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Best Erectin Review: Does This Male Enhancement Pill Work?

Today men are still afraid to discuss their sexual issues as much as in the past.

As a result, some men opt to stay comfortable and hope for the best instead.

Many factors affect the sexual well-being of a man. One of which is Erectile dysfunction.

Many generations have employed traditional remedies to counter erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectin is a polyherbal supplement that involves traditional medication and biotechnology, boosting sexual performance.

With carefully selected ingredients, this product is out to enhance the quality of men’s sexual health. 

But then, how does it do this?

Hold on as we review erectin in detail.


How Long Does Erectin Take to Work?

This product interfaces ED in a slightly different approach.

Instead of helping you for a single session of sex, it seeks to promote your sexual well-being by getting to the root of the problem.

With that in mind, the supplement works over some time.

That is to say, you will be taking the supplement continually.

A study was conducted on 78 men with ED problems. When scientists put the men on erectin for 1 month, they gave positive reposts about the pill.

From the reports, it helps to control ejaculations, get firmer hard-ons, and also, it boosts your stamina.

For this reason, this product has 60 soft gel capsules, enough to sustain you for a month.

Essentially, the pills should work after about a month.

But then, depending on the level of your ED, it may take a longer or shorter period.

How Does Erectin work?

This supplement uses 3 ways to treat men’s sexual problems.

Elevating Testosterone levels

The testosterone hormone plays a crucial part in the sexual well-being of a man.

When testosterone decreases, it can significantly cause erectile problems.

On the other hand, when you have enough of the hormone, your libido and stamina will be high.

It uses nutrients such as Magnesium and Zinc to trigger testosterone production.

Improving Blood Movement 

You will get a solid, long-lasting erection when blood flow is smooth.

The product has nutrients that help in nitric oxide production. 

Since nitric oxide helps enlarge blood capillaries, this will allow for better blood flow to the penis.

Optimizes Your Mood

We must admit that you are more likely to enjoy sex when you are in a good mood than when you are nervous.

It has aphrodisiac components that help calm you and enhance your desire for sex.

Ingredients of Erectin

As mentioned, it is made of a rich array of herbal ingredients.

Here are the ingredients:

1. Epimedium Leaf

The epimedium leaf or goat weed extracts Icariin in its purest form.

Icariin is the active substance in epimedium.

As part of the Chinese medication, icariin helps to counter sexual dysfunctions among men.

Medical reports suggest that Icariin has significant therapeutic effects on ED.

2. Ginkgo Biloba Extract

This herb was initially used to spice up sexual experiences. However, it later became a medicinal herb for sexual problems.

According to studies,  ginkgo Biloba is a potent herb that boosts your desire for sex.

3. Damiana Leaf

Damiana is a tropical herb that originates from central and south America.

It treats conditions such as exhaustion, stress, and fatigue.

Damiana also has a strengthening, mood-enhancing, anxiolytic, and relaxing effect.

4. Tribulus Terrestris

Studies have proven that it prompts erections by increasing intracavernous pressure as it induces aphrodisia.

Generally, it enhances sexual performance in men and strengthens the body.

5. Bioperine

Bioperine comes from black pepper. 

It supports the body’s metabolism, thereby influencing the absorption of nutrients.

You will most likely find it in supplements because it enhances their availability.

Erectin Side Effects

The customers have not reported any significant effects. However, you can experience some mild effects, such as skin irritation, stomach upsets, and headaches. 

But then, do not hang back when you have a condition that may need a doctor’s advice. 

Benefits of Erectin

  • It helps to gain firmer hard-ons.
  • It also boosts your libido.
  • The product elevates testosterone levels.
  • It increases blood circulation.
  • The traditional herbs in the formula provide nutrients that promote your sexual health.

Erectin Customer Reviews

Let us see some of the customers’ reviews on Amazon to get a broader view of the product.

The product has a rating of 2.7/5.


  • It helps to control ejaculation.
  • The product increases stamina during sex.
  • It started to work in barely a week.
  • Enhances your libido
  • Alleviates the symptoms of ED


  •  A customer complained of chest pain after taking the pill.
  • Not very effective
  • It is a little bit expensive
  • Causes stomach upsets

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Erectin Alternative Products

Here are some equally effective products.

1. Horny Goat Weed Capsules

Erectin alternative: Horny Goat Weed

This is a natural formulation that reverses some sexual problems.

It specializes in boosting your energy and increasing your chances of performing better in bed. 

As the name suggests, these pills will get you horny and prepare you for the task ahead.

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2. Max Perform

Malemax Ultimate Male Enlargement Pills

Max perform contains powerful compositions that add to your sexual performance.

It helps you get firmer hard-ons in bed.

You will have more stamina and confidence with your partner by boosting your vitality.

Order Max Performer on Amazon.

3. Maca Root Capsules

Organic Maca Root Capsules

The organic maca has aphrodisiac effects, which relax the body.

It brings about a calming effect that boosts your energy.

It is an ideal solution for anyone who has suffered sexual dysfunction as a result of fatigue, tension, or stress.

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In summary, this product stands out as a viable remedy for ED. One of the reasons is that it has a wide range of medically proven herbs.

They have explicitly shown the quantity and dosage of each component.

Instead of brands that hype around a particular herb, erectin simply extracts the best from selected herbs.

We give it the green light due to the positive feedback from customers and its approach to treating sexual dysfunctions.

However, you shouldn’t take this supplement on nitroglycerin medications. Also, don’t take it if you are getting treatment for high blood pressure or enlarged prostate.

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