10 Shocking Exipure Side Effects You Should Know

Exipure side effects and benefits have recently gained attention in written media. Consumers need to know what they are taking and whether it is safe.

This article aims to inform you of everything you need to know about taking Exipure safely.

First and foremost, what is exipure? It is a dietary supplement to promote weight loss by increasing brown fat.

Getting rid of excess weight isn’t easy, even with a healthy diet and exercise. So, many people take supplements to aid the process.

Besides burning calories, Exipure aims to boost your immunity and manage cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Take one pill daily with a glass of water for the best results.

Does Brown Fat Help You Lose Weight?

Brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, is a type of fat that helps maintain your body temperature.

When you get cold, your body activates brown fat. Which then breaks down sugar to produce heat. Consequently, warming up the blood. This process is thermogenesis.

Thus, brown fat helps control blood sugar, produce heat, and regulate body temperature. Aside from these functions, brown fat also stores energy.

Researchers carried out a study to investigate whether brown fat improves metabolism. Two groups of men were observed on exposure to cold conditions.

The group with high brown fat activity also had lower levels of BCAAs. In contrast, men with low brown fat activity did not have a change in BCAA levels.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are essential nutrients for muscle building and providing energy. But they have been linked to obesity.

Browning is the conversion of white fat into brown fat. Scientists are now considering browning as a possible treatment for obesity.

Some natural ways to activate brown fat are cold exposure and exercise.

How can you naturally lose weight?

If you are wary of Exipure side effects, you may choose a safer alternative. The older methods of weight loss have always proven to be effective.

First, drink enough water. About 6-8 glasses a day. And reduce your alcohol intake.

Rather than skipping meals or snacking throughout the day, eat consistent meals. Ensure that your meals are healthy and balanced. Furthermore, avoid junk food and sweets.

Next, eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. They are rich in nutrients but low in calories. Additionally, ensure you increase your fiber intake. Fiber increases feelings of fullness which helps control appetite and curb cravings.

You can also eat more proteins like lean meat, fatty fish, legumes, and cereals. Proteins provide energy and also leave you with feelings of fullness for longer.

Furthermore, proteins also make it easier to convert fat to lean muscle mass.

A healthy sleep schedule is crucial. Because sleep can influence your hormones, you need 8 hours every night.

Finally, be more active. Take a walk, go cycling, or hiking. Whatever form of cardio you prefer will help.

These measures will ensure you lose weight and maintain it long-term.

What Ingredients Are in Exipure?

There are eight ingredients in Exipure. According to Exipure’s website, all of them are natural, GMO-free, and stimulant-free.

1.     Perilla

Perilla is a herb native to Asia. It is famous for its medicinal value. Specifically to treat and prevent inflammation, asthma, and heart disorders. Furthermore, it boosts brown fat.

In a study, obesity was induced in some mice through a high-fat diet. Perilla reversed the effect of the high-fat diet. Proving that it can help manage weight gain.

2.     Kudzu

It is a vine used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat alcoholism, heart disease, diabetes, fever, the common cold, and menopause symptoms.

This climbing vine has anti-inflammatory properties. Some people suggest that Kudzu aids in weight loss. However, further research is needed to confirm this claim.

3.     Holy Basil

Holy basil lowers blood sugar, relieves stress, and reduces cholesterol levels.

Moreover, it has anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Therefore, holy basil enhances your immunity to protect you against infection.

4.     White Korean Ginseng

According to a clinical study, this herb delays the absorption of dietary fat. So, White Korean Ginseng may help you lose weight.

5.     Amur Cork Bark

Amur cork or Phellodendron amurense is a tree with thick bark. It may help improve your metabolic rate. Thus, it aids in weight loss.

6.     Propolis

Propolis is a resin-like substance that bees produce. It has several uses. For example, treating colds and burns and healing wounds and acne.

Propolis supplements also reduce weight gain to prevent obesity.

7.     Quercetin

Quercetin is a plant pigment or flavonoid which may be used for medicinal purposes.

Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, quercetin may reduce weight gain. It does so by reducing the weight you gain due to your food consumption.

8.     Oleuropein

Oleuropein is a compound in olives that aids in weight loss and helps you suppress your appetite. It is a polyphenolic compound.

It’s also known for lowering high blood pressure.

What are the Exipure Side Effects?

1. It may cause nausea

In high doses, Exipure may cause nausea. But this effect will go away with continued use. Therefore, it is not one of the worrying Exipure side effects.

2. It may cause bleeding

Bleeding is one of the severe Exipure side effects. Kudzu, one of its components, may slow blood clotting. Thus, avoid Exipure if you have a blood clotting disorder.

3. It may cause dizziness

Some individuals have reported feeling dizzy after taking kudzu supplements. If you feel dizzy, avoid driving and operating machinery until the feeling passes.

4. It may cause headaches

Headache is a mild effect of the drug. Unless these headaches persist, there is no cause for alarm. Rest and drink plenty of water to relieve it.

5. It may lead to insomnia

Insomnia and restlessness are other Exipure side effects. Ginseng is the likely cause. Avoid taking it just before bedtime. You can take it at least two hours before you sleep.

Consult your physician if you have trouble sleeping.

6. It may cause agitation

In this instance, agitation is a state of nervousness and annoyance. Seek medical advice if you do experience agitation. A doctor will provide the most appropriate plan of treatment.

7. It may cause stomach upset

Stomach upset is one of the common Exipure side effects. It may be accompanied by diarrhea, bloating, and constipation. For this reason, people with sensitive guts should avoid Exipure.

8. It may irritate the mouth

Earlier, we mention that propolis is a bee product. So, individuals who are allergic to bee products are vulnerable.

They may experience several Exipure side effects. Such as mouth sores, burning, and itching in the mouth.

9. It may cause tingling

Tingling in the limbs is another one of the rare Exipure side effects. Cease the consumption of the drug if you have tingling sensations.

10. It may lower blood pressure

High doses of Exipure may lower your blood pressure. This is particularly dangerous for people with blood pressure issues. This is because of oleuropein, which has blood pressure-lowering effects.

Hence, you should talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.


In conclusion, the positive effects of Exipure outweigh the negative ones. The ingredients in this drug have undergone clinical trials. Furthermore, most Exipure side effects are mild.

However, note that many customers did not see any change in weight after weeks of use. Despite having the science to back it up, Exipure may not be as effective as expected.

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