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Flat Abs Workout For Women

If you want to tone your abs or strengthen your core, this article will show you a simple ab workout you can do every day to get a flat stomach or ripped abs.

This article will show you the best flat abs workout for women you can do at home #flat #abs #workout #flabfix

Do this workout every day. You’ll find demonstration videos for each exercise below the workout.

Ab exercises alone won’t give you abs. You have to train the full body to increase muscle mass and burn fat fast. And this workout shows you exactly how to do that. It combines full body exercises with ab exercises. Make sure you avoid habits that slow weight loss.

Flat abs workout for women

Flat/ Ripped Abs Workout For Men and Women

Take 60-90 seconds rest between each exercise. And free to split the exercises into two sets if you can’t complete all the reps in one set.

Flat/ Ripped abs Exercises

25 Jumping jacks

20 Bicycle crunches

30 Mountain climbers

30 Squats

25 Flutter kicks

25 Jumping jacks

30 Mountain climbers

20 Bicycle crunches

25 Lunges

10 Push ups

1 Minute plank

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