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High protein vegetables for weight loss

20 High Protein Vegetables For Weight Loss

If you want to increase your protein intake without eating more meat, this article will show you high protein vegetables for weight loss.

Vegetables are the friendliest foods to weight loss.

This is because they have few calories, are filling and contain a punch of nutrients your body needs.

Vegetables that are rich in protein are the best for weight loss because they help build lean muscle mass, and keep you fuller for longer.

Protein-rich vegetables can also add diversity to a lean protein diet with chicken breast and eggs.

According to Women’s Health, vegetables provide 2g of protein per cup when taken raw. When cooked, they provide half a gram per cup.

Plant proteins don’t contain all essential amino acids, therefore, you should eat the rainbow of vegetables.

Here are 20 high-protein vegetables that would be perfect for weight loss.

High Protein Vegetables for Weight Loss

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1. Spinach

One cup of spinach contains 41 calories and 5g of protein.

Spinach is also rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and B-vitamins.

Add spinach to meals like omelets and sandwiches. Spinach is also perfect for a smoothie.

It is also rich in iron which is key to your blood’s health. It is used in the making of red blood cells which are used to transport oxygen to tissues in the body.

2. Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are tomatoes that lose their entire water content after spending time in the sun. They are usually pre-treated with sulfur dioxide or salt.

One cup of sun-dried tomatoes contains 139 calories and 6g of protein.

Studies show that sun-dried tomatoes contain antioxidants which reduce the risk of bladder, lung, prostate and stomach cancer.

In addition to giving you 6g of protein, sun-dried tomatoes will also give you 7g of fiber.

3. Artichokes

A medium bulb of an artichoke contains 60 calories and 4.2g of protein.

Artichokes also contain a high fiber count- 10.3g per medium artichoke.

This makes it an ideal food to control ghrelin which is your body’s hunger hormone.

The high protein and fiber in artichokes make it a perfect vegetable for weight loss since it can suppress appetite and control calorie intake.

4. Peas

One cup of peas contains 118 calories and 8g of protein.

Peas are also rich in Vitamin C and A, potassium, iron and fibre.

In addition to being great for weight loss with their few calories and the high number of nutrients, peas are also excellent for preventing heart disease.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, K, and folate which are key to preventing heart disease.

Additionally, one cup of broccoli contains 2.6g of protein and lots of fiber.

Broccoli is fat-free and contains only 31 calories.

It is a great accompaniment to a stir fry for satiety and nutrition.

6. Corn

One ear of corn contains about 5g of protein.

Corn also contains 88 calories and is rich in fiber.

Organic sweet corn packs a punch of nutrition in addition to being very tasty.

7. Brussel sprouts

Brussel sprouts are cruciferous vegetables like cabbage or broccoli which are very rich in protein.

One cup of Brussel sprouts contains 4g of protein, 28 calories, 4g of fat, potassium, vitamins A, K, and fiber.

Brussel sprouts are best eaten split and oven roasted.

8. Portobello mushrooms

Mushrooms have almost as much protein as eggs.

A cup of portobello mushrooms contains 4g of protein.

These mushrooms are also rich in fiber and antioxidants and they have 35 calories only.

9. Kale

Kale is a superfood. This is because it is highly nutritious.

One cup of kale contains almost 5g of protein and 49 calories.

Kale also has Vitamin A, C, D, B-6 and -12. It is also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and fiber.

It is loaded with antioxidants, which studies show have cancer-preventing properties.

Because kale has high-water content and low-calorie content, it is a low-energy density. This makes it perfect for weight loss.

Studies show that eating low-energy density foods is key to weight loss. Kale is also perfect due to its fiber and protein content.

10. Asparagus

Asparagus may be the perfect green veggie for spring but it’s also highly nutritious.

One cup contains 2.4g of protein.

Asparagus is also rich in fiber, antioxidants, potassium and vitamin K.

Plus, it is a diuretic which means that it enables the body to lose any water its retaining.

In addition to helping you lose water weight, asparagus is low in calories and high in protein and fiber.

Asparagus has only 20 calories.

11. Potato

A medium-sized baked potato contains 3g of protein, 34g of carbs and 145 calories.

They are also rich in Vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Baked potatoes are very filling and don’t have empty calories since they contain many nutrients. They are perfect for boosting energy.

12. Edamame

They are pods that contain immature soybeans.

One cup of edamame contains about 18g of protein when fully cooked. When just steamed, they contain 22g of protein.

Studies also show that edamame can reduce cholesterol levels in your body.

Additionally, edamame is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, K, iron, copper, and manganese.

It also reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

It is excellent for weight loss due to its low-calorie and high-protein content.

13. Rapini

Also known as broccoli rabe or raab, rapini is another cruciferous vegetable. It resembles broccoli but gets a smaller head.

One cup of rapini contains 3g of protein and 21 calories.

Rapini is also rich in Vitamin A, K, and fiber.

Studies show that components of rapini also reduce the risk of cancer.

14. Cauliflower

One cup of cauliflower contains 2g of protein.

It is also rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin C, B6, iron and magnesium.

Studies also show that cauliflower contains antioxidants that have anti-cancer properties and reduce the risk of heart disease.

15. Arugula

Arugula is also known as rocket. It is a Mediterranean vegetable with a very strong taste.

It is highly nutritious as it contains calcium, potassium, folate, Vitamin C, K, A.

One cup of arugula contains 1g of protein.

It can be eaten raw and is often added to salads and sandwiches.

Other benefits of arugula include preventing cancer and osteoporosis, reducing the risk of diabetes, and boosting exercise performance.

16. Turnip greens

Turnip greens are the leafy tops of the turnip tuber.

One cup of turnip greens contains 5g of protein, 29 calories, 5g of fiber, Vitamins A, B6, C, E, K, calcium, and copper.

The high nutrition value of turnip greens means the leaves have anti-cancer properties and boosting bone health.

17. Mung bean sprouts

They are a great protein addition to a meal.

One cup of bean sprouts contains 2.5g of protein.

It is also loaded with lecithin which plays a role in reducing cholesterol.

Bean sprouts are also perfect for weight loss because they are rich in zinc which studies show helps optimize physical performance.

18. Okra

Okra is a vegetable also known as lady’s fingers.

It is an edible seed pod with a viscous juice.

One cup of proteins contains 2g of protein and 33 calories.

Okra is highly nutritious as it is rich in fiber, Vitamins K, C, B6, A, folate, magnesium, iron and calcium.

Some believe it can reduce the risk of obesity- which makes it perfect for weight loss.

Additionally, it reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

It is popularly used in making gumbo, which is a southern American stew.

19. Bok choy

Bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage.

One cup only contains 9 calories and 1g of protein.

Studies show that adding bok choy to your meals reduces the risk of cancer.

It is also great for weight loss because it can help reduce blood pressure.

20. Beet greens

These are the leafy part of the beetroot.

When you’re preparing beetroots, don’t toss out beet greens as they are highly nutritious.

One cup of beet greens contains 3.7g of protein. 39 calories, Vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, B12, folate, iron, calcium and potassium.

They contain the same benefits as leafy greens such as reducing the risk of chronic heart disease, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

The best way to eat beet greens is to add to your lasagne layers, or boil then stir-fry in olive oil.

Adding these vegetables to your diet will definitely help you lose weight. You may also want to join this weight loss study if you want to lose weight rapidly.

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Do you know other high protein vegetables for weight loss?

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