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How to Get Rid of Underarm Fat Quickly

12 Excellent Ways to Get Rid of Underarm Fat Quickly

Underarm fat is a trouble spot for many people trying to lose weight. This often arises from excess body fat and not engaging in arm exercises.

The trick to building muscle in any part of the body is to ensure that you exercise that part. However, be warned that fat does not exist only in these problem areas.

If you are generally unfit, you will find it difficult to spot reduce certain parts as stated in this research. First, aim to be physically fit then work on the overlooked areas.

If you want to achieve results quickly, you should consider doing arm exercises daily. The muscles down in those forgotten areas respond when you train them more.

You may also want to increase your intensity. Additionally, it is a good idea to change up the nature of your routine. Not only does this exercise different tissues, but it also keeps your body from getting too used to a routine. When that happens, you will experience a plateau. Here are some techniques you can use.

How to Get Rid of Underarm Fat Fast

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1. Start with the “jab cross”

The jab-cross is an exercise that you probably do but don’t know its name. It involves throwing jabs in the opposite direction. Many people use it when starting their warm up routines or when boxing. Hold some dumbbells or some type of weight. Stand with your feet slightly apart. Make a punching motion with your left arm, and then switch to your right arm and punch. Repeat this approximately 3 times.

How to Do Dumbbell Side-to-Side Punches

Do Not Neglect Cardio

The idea behind aerobic exercise is to lose body fat by using fat as a main source of fuel during exercise.

These are usually done at a moderate or high intensity compared to arm exercise. They are also repetitive and they challenge the heart and lungs.

Some of the workouts you could do include running, cycling, or walking. Research shows that aerobic exercise done at a moderate intensity leads to significant fat loss.

Do the “lying chest fly”

As the name implies, this exercise involving lying down and making flying motions. To perform the exercise, lie down on your back and hold dumbbells on your arms.

If you are doing this at home, you may improvise by using water bottles or bags of rice. Raise your knees until they are 900 to the floor. Keep your feet firmly placed on the floor and extend your arms outward and upward by bending your elbows slightly (300 from the floor).

Move your arms from their initial resting point to a point where the weights meet each other. Return your arms back to where they were and repeat 10 times. Then redo this set of 10 two more times.

Swan Arms

This is a type of exercise that emanated from ballet dancing. It mimics the movement of a graceful and elegant swan.

To do it, start by taking in air and keeping your chest open. Then extend your arms horizontally, bend your elbows down (as your chest stays lifted).

Lower the arms then raise them, lifting them until they reach the shoulders. Count 8 times. Rest and repeat until you complete 4 sets. Your arms should look like the wings of a swan.

You can increase your speed as you become more comfortable.

Weighted Reverse Fly

This exercise is done using a dumbbell but if you don’t have one, you can substitute it for other small weights in the house like water bottles.

While the exercise targets the shoulders primarily, it is also helpful in strengthening and toning your arms. Hold the dumbbells in both hands. Place your feet at the same width as your shoulders and bend your knees. Tilt your upper body so that it is facing forward and your back is horizontally straight.

Starting with your weighted hands near your feet, move them outward until your arms are fully stretched outwards and 90 degrees to the rest of your body. Return to the initial position and count to 10. Repeat the set 4 times.

How to Do Dumbbell Rows to Fly

Practice the Superman Hold

This exercise mimics superman when he is flying and holding onto his head. You do it by lying on your stomach. Extend your arms, bend them slightly and let your hands touch your ears. Then lift your chest, arm, head and legs at the same time, leaving your stomach on the floor to support you. Hold there for 3- seconds then go down and repeat 10 times.

How to Do Superman Back

Add Triceps Extensions to Your Workout

The triceps are the muscles at the back of your hand. You want to give them as much training as possible.

For the workout, you need dumbbells or small weights (bottled water) for this. Stand with your feet apart and extend your arms forward and upward, parallel to your head. Then start bending your elbows such that your arms and the dumbbells go behind your head.

Return to the start position and repeat. You can maintain the fully extended arm position for a while. Also, avoid moving your elbows too much.

How to do Standing Overhead Triceps Extensions

Plank Rotations

This exercise requires you to have an exercise mat or some sort of padding from the floor. Get into a plank position by raising yourself from the floor using your feet and palms as support. Raise one of your hands upward then twist your body so that it is facing a similar direction. Support yourself with one hand for 3 counts then return and repeat on the other side.

How to Do Alternating Side Plank

Elbow Plank Sessions

Unlike the above variation that rotates supporting arms, this exercise only has one part of the hand to support your body, and this is the elbow. To perform the workout, spread your body downwards on a mat. Lift yourself with your feet and elbows, ensuring the elbows are under your shoulders. Hold that position for 60 seconds then release and try again.

How to do elbow plank

Try Swimming

If you want to lose underarm fat and general body fat, swimming can be an effective way of doing so. Since the water is supporting your weight, you may find that this is a low-impact way of achieving your goals.

When doing freestyle swimming, breast stroke, butterfly or backstroke, you will be toning your triceps as you move. You could add other underwater exercises for your arms to make it even more effective. These may include doing arm raises in repetitions of 12.

Simply stretch out your hands and raise or lower them 12 times. Stop then repeat. In fact, with the right strategy swimming can help you lose belly fat.

Simple Pull Ups

If you have a pull up bar at home, you could tone your arms with this exercise. It has many variations but essentially involves you lifting yourself from the ground and supporting yourself by gripping a bar (usually metallic). Ensure that as you lift yourself up, your movement is highly controlled.

If pull-ups are too challenging for you, this guide will allow you to easily perform your first pull-up.

Jump Rope Exercises

Sometimes the simplest exercises are the most effective. Jump rope can help you lose weight and lose under-arm fat at the same time. You should attempt to change the arm motions to give yourself more variety. For instance, you could do sprints with the rope or cross them up.

Here are the best jump ropes for cardio.

Final Word

When trying to lose underarm fat quickly, combine a minimum of four of the above. You could start with cross jabs then proceed to the swan then do the superman hold and end with a plank rotation. This should also be in combination with aerobic exercises to stimulate fat loss.

Alternatively, you can follow this fat-blasting sequence, which not only tones your arms but also quickly lowers your body fat percentage.

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