known as MET?

MET represents the amount of oxygen and muscle cells in the body. When performing squats, more oxygen is used to burn calories. More energy is produced in the process.

Lower back muscles – core muscles, quads and hamstrings – produce movement when doing squats. They require five calories to be burned for the movement. This translates to one litre of oxygen.

When performing squats, your body has a MET of 5 which is triggered by hard training.

MET has the formula to find out how many calories are burned in squats. The formula takes to account your body weight, duration of exercise and the intensity of the training session.

(MET x 3.5 x body weight in kilograms / 200 = calories per minute).

However, even with this formula, an individual’s body weight makes a lot of difference in the number of calories burned.

For example, a person weighing 150 pounds (68 kgs) can complete 40 squats per minute.

By this time, he/she will have burned 5.95 calories. With the same speed which is relatively fast, you can complete 100 squats in about three minutes burning 15 calories.

For the same weight but at different speeds, you can burn more calories according to another study.

When a person weighing 150 pounds gets down to a set of 25 squats per minute, they will burn six calories per minute.

In four minutes taken to complete 100 squats, you will have burned 100 calories.

This explains how many calories does 100 squats burn. All you need to know is your body weight and the time spent doing the squats.


How many calories do 100 squats burn translates to great benefits that the body acquires when this process is over.


The first benefit of having 100 squats daily is that you gain muscles.

For a person who did 100 daily for a period of one month, they noticed more muscles developing in the legs. Not even the treadmill toned them this way.

Muscular thighs and calves also increased in size. Just call it toning which comes with good riddance of cellulite in the muscles.

In a report published by The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, squats work the entire body and not just the lower body.

For the lower body, squats move the core muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings greatly thereby increasing flexibility and strength.

With repetitions of 100 squats for a given period, the core gets automatic engagement. Such engagement means that you are able to pull more reps than there before because strength is built overall.


If you have been having problems with your back as a result of poor posture, you should make effort to start on 100 squats.

For a beginner, the secret in keeping up with the momentum is splitting them squat sets to three in a day. Don’t do them daily, let your body relax too.

Do them at least four times a week. They work by stretching the lower back muscles which are well aligned. Squats also increase the amount of blood circulation in the muscle. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen which helps in relaxation and keeping them in good shape.

The controlled movement according to the Journal of Physical Therapy Science allows the body to move in a systematic pattern; up and down which improves your general body posture.

This on sounds rather weird. It is about butt muscles it is a major benefit too. With repeated sets of 100 muscles.


Losing weight with squats is a little bit easier compared to other vigorous exercises such as spending time on the treadmill.

The logic behind this is that you burn more calories with squats per minutes that you will on a treadmill.

You burn 3-6 times more calories with 100 squats per minute compared to going hard on cardio exercises.

This is the case due to additional weight and increased intensity of movement. Combined, they increase the rate of calorie burning due to increased metabolism.


When you think of toning up or accelerating weight loss, the first thing to ring in your mind should be how many calories does 100 squats burn. With knowledge of how many calories you will lose, it gets better.

Knowledge is better than ignorance. Equipped with information on the benefits of having squats, you could make better training plans with a specific goal.

If it is weight loss or building muscles, an informed decision will always circle around how many calories does 100 squats burn even before you start the training.

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